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read Painted Faces reader ☆ Paperback ´ An alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here Come forth with an open mind for an unconventional tale of love Dublin native Freda Wilson considers herself to be an acuired taste She has a habit of making offensive jokes and speaking her mind too often She doesn't have the best track record with Come his show assistant Excited by the idea she jumps at the chance Soon she finds herself immersed in a world of wigs make up and high heels surrounded by pretty men and the temptation of falling for her incredibly beautiful employerIn this story of passion and sexual discovery Nicholas and Freda will contend with jealousy emotional highs and lows and the kind of love that only comes around once in a lifetime Publication date 16th December 2012 HOLY CRAP FREE FROM OCTOBER 4 8th 2013 GO GET IT FOLKSI absolutely adored this book I love books that push boundaries and this book pushed so many boundaries What is sexy What is masculine What is feminine Plot summaries aren't really my thing but I have to say that this book gave me something content wise that I haven't read about before The author did a brilliant job of playing with gender boundaries and showing the aftereffects of abuse without being trite And the way the author ratcheted up the sexual tension between Nicholas and Freda was something else entirely I was on the edge of my seat uite literally and was anticipating their every caress like I was witnessing it firsthand LH Cosway didn't just do a fab job with the romance aspect I also felt totally sucked in by their stories These uirky off beat characters will really stick with me Something about their journeys and struggles really resonated with me This book totally captivated me tonight and I couldn't put it down It was a very special reading experience

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C and Freda feels like her black and white existence is plunged into a rainbow of colour when she's around him When he walks into a room he lights it up with his uick wit and charisma He is a travelling cabaret performer but Freda doesn't know exactly what that entails until the curtains pull back on his opening night She is gob smacked and entirely intrigued to see him take to the stage in drag Later on Nicholas asks her if she would like to be SPOILER FREE REVIEW4 STARS OUT OF 5Genre Contemporary RomanceSetting DublinIn Painted Faces Fred an outspoken women who thinks herself to be average and Nicholas a handsome man who also happens to be a drag ueen find love Unconventional Yes Not my normal love story NopeShould you read it Most definitely 'I want him so badly it hurts But I want all of him Not just the sex I want his smiles and his teasing his smouldering looks His sad eyes when he thinks nobody's watching Most of all I want his heart' FredaFreda considers herself to be average in the looks department She is 25yrs old the youngest of 4 Her parents had her late in life so her siblings out date her by at least a decade or Freda is an outspoken women known for telling you exactly how she feels without batting an eyelash She is curvy considered on the thick side at a comfortable size14 with curly brown hair She lives with her best friend and roommate Nora Nora is pretty in the ideal way she is also thin and always looking for 'the one'Nora has her current sights set on the new neighbor Nicholas Both Freda and Nora will be in for a shock when Nicholas let's his intentions known He want's Fred You're very pretty Fred he says matter of factly Then he brings hi face closer and traces his lips among my ear I'd really like to fuck you When Freda met Nicholas she was returning from shopping Her clothes were sopping wet and she had three grocer bags slung over her shoulder He was coming out of his apartment as she wrestled to get her key out to enter her's He introduced himself as Vivica She instantly was drawn in to his blue eyes and handsome face While chatting she noticed some of his mannerism seemedfey like But after catching him leering at her D cups which were visible through her soaking wet shirt she dismissed the thoughtIt's at dinner later on that night when Nicholas openly flirts with Freda much to Nora's dismay; when Freda turns Nicholas down on his proposition to have sex Inwardly she can't deny that she is attracted to him The man is gorgeous who wouldn't be Lot's of kinks lot's of uirks my sexuality is multifaceted NicholasNicholas invites both Freda and Nora to see his show Freda agrees to go They uickly become friends even spending the afternoon together the day of his performance Freda attends his cabaret performance that night with Nora and two other friends While there Freda takes notice early on that they are in a gay bar Her suspicions begin to arise once in regards to Nicholas and his sexuality Nora is still holding out hope and is to busy getting sloshed to pick up on the atmosphere in the barThe announcer takes the stage to introduce Nicholas as Vivica Blue 'He's a Fucking drag ueen' Freda At first Freda feels a bit of discomfort but it uickly dissipates as she becomes enthralled by his performance 'This is astounding amazing so incredibly thrilling Only today a world traveling cabaret performing drag ueen took me out for lunch and named me as his new best friend The idea plunges my Black and white world into a vibrant techni colour rainbow' Freda's inner monologueFreda assumes that Nicholas must be bi becauseWell because he hit on her After the show Nicholas let's her know that he is a straight man So it's not a fetish for you He smirks Nope Cross dressing is often related to sexual preference I like to be a man in the bedroom But a woman on stage Nicholas offers Freda a job as his assistant She accepts and is now in the drag ueen world of wigs make up sparkly dresses and high heels Slowly being pulled in by Nicholas the attraction becomes palpable The chemistry between the two is flammable I'd like to see you speechless breathless panting Nicholas to Freda Freda does her best to keep their relationship platonic But her desires for Nicholas only increase the closer they get the she learns about the man behind the wigs and make up 'I stare into his eyes for a second and get caught like a fly in a spiders web There is deep deep pain in him somewhere underneath the flirty confidant surface' Freda's inner monologueFriends to lovers This is a romantic tale of two people finding love in a very different wayMy thoughtsNothing I was expecting This is far from my normal romance I found the writing engaging the deeper in to the story I got The love story is very uniue Makes me wonder where the author came up with the conceptDear readers I recommend this book to romance lovers looking for something different from the norm Painted Faces meets that standard and then some Very beautiful and highly erotic Check it out I consider author LH Cosway an Author To Look out ForMy RatingsCharacters Lovable and truly one of a kindWriting Style Witty Sensual and HonestPlotStoryline Uniue in terms of the romance also very Savory with lasting characters who are sure to stick with youSteam Factor HighVery SteamyOverall I enjoyed Check it out Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews go to Copy kindly provided by the author for a honest review

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Painted FacesAn alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here Come forth with an open mind for an unconventional tale of love Dublin native Freda Wilson considers herself to be an acuired taste She has a habit of making offensive jokes and speaking her mind too often She doesn't have the best track record with first impressions which is why she gets a surprise when her new neighbour Nicholas takes a shine to herNicholas is darkly handsome funny and magneti FULL REVIEW POSTEDRating 45 ‘VIVICA BLUE’ STARSMy Views Wow Just Wow I have been waiting for the right moment to read this one and I’m glad I did because this is honestly one of the most beautiful book that I’ve read LHCosway couldn’t have painted Fred and Viv’s story in any other way; she outdid herself with this masterpiece Style of writing My first book by LHCosway has been ‘Six of Hearts’ and she immediately became one of my favorite authors and I’ve been stalking her and reading her book since then But I must say that in ‘Painted Faces’ I fell in love with her lyrical flow of writing all over again She’s an amazing writer and she truly painted Fred and Viv’s story in my heart Characters Freda is the smartass in the story she’s cute and funny and I loved her Freda is not the classy heroine who is the epitome of beauty she special in her own way which I really liked because I loved when my heroines resemble real life people and not a model out of Cosmopolitan Nicholas or let me say the lovely Vivica Blue was the one who stole my heart in this one I loved his character portrayal and the way he paved his way to my heart The concept of your heroes being virile and all manly is completely shaken with Viv but I must say that this didn’t prevent me from loving him less I loved getting to see my hero in a different light and I’m going to devour book 2 as soon as I get my grabby hand on it Favorite Part Okay to be honest it’s difficult to say which bit was my favorite because the whole book made me smile and sometimes led me to a puddle of tears and I loved both momentsWhat did not work Urm Similar books NONE Absolutely no book that I’ve read till date can match ‘Painted Faces’ Recommended YES PLEASE I know most of you have read this book but those who haven’t read it let me tell you this my friend “LEAVE EVERYTHING ELSE GRAB THIS BOOK GO UNDERGROUND AND READ THE STORY THAT KISSED MY HEART” Click On The Color Splashes To Join Me ;