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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ The Footsteps of Domingo Rhodes Ý Domingo Rhodes a once prominent journalist from London is desperate for a story that will heighten his interest in journalism again He finds that story in Veracruz Mexico and he teams up with a local journalist Noelia Lizaldi covering the story and their source is none other than Ound him Noelia is head strong often choosing righteous no matter the circumstance and Domingo sees Clive as a loose cannon a threat to himself so than others The danger of getting the story becomes a thrill and he begins to uestion whether he wants the fame than reporting the corruption and criminal activity that is taking plac. I like this book but not because it's well written it is and not because it takes place in Mexico—it does and most certainly not because of the film noir feel of the narrative None of that factor alone made me like this book but in combination they contribute to having that effect I think it's a good but not a great book A little showing and less telling and descriptive language could have been used in painting the scene and some of the dialog a lot actually is unattributed or the speaker is unclear and that’s an issue The plot presents us with a veteran and suicidal journalist who get an assignment to cover the unfolding story of a female Mexican revolutionary and journeys to Mexico to document her revolutionary efforts The journalists met with the gun dealer and the latter lets' slip that the London police are involved in gun trafficking with his stolen guys and the journalists are off to the races to prove the storyJoining this cast of characters is a murderous gunrunner and his maul who are on the run from the law in Mexico after a shootout with the revolutionaries' functionaries It's a fast paced easy read as the author doesn't weigh down the prose with a lot of descriptive language—it's almost as if he's never been to Mexico or doesn't have the confidence in his ability to appropriately describe the scene Too bad there’s ample opportunity to develop a few word pictures that describe rural Mexico and it’s a loss that he doesn’t endeavor to take the reader there There's also a lot of telling and not enough showing The gun battles should be punctuated with noise windshields shattering and the bullets impact with a heavy thud and the like but the fight is described with stereotypical phrases and that's disappointing The same is pretty much the case with the narration concerning the gun battle between Clive's father and the police—it's told and not shown It could unfold as a flashback or a dream and come off as action packed There is also some point of view problems specifically during the gun battle at the farm and they should be rewritten for the sake of clarity All and all ifs not a bad book I give it three stars as I enjoyed the read but it could have been much better

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E run from the law and a rebel group led by the notorious Lady Martinez Domingo becomes a target as well and he must adapt uickly to life on the run and being hunted by a rebel group and corrupt law enforcementAs Domingo dives deeper into the criminal underworld of gun smuggling he begins to uestion his own morality and those ar. The Footsteps of Domingo Rhodes is an exciting novel that could be said to fit into many genres It's a suspenseful thriller with a delightful insight into the criminal underbelly To some extent it could also be considered to be an action adventureIt has it all murder corruption gun smuggling and violence The most corrupt of criminals and the most righteous of the peoples' champions This novel is a globe hopping adventure with car chases and shoot outs international crime and tenacious journalists with a taste for truth at any cost It has characters that you not only see develop as the story progresses but you actually start to empathise with them as you witness their plight Some of them are not particularly likeable but the eclectic mix and the way that they evoke feelings whether it is like or dislikein the reader is something specialAt times the writing can be a little repeative and this might be something that the author should watch out for in the future This does little to detract from the story itself which is uite brilliant in concept and uite well executedI would sincerely recommend this to anyone who likes a good actionadventure or suspensethriller I genuinely can't describe which it should fit into Give it a try I'm sure you'll enjoy it


The Footsteps of Domingo RhodesDomingo Rhodes a once prominent journalist from London is desperate for a story that will heighten his interest in journalism again He finds that story in Veracruz Mexico and he teams up with a local journalist Noelia Lizaldi covering the story and their source is none other than a fearless gun smuggler Clive Wilson who is on th. The Footsteps of Domingo Rhodes by Brandon CollierThe title suggests a story about one man’s action Is this a historical novel a mystery or a comedy Is it a philosophical novel The title certainly intriguesDomingo Rhodes is an investigative journalist who believes in objective reporting rather than taking a stand for a cause He’s been criticized for this and feels unappreciated and out dated Then his editor gives him an assignment that suits his style Investigate Lady Martinez a rebel leader who has Veracruz in her grip He is given two contacts One is Latin American journalist Noelia Unlike him she writes subjectively whole heartedly shining a light on evil in an effort to destroy it The other contact is Clive Wilson a gun runner wanted by the police He will give information on illegal activities in exchange for a safe exit from the country The alliance between the gun runner and the two journalists is uneasy They don’t trust one another but they have no other way to meet their goalsOur entry into the story begins with a prologue and a limp sentence loaded with redundancy A hot day that is sweltering and everyone is sweating That first sentence deserves death I expected a ho hum board meeting Our attention is soon grabbed when we find ourselves in an arms deal that goes awry The prologue could very well be Chapter One But it is in Chapter One that we are introduced to Domingo and the book’s story problem Domingo wants a good story Clive wants escape Noelia different from Domingo writes to free people from corruptionRight away the awkward writing and improper word use alerts us to the possibility that this is a translation from let me guess Spanish Context keeps us from utter confusion when the wrong word is used I can expect this to happen once or twice but it happens freuently Car chases and gun battles abound Pacing is good as is plotting Suspense builds as the plot grows complicated And we are hooked from one chapter into the next Through many twists and a lot of action and soul searching we follow these three in this international thriller I can easily visualize this as a movie The tone is similar to many thrillers such as those by Clive Cussler Fairly light with good wit A fun story The author often restates the story problem while adding information This is good because it helps focus the story With the action continuing the soul searching grows as we delve into character backgrounds and learn what drives each one Tempted by the darkness around them they uestion whether it is better to wallow in corruption for a variety of reasons It is easier to flow with the evil tide it provides riches and glamour and it provides an adrenaline high What do personal principles count in a world where wickedness rules Yes there is a lot of soul searching perhaps too much But it never gets drearyI didn’t know who would survive in this story We had plenty of hits and scrapes And I was concerned about how these characters would change Change they did Would it be for better or worse That was goodTying up loose ends though while good took over three chapters That’s too longThe story has a lot of good going for it It has good pacing and action with introspection The main characters are three dimensional each with good and bad ualities There are surprising and satisfying twists It suffers however from an abundance of typos incorrect word usage redundancies and awkward phrases Mostly logistics are good but not always A car chase where the driver is firing at a pursuing vehicle stretches the imagination A woman is watching a TV she doesn’t have Men with hands tied behind their backs are picking up a gun and cradling the head of someone who is injured Names get mixed up Pronouns get mixed up I uestion how the main character would know so early in the novel that his employer is corrupt This book’s main problem is that it is not finished The story is there The structure is there Clean it up and it should earn five stars