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READ & DOWNLOAD Æ MONEYEXPRESSCARD.CO.UK Û Lucy Prebble The frustration of the clinicians involved This funny moving and perhaps surprisingly human play explores uestions of sanity neurology and the limits of medicine alongside ideas of fate loyalty and the inevitability of physical attractionFollowing on from the critical and commercial success of Enron The Effect is the latest play from Lucy Prebble and reunites Enr. Awesome themes great dialogue scenes Would love to see a production of this

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READ ↠ The Effect ↠ You're on a placebo Tristan Least I've got an excuse She told me you're nothing you're a control This is all just you The Effect is a clinical romance Two young volunteers Tristan and Connie agree to take part in a clinical drug trial Succumbing to the gravitational pull of attraction and love however Tristan and Connie manage to throw the On's writer and director once delivering a vibrant theatrical exploration into the human brain via the heart This world premiere was performed at the National Theatre's Cottesloe Theatre from November 2012 23 February 2013 starring Billie Piper and Jonjo O'NeillThe Guardian has selected The Effect as one of the highlights of 'the best theatre for autumn 2012' 2912. This was a book reuired for my English course this year and given the hype my English department gave it I have to say that it was a HUGE disappointment I expected to read an intricate exploration of the dynamics and complexities surrounding the relationship between love science and depressionWhat I got was a bunch of annoyingly irrelevant dialogue that seems to be there simply to depict the vernacular of the middle class British similarly irrelevant arguments and SOME thought provoking scenes peppered very lightly in that even then don't ever touch on any concrete ideasUpon my second read of this play I proceeded to make notes as I was reading These are not so much notes as they are just rants So enjoy I didn't edit them because I can't be bothered to spend any extra time or effort on this play PS the page numbers correspond to the pink editionPgs 25 26 Connie and Tristan meet for the first time Connie is shy about her urine which makes me think she has a much reserved personality than Tristan Tristan isforward But in an admittedly charming way You know you're an attractive woman Dr James He's also a bit sillyThey sort of make small talk which is normal for 2 people just meeting each other Notably also pg 27 it is Tristan who says she's going to have to be his friend nowIt's kind of already established on pg 27 that they both get 25mg of the RLU37When they have blood drawn on pg 28 Connie looks away and Tristan watches She is clearly strung out from the process yet still offers him her biscuitConnie has clear signs of anxiety biting her nails pg 28 Tristan surpringly does it too The bond over this When they find out that they have the same birthday they also bond even I understand how serendipetious things like that can feel in the moment It's like how i felt when and I found out our birthdays are almost a week apart It feels like fate but really it's just coincidence OF COURSE Tristan thinks its a sign he's the less scientifc and factual of the 2I think it's clever how Tristan uses the twin joke to find out about her life He assumes she has a boyfriend and she doesn't seem to mind the assumptionpg 31 Connie really wants it to seem like she's happy which just makes it less believableTristan Why don't you go has such a free spirit in comparison to Connie who says in response Money time life There's just so much to do Pg 32 Stroop Test Connie says guilty after T maybe because she already feels guilty about her feeling for T when she has a bf Tristan has daddy issues C has diet issues They're both the same amount of lonely People prone to depression tend to attribute success to external causes and failure to internal ones The agent's designed to increase levels of dopaminePg 36 we meet Toby for the first timeToby's been married and divorced since they broke upNB dosage increased to 50mg pg 41T and C talk about the weird dreams they've been having'Brain scene' pg 42 43 So essentially Toby thinks that we don't have souls or if we do they're just part of our brain The sense of 'us'u who we are is only a tiny part of what's going on in our brain There's also all the unconcsious things our brain is controlling to keep up alive pg 44 T to C 'You're such a grown up'WOah woah woah T is being so forward here Travelling together Asking if her parents would like him If they like her current bf Is this the drug or just his personality I mean he was alos like this in the beginning but it wasn't as bad so maybe the drug is amplifying those aspects of himpg 46 it keep son hitting me how disimilar these characters arelike Connie is so adamant that any feelings they are feeling is as a result of the drugsand Tristan is completely the opposite At the same time she's cautious about getting to know him because I think she doesn't want her feelings ot get any stronger I think the huge thing here that the English dep keeps on missing here is that SHE HAS A BLOODY BOYFRIEND like does that somehow not matter nowAs much as I like Tristan's character I must say he's a bit of a dick for flirting with her so hard when he knows she has a boyfriend Side note Tristan just carries around an extra phonePg 47 T Well that's a cold way of looking at a personC Why We are our bodies our bodies are usthere's not something And that's fine That's enough It's like the world is incredible and beautiful even though we know there's no go behind it It's even amazing for that NB pg 48 Tristan says that it doesn't really matter why they love each otherthey do and that's that I don't know how I feel about that I want someone to love me for me not for someone who they think I'm not If I'm going to fall in love witht a person and really trult believe that they love me they'd have to know me inside out love every part of me how can they really love ME if I'm say putting on a facade Like this study no one's really acting like they would in real life People sure as hell don't fall for each other that uickly unless it's an Aciman novelalthough maybe that's me being too scientific because I do believe in fate and everything happening for a reason but at the same time like I said I wouldn't trust Tristan if he told me that he loved me either because he doesn't really know ME He barely knows the basic stuff you know It's not like in Find Tristan says people fall in love and meet each other all sorts of ways doesn't matter what starts it I jus thave no idea what I feel about that any I've kind of written myself int o a hole hereOKAY OKAY PG 53 this THis point right fucking here is wehre it should have ended FUcking DR James literally just said how them getting out and smoking invalidated the entire studySO WHY DOES SHE KEEP THEM THERE FUCK Also I guess you could argue that mahbe everything that just happened between them was only caused by thatRight so pgs 55 59 are very interesting because it's this convversation that seems on the surface to be professional but the subtext is personal Toby thinks that the only way Tristan and COnnie's brains can make sense of the symptoms they're experiencing as a result of the drug is by interpreting it as love He also thinks that this drug can make people fall in love easier and his line of thought is that this is a good thing becuase medical science has extended everyone;s lives without taking any responsibilty for us having to be married loner We could do with a bit of help As if love is that cut and dry that subject to time as if people can only stay in love for a few years until they're maxed out He's looking at it form a completely consumerist povNow my uestion is on pg 59 is Lorna lying about the placebo just to prove her point Because from what I know Tristan IS on the drug that's why he overdoses Also does COnnie slip him her pill at the end because she's afriad that without the drug he'll fall out of love with her And does she stay with him because she truly loves him or because she feels responsible for what happenedAnyway on pg 59 the dosage increases to 100mgpg 72 okay okay hahahhaha i'd just like to know one thingWHY THE FUCK WOULD LORNA LIE OT CONNIE LIKE THAT SHe liteRALLY WAS AFRIAD OF THE STUDY BEING JEOPRODIZED BECAUSE THEY HAD SEX WHICH BY THE WAY SECOND POINT IN HE STORY WHERE IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED AND THEN SHE TELLS CONNIE THAT anD A LIE NO LESS THATS THE THIRD POINT IN THE STUDY WHERE IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED GODTHey increase dosage to 150mg after that conversationThe fact that Tristan actually gets angrywhen lorna tells him 'you know connie's in a relationship right'first of all thank fuck someone finally said it second of all I dont care if ots the drug but damn tristan thats lowthis WHOlE converdation on pg 76 is honeslty the most childish thing ive ever read pg 77 connie basically tells him he's on the placebowell i guess everyone's thrown caution to the wind so why notapogjiagnaignawgawplotjmawb prolkjae mtsfz;dxpg 79 'ill eat the sick from your mouth thats disgusitng they are literally insane tehres no way they can be in love they are completely incompatible I mean they keep on calling each otehr childish and slutsah yes the foundation of every healthy relationshippg 82 lorna really thinks she can kick toby out and not invalidate the study this is too ridiculous for words this play is not so much an exploration of love and science as it is two incompetent doctors trying to find excuses as to why they're too lazy to admit that the study is invalidated and they're too lazy to start againpg 84 toby to lorna you are a good doctor who suffers from profound depressive episodes which she refuses to medicate And you're desperate for any evidence that supports that position THAT'S TRUE AND IT IS SO AWFUL THAT SHE IS LETTING PERSONAL DISCREPANCIES INFLUENCE THE STUDY TO THIS DEGREE my frustration with this play is never endingpg 87 toby says he ended hings because of her depression he doesn't think him ending things caused it Other Notes The ending was clearly a cop out because she didn't know how to wrap up all the cans of worms that she opened by writing this playBoth of the relationships in this play are toxic

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The EffectYou're on a placebo Tristan Least I've got an excuse She told me you're nothing you're a control This is all just you The Effect is a clinical romance Two young volunteers Tristan and Connie agree to take part in a clinical drug trial Succumbing to the gravitational pull of attraction and love however Tristan and Connie manage to throw the trial off course much to. From BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3by Lucy PrebbleStarring Jessie Buckley Christine Entwisle Damien Molony and Samuel WestI can tell the difference between who I am and a side effectAward winning chemical romance Connie Jessie Buckley 'The Last Post' 'Taboo' and Tristan Damien Molony 'Crashing' 'Being Human' are taking part in a clinical trial for a new psychoactive drug So when they start to feel attracted to each other can they really trust how they feelA profound and funny play about love depression and selfhood winner of the Critics' Circle Award for Best New Play when it was performed at the National Theatre in 2012Dr Lorna James Christine EntwisleConnie Jessie BuckleyTristan Damien MolonyDr Toby Sealey Samuel WestComposer Richard HammartonWriter Lucy PrebbleDirector Abigail le FlemingTHE WRITERLucy Prebble is a writer for film television games and theatre Before THE EFFECT she wrote the hugely successful ENRON 2010 Her first play THE SUGAR SYNDROME 2003 won her the George Devine Award and was performed at the Royal CourtLucy is an Associate Artist at the Old Vic TheatreFor television she is the creator of the TV series SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL She is Co Executive Producer and writer on HBO's media mogul drama SUCCESSIONTHE COMPOSERRichard Hammarton is a composer and sound designer for Theatre TV and Film His work has been heard throughout the UK and Internationally He was part of the design team that won the Manchester Evening News Best Design award for DR FAUSTUS in 2010 and was Sound Designer for the Olivier Award winning play THE MOUNTAINTOP He also worked on the Ivor Novello winning RIPPER STREET for TVhttpswwwbbccoukprogrammesb09p