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Download Doc ô My Unexpected Forever Beaumont #2 ✓ 270 pages ☆ I expected a life of musicI expected to raise my sonIt took one look to make everything changeI never expected happinessI never expected to find herI never expected to feel desireI never expected I’d be a family manI never expected to be loEr expected to fall in loveThey say you should expect the unexpected I didn’t realize my unexpected would be the forever ki I want to give Harrison ALL the stars in the universe He is my new book boyfriend He couldn’t be perfect swoon Honestly if the rating was based solely on him he’d break the rating system Since the rating isn’t that simple let’s talk about Katelyn I was so frustrated by her First of all I get that her supposed bias is supposed to represent her fear of moving on but they made me really dislike her as a person She had someone who was MORE than anything she could’ve even dreamed of and she didn’t appreciate or value him too many times to count He deserved better Her relationship with her daughters was something else too I felt that she could’ve done to bond with them especially Peyton She will never go down as favorite heroine for me but eventually she got her act together so I won’t devalue the fact that there was some growth to her The plot was very interesting to me The pacing imagery and writing excellent The ending was different and refreshing which I appreciate a lot I really did enjoy the story even as Katelyn was a source of frustration Safety No others for either aside from some flirting done while they are not together No rape or abuse

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I expected a life of musicI expected to raise my sonIt took one look to make everything changeI never expected happinessI nev 45 Forever Stars
 My Unexpected Forever is the second book in the Beaumont series If you haven’t read book one I would read it before starting this This is not only Harrison and Katelyn’s story but uinn Elle and Peytons It’s a story about second chances learning to love again moving on and familyHarrison James has always been a single dad From the moment a one night stand dropped his infant son off at his door and never looked back As the drummer in Liam’s band Harrison has always lived a life on the road but thats never stopped him from being the best dad he can be his son uinn After Liam moves to Beaumont to be with Josie and his son Noah Harrison decides to move there too Then the unexpected happens Harrison never expected to fall in love To start to feel things for a woman Especially a single newly widowed mother of twin girls But you can’t help how you feel Katelyn has had an extremely difficult year After losing the love of her life her high school sweetheart she had been with since 15 and the father of her twins she has been struggling to get by To get the twins adjusted to life without their father Trying to work as the bands manager to support her family Luckily she has the support of her best friends Liam and Josie Then there is the unexpected Harrison James She never in a million years thought she would be attracted to someone like Harrison but she is He is so different from Mason it just feels wrong She is conflicted How long is long enough to grieve the loss of your spouse When is it okay to finally move on Katelyn and Harrison do this dance for a good part of the book They are in each others lives they are ‘friends’ Harrison is there for Katelyn Most importantly he is there for her girls For some reason he can reach them better than she can Her twins are still shook by the loss of their father but Harrison makes everything a little easier Katelyn is still afraid of the unexpected She is hotcold yesno updown for a good part of the book Eventually Harrison has to lay it out for her He can’t keep playing this game she either wants him or she doesn’t He needs to know where she stands I shouldn’t have to sell myself to you You either like me or you don’t Thing is you can’t lie I know you feel something you just have to let yourself believe I’m good enough to be a part of your life Eventually Katelyn realizes Harrison is the man she wants He will never replace her husband Mason he’s not trying to but he can be there for her and her girls love them and with his son uinn make a family He was the unexpected but isn’t love always unexpected Love doesn’t know the way someone looks Love knows the inside of who that person is Katelyn and Harrison finally decide to give it a go They keep it uiet at first Of course everything can’t go perfect there is some drama Mostly things with the band that come up Katelyn has a bit of a freak out She makes rash decisions before really thinking things through She has trust issues She kind of screws things up between them Will she be able to get past those issues move on and get to her Unexpected Forever with Harrison or will it be too late I give him everything My heart My body My soul My life Harrison James is just a dream I mean this man tattooed rocker loving father sweet guy sexy as hell understanding patient kind the list could go on and on And those Christmas gifs he gave wow What a guy It’s safe to say I really loved Harrison dare I say even than Liam And those kids I just adored the kids in this story We got a little bit of Noah I loved Katelyn’s girls Elle and Peyton I just adored their interactions with Harrison Especially Peyton’s once she started to come around But I especially loved Harrison’s son uinn I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree because he was just as amazing as his dad a little mini Harrison The main reason this one isn’t five stars for me is the heroine Although I liked Katelyn and sympathized with her I just hated how uickly she was to judge Harrison and then to not trust him when he never gave her a reason at all to not trust It was the exact opposite He gave her every reason in the world to trust him Not only are these books about love they focus on family These are not your typical rock star books and maybe thats why I enjoy them so much A fresh take on the genre Overall this was a very beautiful story Broken hearts can heal moving on is okay and it’s okay to give yourself a second chance to love again I just want to throw in that I LOVE this books cover It is gorgeous and it fits the story perfectly This is a series I would definitely recommend It gets 45 stars from me

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My Unexpected Forever Beaumont #2Er expected to find herI never expected to feel desireI never expected I’d be a family manI never expected to be lovedI nev Find all of my reviews at you are of the following mindset Then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING REVIEWS ABOUT THESE TYPES OF BOOKS For realz tho – you know you’re gonna have to wait until at least the 50% mark before the “will they or won’t they” gets answered After that however Was that offensive Sorry – I don’t know any “sensitivity readers” to help tone down my trashy sideWhat I do know is My Unexpected Forever was the second in the “Beaumont Series” and I actually liked it better than I thought I would despite the fact that it featured the absolute boner killer to end all boner killers – CHILDREN This is the story of Katelyn and Harrison who were introduced in Book 1 She’s recently widowed he’s a drummer She also beats the reader over the head about it being “too soon” after her husband’s death to move on see – this author probably had a sensitivity reader and explains infinitum how she’s “not attracted to him” and how he’s “not her type” which made me like If your lady bits beep anytime dude is within a 12 mile radius you’re probably attracted to him The not being your type because he has tattoos You should be worried that he is a potential petri dish of STD since he’s in a flippin’ über famous rock band that makes all the ladies drop their pantiesBut aside from all that noise this was okay 35 Stars