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review ↠ Fruset ögonblick à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ W grudniowy poranek dzwonek telefonu wyrywa Seję ze snu Telefonuje roztrzęsiony sąsiad Åke który natrafił na zmasakrowane zwłoki na terenie starego warsztatu samochodowego Zaalarmował już policję ale zepsuł mu się samochód i prosi Seję żeby go tam pIały szyld z nazwiskiem właściciela Nagle powracają odległe wspomnienia które szybko przeradzają się w obsesję Jej konsekwencje dotkną nie tylko dziewczyny lecz także kierującego policyjnym dochodzeniem komisarza Christiana Tel. The 2nd half of this book would be 4 stars but the beginning was so slow that I had to lower my rating I really couldn't get into the book until after the first 100 pages the author shouldn't have introduced so many background characters so early on Later I appreciated what she was doing but I still felt like she told us too much up front rather than letting us find out about the characters through their actions slowlyBut this is a strong debut The protagonist and his girlfriend are compelling and believable and the mystery is intriguing I don't like that everyone is now compared to Stieg Larson one of the characters here has a last name similar to one of his characters but I didn't find any other similarities I'd compare her to Camilla Lackberg or Mari Jungsten not bad company to be in but not Dragon Tatoo territory eitherI'm definitely going to check out the 2nd available book

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W grudniowy poranek dzwonek telefonu wyrywa Seję ze snu Telefonuje roztrzęsiony sąsiad Åke który natrafił na zmasakrowane zwłoki na terenie starego warsztatu samochodowego Zaalarmował już policję ale zepsuł mu się samochód i p. Book ReviewImagine you are a 14th century artist Your chickens are pecking around outside and you've harvested a few eggs You carry the eggs to your studio Then you crack an egg carefully cull the egg yolk from the egg white being careful not to puncture the thin membrane keeping it together You carefully pierce the yolk and allow it to drain into a ceramic container You've ground your pigment to a fine powder and carefully create a mixture comprised of water yolk and pigment powder You have before you the gesso'd board and begin painting taking excruciating hours to finely hone the image made up of egg tempera Days later it is done and you dry the image for a few weeks You view your progress in northern light in sun light in the light of an oil lamp You stand back you move forward changing your perspective often Following this all the while building the final image up in your mind first barely able to sleep while you are fastened to the gesso board you glaze the egg tempera under painting so it can accept oil paints The process is meticulous intriguing slow but steady The glaze dries you carefully sand away any dust that has settled and now you begin applying very thin glazes of transparent oils glazing each layer before you begin the next transparent layer Months later the painting is done brilliant like an old Kodachrome slide Durable it'll last centuries because of the meticulous process The painting is part of youforeverThis is what reading a Camilla Ceder novel is like The materials lie before you a crime rural settings various people and psychological motivations It is up to you to put the pieces together The pages are voluminous A thin image of what the result is like is placed at the beginning the crime You meet a person and you apply the brush of knowledge and motivations to themone at a time carefully not too fast multi layered if you will You paint in the background with a hint of chilling mystical physical ualities You play with time with cause and effect allowing each layer of the novel to dry before moving on to the next You are a scientist posing as a policeman and you give yourself the name of Christian Tell You are an artist parasitically inserting yourself inside Maya inside Seja and inside Caroline and you paint these women with uite different colors pigments you have ground yourself from very different sources and place them next to each other in the painting You are Ake Melkersson the stranger who stumbles across a man's body behind a barn an intense shocking experience that causes you to step back from the painting and shudder And as the first exposition and characterizations are laid down as foundation you have a good idea of what the painting will look like But that is not what is important What is important is that you are wholly engaged in the meticulous process of constructing the painting This is Camilla Cederat workGothenburg SwedenThe first in the Christian Tell series Frozen Moment brings to readers the work of a newcomer on the Scandinavian crime writer front Camilla Ceder Ceder's story takes place in and around the desolate areas surrounding the town of Gothenburg Sweden It begins characteristically with a crime But this is so much than a cime novel This is a story of social breakdown Undeniably Scandinavian writers are obsessed with the meltdown that occurs between parents and their children and conseuently the horrors that take place between these lost children who are given a welfare state as parents It is a story of psychopaths that emerge from state sponsorship and deviant fathers and mothers It is a story of jealousy cowardice and hapless neglect and you give it the name Sebastian It is a story of utter loneliness in a frozen landscape patrolled by Christian Tell our enigmatic detective called out to the initial crime scene What he discovers is the body of a man shot in the head and then flattened repeatedly by an overweight automobile until every bone in the victim's body is crushed not a plot spoiler the story begins as such And the first thing Tell asks himself is why And so we enter the realm of Camilla Ceder Asking why is the reason she became a crime authorIf you are comfortable with a slow burn If you are patient and enjoy reading people and find yourself interested in the means to an end than this book is for you Camilla will paint for you an exuisite paintingEnjoy Series ReviewMy interest in Scandinavian crime fiction really got started as I began reading Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole series I'd heard of Nesbo but never gave the books a second thought considered him to be translated crime fiction and let's face it I was at the time delving through various American crime and thriller authors that just never end Who was this guy An economist An upfront man for the band Di Derre And now a writer Nesbo stopped me dead in my tracks Nesbo's band Di DerreI'd never really read any crime fiction from this region of the world All I really knew about Scandinavia is that supposedly it's a region that's been fairly successful in implementing democratic socialism and its inevitable resultant welfare state Scandinavians I imagined were tall blond sexually enlightened peaceful not prone to crime and progressive towards many societal aspects with which the rest of the world continually struggles That was a while back Since then I've been on a very interesting journey just baby steps at this point a journey that has taken me back to the sixties with Per and Maj's 10 police procedural series featuring Martin Beck fast forwarding to the nineties where I encountered Henning's Wallander series and Hoeg's Smilla's Sense of Snow and his troubling Borderliners and again fast forwarding a few decades to this relative newcomer on the Scandinavian crime scene Camilla CederCamilla CederI am in the grip of these writers under their thumb so to speak They are making hand gestures tempting me inviting me for a behind the scenes look at this supposedly benevolent Scandinavian mirage I've upheld all these years inviting me not towards a benevolent lightness of being but into the dark abyss that lies behind the facadeWhat I've discovered is that there are essentially two kinds of crime writers in Sweden The first concentrates the novel in the populated southern and central portion of the country often eschewing the far north and it's lonely frozen wooded landscapes if not the desolate shorelines Crime and urbanity seem to go hand in hand with these writers The prose is of a police procedural with external perspectives stylistically harder and linear with less dialogue than perhaps what we as Americans have come to expect And then there are the writers who set their novels in the rural and sparsely populated settings lending a decidedly chill atmosphere to the stories the Swedish have an almost mystical attitude towards wooded areas and trees Camilla Ceder is a writer that almost certainly belongs in this second group at least where it concerns her first novel her novels are primarily set in the social and mental mechanisms of Gothenburg But let's let Ceder speak I am unuestionably influenced by my environment My books are set in different locations The first book took place almost entirely in rural areas while my second book was largely set in a city environment I think that in many cases the Scandinavian crime novel has psychosocial undertones in which it is possible to highlight the loneliness and vulnerability of individuals within our society a society which has otherwise been depicted at least in part as a prosperous utopia an ideal societyAs a social worker herself she's not entirely abandoned her day job the stories Ceder concocts are often multi layered studies of human motivations What interests Ceder is not the discovery of who committed the crime in fact in one sense there are few surprises in her novels but to study the cause and effect as seen from different perspectives To say that her novels are in this sense substantial would be an understatement As for the motivation of my characters my particular area when I write is often discerning people's reasons for the things they do Why we do what we do how we choose to deal with our lives and why; communication interpersonal relations these things are crucial My interest in the factors that push a person into committing violent acts is actually what made me choose to write crime fiction

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Fruset ögonblickRosi Seję żeby go tam podwiozłaPo bolesnym rozstaniu z partnerem Seja odzyskała nareszcie spokój i poczucie wolności Ale kiedy wjeżdżają z Åkem na podjazd do warsztatu wszystko przewraca się do góry nogami Seja zauważa zardzew. Not as good as I would have hoped I focuses on to many of the people in the police group so instead of getting to know a few of them really good you get a blurry picture of them all It is a crime story with a total of three murders Alongside present time you get a story that starts in 1995 and continues into present time and connects with the crime story It is worth reading if you like crimes but I figured out who the killer was a good 100 or so pages before the end hence the 3 instead of a 4 in ratingHere is my review in Swedish