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mobi è In the Air ò read à It all began on a New York City sidewalk It was so surreal Juilliard the enormous brick building that held my dreams and the possibilities of my future I was prepared for the challenges ahead What I didn’t expect was to lose my focus the second I met him Living the dance was no longer the only important thing in mIt all began on a New York City sidewalk It was so surreal Juilliard the enormous brick building that held my dreams and the possibilities of my future I was prepared for the challenges ahead What I didn’t expect was In The Air is the lovely lyrical and intimate story of two young dancers at the prestigious Juilliard Academy It prob seems weird to start my review out by mentioning where they go to school right But it's really not because for both Natalia and Samson Juilliard represents something overwhelmingly significant something that both of them have striven for for so long that it's really part of who they are now this dream this desire to achieve their dance goals and to make their past something that is truly past rather than something that traps and defines them by others' expectations So anything that would be a distraction from their focus on the future is going to be trouble for both of them And yet from the moment they meet in a wrong footed pas de duh they are tangled up in each other's dreams and desires to the point where their attraction and interaction becomes as much a part of their future as the grueling rehearsals and routines they struggle to perfect Another reason it's pretty appropriate to focus on the setting of the story is that author Crystal does an amazing job of placing you in the scene with her characters A dingy dorm room a Greenwich village sidewalk a cool cafe a hot club each of these locales is vividly imagined and conveyed I loved feeling like I was really there in the scene the sights and sounds so vividly described that I could close my eyes well briefly I mean I was reading after all and let myself be drawn into Natalia's worldCrystal's debut is delightful and intoxicating I loved experiencing a world I was unfamiliar with and emotions that while familiar overwhelming and awkward unexpected attraction dangerous desires and inappropriate actions are freshly imagined and conveyed Do yourself a favor and abandon yourself to the collision of two intense souls whose dreams and desires draw strength from each other even as the world seems to try to pull them apart Lots of cool side characters Kingsley o Kingsley wherefor art thou cray cray and musical references make this an artistic and emotional experience that will leave you swoony and satisfied while still thirsty for of Crystal's champagne proseEven the best fall down sometimesEven the stars refuse to shineOut of the back you fall in timeI somehow findYou and I collideHowie Day CollideThis songs reminds me of Natalia and Samson in lots of ways see what you think

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As ready to make it in the ballet world Neither expected love to play a part in achieving their dreams They also didn't expect it to be so destructive Samson and Natalia took the leap anyway not worrying about the fall If we hadn't agreed to take things slow I would kiss you senseless right now in the middle of this sidewalk hoping everyone would stop and stare In the Air was a absolute treat to read I enjoyed every pirouette plié and tondue When I saw that this book was about two ballet dancers at Juilliard in New York I knew I had to read it And look at the book cover It's absolutely gorgeousHaving just lost her father to cancer Natalia is still a little numb when she begins her freshman year at Julliard Her mother isn't exactly the most loving supportive person; in fact she's uite the ice ueen Mommy Dearest is concerned with the number of practice hours Natalia has logged than her daughter's well beingOf course her freshman experience wouldn't be complete without a random potluck roommate Enter Kingsley At first Kingsley came across as a rude crazy bitch I thought Kingsley was going to make Natalia's life a living hell Boy was I wrong She ended up being one of my favorite characters Kingsley is one of those people you don't want to cross who you want to be your best friend because she'll have your back And guess what errybody The second installment of the In the Air series is going to Kingsley and Wren's book yes yes yes dance Kingsley Those stares you were giving each other were hotter than the last porno I watched Natalia meets Samson outside of school and they don't exactly hit it off Okay Natalia hates him Samson is everything she doesn't want preppy clothes cocky attitude and he calls her doll As luck would have it they are paired as partners in dance class and Natalia is less than thrilled

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In the Air The City #1To lose my focus the second I met him Living the dance was no longer the only important thing in my lifeThe City opened my eyes but he transformed meTwo dancers One big city He was determined to make a new start She w I love a great debut novel I've had In the Air on my 'to read' list for months now and I was so excited to find out it was finally available for download It was a very uick easy read and sometimes they can be my absolute favourites In the Air is about two students newly attending Julliard schoolSamson's life hasn't always been about dance but once he realised he was a natural with such a wonderful talent he put his life and soul in to his ballet Despite the constant criticism from his father Natalia on the other hand has had a life full of dance and ballet Her mother formally a ballet herself has been on her back her entire life Julliard is a welcome change in her life finally she is able to live her life the way she chooses As I said before this was uick and easy The story certainly wasn't uniue but I enjoyed it all the same I really enjoyed both characters there wasn't anything to dislike about them Samson though had some very douchebag moments that made me want to strangle him I can usually make excuses but not in this instance view spoilerI hate cheating and the fact Samson had a girlfriend who he had been with for YEARS and didn't think twice about kissing Natalia made me mad Again near the end he visited his ex girlfriend in a hotel room minutes after breaking up with Natalia Not cool hide spoiler