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Free read º Poems (1945-1971) 102 Ô Poems 1945–1971 first published in 1978 and now in its eighth edition in Greece contains work from the nine volumes Miltos Sachtouris wrote during the most productive period of his poetic career The first of these volumes was written during the Axis occupation of Greece and the last was published thirty years Riencing the successive horrors of occupation civil war and military dictatorship Evocative and deeply moving Sachtouris’s poetry builds up block by linguistic block an unforgettable vision that speaks even to those who inhabit worlds different and distant from his ow. Finally a new collection of poems by the Greek Surrealist Miltos Sachtouris is available He is a brilliant poet and this book does him justice If anyone is interested in Greek Surrealism beyond the big three Greek poets often discussed Elytis Seferis and Ritsos Sachtouris is the place to start Surrealism from me from many things he once remarked He lived a private rather Kafkaesue existence in a small apartment in Athens and devoted his life to poetry and Surrealism Archipelago Books as always did a marvelous job in production

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Poems 1945–1971 first published in 1978 and now in its eighth edition in Greece contains work from the nine volumes Miltos Sachtouris wrote during the most productive period of his poetic career The first of these volumes was written during the Axis occupation of Gree. what can i say one of the best poets i've ever read So on key it's hard not to sing along They are just right on Love slipped through your fingersand dropped into a glass of bloodrolledinto a darkened mirrora terrible rainbeat down on itthen it vanished into a forestfull of shadowsof songsof birdsIt's morose and heavy without being bleak and depressing It is full of voice rather than being hollow It is sad impressively sad provocatively sad intensely saddddddddddd They had set a head of clayon the tablethey had dressed the wallswiht flowerson the bed lay two erotic bodiescut from paperon the floor roamed snakesand butterfliesa large dog kept watchfrom the cornerCords crossed the room from allsidesit would have beenunwise to pull themone of the cords pushed the bodiesinto loveOutside unhappinessclawed at the doorsor Nightin a pharmacya kneelinghorseeats the floorboardsa girlwith a strangegreen burnis treated while the phantomcrieshopelessin the cornerHe is always called a wartime poet because of the strife in his country and the travesties he saw And yes this has it's place in his poetry But inevitably he is a pure observationist This might be a stilted coldness from trauma induced projection sure But that's not the point He is not Erich Maria Remarue He's like a less sadistic innocent version of the Butcher Boy When the rusted door swung open like a theater curtainit groanedlike a rotten ship in an evil harborthe girl's face appeared deludedin the sweet smell of fire and smokeher voicelike a darkened cinemaappeared deluded and Ia shirt hanging in the wind in the midstof that turmoilwas preparing to flythe girla lively flowera burning flowera beautiful monsterwith an upside down moutheyes eyebrowsa beautiful monsterchiminglike a magic clockon this magical eveningat last night advancedthe girl shattered in the mirrorlaterthey appeared againmy faceher facehuge distortedfierce and bloodylike the cinemaAt the heart he's an abused soul with the freshness of a child That's why it can be simple without ostentation and still survive as phenomenal poetry It's like a young lover learning language It kills him; and he doesn't even know it's happening It drops down through the cloud and rainand glides like a phantom over the housespeople in the streets shout at it bird bird of rainit never stops for if it stoppedthousands of scattered fingers would point at itbecause it's a harsh bird baptized in blooddiving enraged toward the city falling with the rainand with its beautiful femal eyeThat's why the women are alarmed when they see itsome hide it in their mirrorsothers in deep drawers others deep in their bodiesso it doesn't showand the men who caress them at night never see itnor in the mornings as the women dressbefore the mirrorbecause it's a very bitter bird very glossyvery afraidahh

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Poems 1945 1971Ce and the last was published thirty years later during the military junta of 1967–74 Part poetic auto biography part historical document this collection thus chronicles one writer’s reaction to three decades of intense social and political upheaval in a nation expe. A great modern poet A Five Star Poetry Book Recommended for All ReadersMiltos Sachtouris 1919 2005 well known in Greece but shamefully neglected elsewhere was one of the great poets of the twentieth century His poems are nightmarish sometimes horrifying deeply frightening and often poised between an underlying desperate need for hope and and eually desperate conviction that there is no hope in other words they are very much like life itself in our times Depending as they do on striking surrealistic un ornamented imagery they tend to translate well I would recommend them most highly to everyone poets can learn much from his spare surrealistic but nail on the head techniue and readers in general should appreciate finally finding a poet who expresses what they themselves feel about life in their most private and most desperate moments If many of his poems don't make sense they don't make sense in exactly the same way that modern life doesn't make sense Of the two books of his poetry generally available in English I prefer the 1980 collection With Face to the Wall by well known Greek poetry translator Kimon Friar which offers a small selection of extremely high uality pieces translated in a very dead pan pointed style which well reflects the Greek original; it's out of print but still available from some vendors new or used Also good is this 2006 Poems 1945 1971 by Karen Emmerich whose translations to mind aren't uite as taut but which has the advantages of offering a wider selection and being still in print Both books include brief but useful essays on the poet