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FREE READER ¾ DOC Control Control #1 Ñ MONEYEXPRESSCARD µ When a crash kills their father and leaves them orphaned Zel knows she needs to protect her sister Dyl But before Zel has a plan Dyl is taken by strangers using bizarre sensory weapons and Zel finds herself in a safe house for teens who aren’t like any sheIn Dyl’s DNA Set in 2150 in a world of automatic cars nightclubs with auditory ecstasy drugs and guys with four arms this is about the human genetic “mistakes” that society wants to forget and the way that outcasts can turn out to be heroes I couldn't even make it to the halfway mark And apparently I would have only had slut shaming and misogyny to look forward to No thanks

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When a crash kills their father and leaves them orphaned Zel knows she needs to protect her sister Dyl But before Zel has a plan Dyl is taken by strangers using bizarre sensory weapons and Zel finds herself in a safe house for teens who aren’t l This is a cheap designer knockoff of the X Men series with none of the complexity none of the compelling social issues and a completely preposterous faux dystopian world Instead of the jaw dropping skills of the X Men we have a completely lackluster cast of so called mutants with the combined powers of lulling me the fuck to sleep There is rampant girl on girl hate and passive aggressive criticism on provovative dress There is a special special girl “You’re so much extraordinary than you give yourself credit for And I’m not just talking about your mind Your body too” There is thinly veiled slut shaming even to one's supposedly beloved little sister Shaming your 13 year old baby sister for the way she dresses For her beauty For the fact that she attracts men How fucking vile can you get Micah gives her a smile and Dyl returns the favor Like a prize racehorse she’s even showing teeth in perfect pearly order She’s passing with flying colors Beauty is not a fucking sin It is not evil to be lovely Beauty Dyl’s worth is no longer in her looks it’s in this strand of hair And I’ll use my own plain unspectacular self to help her It is not immoral to attract attention Beauty should not be looked upon as a curse a scarlet letter a girl is not shameful because of her looks A girl should not be ashamed for the fact that she attracts the attention of others What I hate about this book is that the fact that beauty is looked down as almost impure Ugliness plainness is seen as a virtue within its book at the price of demeaning the other female characters who happen to be beautiful The main character Zelia constantly highlights her own ordinariness her own plainness her own diminutive stature which is boyish than Venus de Milo as the virtuous Puritan ideal with the underlying unsaid message that it is better to be righteous and homely than beautiful and innately slutty I’m a total embarrassment My refusal to wear makeup nice shoes or tight clothes My penchant for getting excited over CellTech News my favorite holo channel My endless nagging about her flashy dresses and too shiny lipstick Sluttiness is of course defined by the way you dress A girl and another girl cannot exist in the same space without cat fighting Fuck that shit Seriously fuck that shit I point to myself and silently mouth the words What did I do to Wilbert“My guess is you’re female and you exist Probably an alpha female thing like wolves or rats—” A beautiful girl cannot open her mouth without uttering something completely and unnecessarily sexual and provocativeFuck slut shaming I mean really You cannot judge a person by the way they look You cannot judge a girl by the way she dresses I’m not shocked by the fact she’s wearing the latest fashion from Hookers R Us It’s her face Screw anyone who thinks a girl is a bitch is a slut is a fucking whore because she dresses provocatively I live in Southern California I wear short shorts like they are going out of fashion I wear the tiniest of miniskirts I wear crop tops I'm also college educated I'm also fucking smart I'm also fucking well read and you better believe that it pisses the bloody hell out of me to read snide comments coming from a book's female narrator on the appearance of a possible female friend making everything she does sexual Vera is on my floor staring at her crotchWell she’s doing yoga but in essence that’s what’s going on Making everything she wears sexual And making judgments on my fucking god her own BABY SISTERThere is a baffling romance that comes out of the blue and a bewildering attempt at a love triangle that has Wolverine Jean Grey and Cyclops shaking their heads simultaneously saying Get the hell out of my faceThere will always be people who choose to dismiss the significance of comics as an art form There will always be those who will laugh at what they see as a juvenile form of books they will say that comics are devoid of complexity They are wrong The X Men series addresses so many issues superbly among them the moral social and ethical implications of the existence of mutants among mankind the difficulties of growing up as a mutant This book almost completely ignores the multiple ramifications of the existence of mutants instead choosing to focus on the yawn inducing adventures of a TSTL vapid judgmental girlSummary Zelia and her younger sister Dylia live with their widowed father in a baffling futuristic version of the US that makes absolutely no sense Zelia had a conditon at birth known as Ondine's Curse She cannot breathe subconsciously She has to make an effort at it Zelia has to consciously remember how to breathe In Out In OutThere is a medical device that Zelia can wear that aids her in breathing Zelia doesn't fucking wear it most of the time because it makes her feel uncomfortable You know what also feels uncomfortable The lack of oxygen to your fucking brain you dumb twitIn this version of the future they have automated cars Magpods You can program it It will drives for you Zelia take her family out for a drive She drives manually because fuck techology she's fucking hipster like that She gets into a car accident Her father dies Her family falls apart Zelia and her sister are now subject to the foster systemOnly it doesn't uite work that way Instead of being assigned to a family the sisters undergo a Testing The social worker Micah assigned to her case know her and her very very illegal younger sister's bra sizes Not fucking creepy at all The next thing you know Dylia is kidnapped and the system is telling Zelia that she does not have a sister that her sister is not registered in the system that her sister does not exist Zelia herself gets assigned a foster mom who's Professor X's cousin's sister's half sister twice removed for all of her effectiveness She takes Zelia to the Carus House a home for foster children where they meet a bunch of mutants who are roughly as threatening as my stuffed spiderHis name's Webby He's a really cute stuffed spiderThere's a boy with two heads a watered down version of Beast There's a girl a really gorgeous girl named Vera with the body of a Victoria's Secret Model and the sexual thirst of a 14 year old boy left rampant in the Playboy mansion She does something with plants Like grow them or something So useful SO USEFULThere's a really really nice boy with 4 arms That's pretty much all he has There's a motherfucking douchewaffle named Cy whose only known skill is to regenerate his body so fucking fast that he can have different full body tattoos eeeeeeevery fucking day The tattoos No wonder they keep changing His body must metabolize the ink so fast that he gets a clean slate every day Now I ain't saying he's an asshat but Cy’s not done He spits on the floor again “She’s damaged goods” Weeeeeeell Maybe he's got different sides to his personality Maybe he has a heightened appreciation for art It’s a painting of a dismembered hand fingers stretching to extremes but cut off at the wrist leaning against the wall The one next to it shows a long bone still smeared with blood floating in the same pale blue void the hand is in Oh no that's not creepy at all I would never dream of imagining that someone with an obsession for excessive piercings a love of bloody art and an appreciation for self mutilation might hurt me in the least Totally innocent The fact that Cy has paintings of gore and blood and dismemberment doesn't mean that he's not a secretly sensitive soul at heart He's sooooooooo not a psychopath or anything singsong Guess who's the projected love interest ^^ Fucking pleaseZelia is determined to find out what happens to her sister It's the most fun investigation ever because Zelia gets to go fucking clubbing in the slaughterhouse district man Then later on she gets to drive a Porsche Then later on she gets to make out with the yummy Cy and yummy I mean yummy I mean his eyes his eyes It warms his slate eyes just a touch like cold butter that softens after landing on warm toast One glance into those deadly attractive eyes and Zelia is toast ^^Oh Zelia has a sister who's disappeared RightThe Setting The mutants do not play a credible role in the book Their banishment from the society is not a imminent threat it doesn't feel real There is no danger There is social isolation not ostracization because there is almost no example of ostracization in the book regarding the treatment of mutants besides hearsayThe world building is fucking lazy and completely devoid of imagination and sense Tell me if this makes any damn sense to you The United States no longer exists States have seceded SERIOUSLY Let's get one thing straight It's not fucking easy to secede Here's an imagined map of what would happen if states had been successful in seceding The point is that it's fucking incredible guys Even so is the fact that states are combined We have Neia Nebraska and Iowa Okks Ilmo Alms Alaska is its own country having seceded 4 years agoSome States have their own dress codes Their own DRESS CODES Some states have mandatory uniforms for men and womenSeriously do you Do you think that in a country where even a school uniform becomes a controversial issue that somehow magically in the future we become fucking robots who would agree to a Moral Code and the wearing of adult uniforms Do you fucking believe that marriage will be abolished replaced by a term called legal fusion when the institution of marriage has been in existence for I don't know Like all of humanity Do you really think our morals our beliefs our willingness to lie down and take governmental control on all fucking fours is credible Really Do you If you don't have a problem with the willing suspension of disbelief in order to mindlessly accept a convoluted dystopian future this book is for you I cannot accept thisThis futuristic US does not have blue sky We have no sunshine We have no skies because it is all covered up by something called an agriplane Because surely there is no fucking farmland to be had in the futuristic Kansas and Nebraska also known as America's Heartland the main manufacturing and farming region in the United States at allTotally believable I don't fucking think soThe Romance Cy fucking hates Zelia He belittles her He calls her names She faints He kisses her She faints into his arms AGAIN They play tonsil hockey “Oh you know After you passed out Cy knocked us out of the way to give you mouth to mouth He freaking French kissed you all the way home in the name of saving your life What a goddamned romantic I had no idea he had it in him” Out of fucking nowhere they fall in love Boyfriend is too limited a term for what Cy has become to me Water Oxygen That might do WHAT WHERE DID THAT COME FROM And that fucking love triangle So weak it's not even funny It shouldn't have existed Like this book I rev the engine afresh and the char thrusts ahead with a roar The speed is therapeutic but does nothing to erase the memory of two very different kisses

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Control Control #1Ike any she’s ever seen before teens who shouldn’t even exist Using broken down technology her new friends’ peculiar gifts and her own grit Zel must find a way to get her sister back from the kidnappers who think a powerful secret is encoded 35 stars I really enjoyed this book The characters were very interesting and the story was nicely paced The only problems I had was the world building and the character development I had a hard time grasping the world and I felt like I was kind of thrown into it and expected to figure out everything on my own I also think that it was hard to really care for any of the characters because I didn't feel like I got to know them well enough in the beginning Either way this book was really fun and I'm glad that I got the chance to read it Definitely check it out if you get the chance ALSO Don't forget to join us Polandbananasbooks Katytastic Elizziebooks ArielBissett for a live show discussing CONTROL on Christine's channel tonight at 7 PM EST