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reader á The Valentines Arrangement Hard Feelings #1 ☆ Kelsie Leverich Nt he sees Ronnie he wants her And he agrees to her terms no romance no fluff just passion But as their sexual chemistry ignites the lines of their arrangement get blurry and Ronnie starts to push Kale away And when Kale realizes he’s found his match in this razor tongued gorgeous woman who is hell bent against love winning her heart could be the toughest battle he has ever fought How can you not love a girl who is a Tattoo artist? And who hates Valentine's Day? I do Ronnie doesn't do romance since finding out her fiancé cheated on her while deployed and she vowed never to fall in love again especially with a soldier But guess what Meet Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson Home from Ira but wanting to return He too isn't interested in relationships Perfect match right?In Ronnie Cale meets his match Both wanting casual until he changes his mind Sit back relax and read on for a fun romance novel You won't be disappointed The hero will win your heart

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Free The Valentines Arrangement Hard Feelings #1 doc ↠ reader æ Kelsie Leverich ✓ THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The “emotional spicy hot story” Belle’s Book Bag that propelled Kelsie Leverich to the New York Times bestseller list Tattoo artist Ronnie Clark is counting the days u THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The “emotional spicy hot story” Belle’s Book Bag that propelled Kelsie Leverich to the New York Times bestseller list Tattoo artist Ronnie Clark is counting the days until Valentine’s Day is over Ronnie doesn’t do romance She doesn’t do flowers or dates and she sure as hell doesn’t do love not any Love leads to heartbreak and she’s vowed 4 starsRonnie female tattoo artist with a thing for fictional heroes meets Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson a fuckingly handsome Captain America impersonator What a pair right? I was totally hooked Ronnie was a stubborn ball busting feisty Bitch and I Loved Her even though she made me want to slap her at times She was such a strong character so you knew that the man to break through had to be stronger Kale did not disappoint with all mind fuckery he loved that he made this hard ass woman beg for him Ronnie is pissed her ex fiance cheated on her while he was deployed and is waiting for him to return so that she can sell their home and move on Ronnie was referred to Kale to get a commemorative tattoo for his fallen brothers Casual sex was Kale's forte He didn't do relationships or commitment just sex There is an instant spark and Kale makes a chip in Ronnie's wall and proposes a just sex arrangement for the remainder of his RR leave Ronnie stubbornness holds her back He was a picture perfect reminder of what she didn't want what she shouldn't want and what she wanted regardless of it all and Kale is on unchartered ground by wanting wanting it all Ronnie get's a wake up call and knows it's up to her to make it right they fit together like lock and key Two pieces that need each other to work I wish it was longer I wish there was an epilogue but I'm happy I guess I'll have to use my imagination for what comes next for these two

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The Valentines Arrangement Hard Feelings #1Never to let herself get hurt again Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson is home on his mid tour leave from Ira but he only has one thing on his mind returning to his soldiers to finish leading their mission He’s dedicated to his men and to his country and he’s not interested in getting wrapped up in a distracting relationshipbut casual sex that’s a different story From the mome I was lucky to have the author ask if I would like to review her upcoming book which also happens to be her first Well to say I hit the jackpot is an understatement I literally felt like this when reading this oneRonnie is a sought after tattoo artist who is in high demand Especially with the military guys She is coming off a break up with her ex fiancee and she hates Valentine's Day like really hates the cards candy flowers the whole kit and kaboodle that surrounds the HolidaySFC Kale Emerson is the epitome of a military man He leads his troops with an iron fist but you know he loves his guys He is single freaking hot and coming in to Ronnie to get his first tattoo Well I forgot to mention that Ronnie is no longer keen on military boys either When she gets her first look at Kale she is totally like thisYep Ronnie don't play that She is badass If it was me and I got that first look at Kale like she did I would totally do thisKale is home on leave and he gets a look at our Ronnie and he thinks she would look mighty fine underneath him I loved the dance these two played with each other and the attraction Ronnie was fighting and well Kale he didn't do serious committments so they came to another arrangement one both thought would work really well for the short duration Kale was home yep it's what you're thinkingWell they really tried to keep it just a beneficial situation of two people getting their needs met and Ronnie with herattitude was uite impressive It was irritating as you may think it just worked for the two of them I adored the faux relationship these two shared along with the complexitiese that went along with a relationship such as theirs and what it would mean to both if things became seriousI ran the gamut of emotions with this one Hell I don't know how you couldn't It was freaking hot sexy amazing read and on the flip side there was real emotion and depth behind Ronnie Kale that I felt I was really living the story at times HOLY WOW This is a 5 freaking star read for me from this first time author I'm telling you it was great The issues that one faces while being either a military spousegirlfriend or the servicemember were in the book and it's really a book that you can take notice of the behind the scenes and a small glimpse of what each faces Kudos to men women that serve our country and to their families too The sacrifices they all make are tremendous and it's nice to read a book that brought it back in the forefront for me I was totallyI was dancing around like a fool at the end with my big ass grin and fist pumping that this author asked me to read her book? HA I'll be buying the book IT's FREAKING FANTASTIC I can't wait to read from Kelsie Leverich This comes out on January 1 2013 I highly recommend you buy it Don't you love the cover too Yep fangirling I love it all