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FREE EBOOK ô EPUB Beautiful Disaster The Bet #1 ¶ É FRANCETTE PHAL ´ They created the game but eighteen year old Nicholas Grayson mastered the rulesThey are young and entitled and utterly bored with their lives so they play games to entertain themselves They call it the “bet” and new girHolas ever thought could happen to him and he’s completely frightened at how fiercely she makes him feel But before he can further examine those emotions and clearly process them enemies from Nicholas’s personal circle of friends conspire to tear them apart and he must now decide whether their love is worth saving or allow his friends to take away the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him They created their own form of amusement with “The Bet” a game played by a master eighteen year old Nicholas Grayson a young man with his own moral compass an emotional cripple whose wanted to pay back his parents for their lack of support and loveThey were young spoiled and their goals in life were to break a few laws screw their way through life and stave off boredom with their own form of entertainment “the bet”Nicholas Grayson was up for it and Ellie Holbrook was his next “bird” of prey Cock sure that he would win the bet Nicholas sets out to seduce her and claim his prize Easy she wasn’t and Nicholas realize that all bets were off when Ellie challenged him “Seeing as how you are so fond on my ass feel free to kiss it while I walk away” Game on”This story deals with a number of complex issues and the reader may find it a bit disjointed due to the amount of issues there are but it will keep you sucked in right up until the last page It is raw gritty and downright nasty at times and I am sure like me you will want to throttle Nicholas and his friends Francette Phal delivers a well written and fluid writing style It is not suitable for under 18’s as it deals with drug and alcohol abuse and extreme sexual situationsSo will Nicholas and Ellie overcome their demons and find the strength to leave their troubled past behind? Or will Nicholas finally win his bet and conspire with his friends to tear them apart?Straight onto “Redemption”

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Ice little prize at the end But her seduction proves difficult when she openly rejects his advances In his dogged pursuit of her he slowly finds himself in her small circle of trusted friends and meets her two year old daughter SophieLife takes a startling turn for Nicholas when he realizes his happiness now lies with the young mother and her daughter Falling in love with Ellie isn’t something Nic Please note as you read this book you will need to pretend the characters are not High School students or it will just wig you out They don't behave or talk like 18 year olds This book Gah This is the story of a dung pile A really big very stinky dung pile And from that dung pile grows an amazingly beautiful flower It is one of the most beautiful flowers ever And then the floods come and the freezing weather but still this beautiful flower keeps growing and only seems to become hardy because of all the adversity I loved that flower I had complete faith in that damn flower and then the freaking thing gets pruned all to hell Nicholas starts the story an utterly unredeemable reprobate Nicholas Grayson wasn't a nice person In fact one could call him an asshole and he wouldn't dispute it He was as jaded as they come eighteen years old with a moral compass fixed permanently on diabolical His goals in life were to piss off his parents break a few laws and generally screw his way through life Ellie is amazing She is about the strongest heroine I've ever seen The absolute hell that she has been though and pulled herself out of while still being an incredibly compassionate level headed loving person is inspiringEllie transforms Nicholas who I was sure I could never like into a new person Ellie's silent strength pulled Nicholas from his madness grounding him where he belonged Their relationship blossoms despite and insane amount of crap being thrown at them Seriously crazy ex's drugs insane friends beatings sex tapes attempted murder and pretty much anything you could imagine It gets rocky at points but they always seem to pull through stronger then ever They have one of those really beautiful epic kinds of love You're like air to me Ellie He said uietly A necessity I can't do without And then it just all goes to crap They finally buckle under the pressureand I was left I NEED the next book This needs to be fixed NOW

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Beautiful Disaster The Bet #1They created the game but eighteen year old Nicholas Grayson mastered the rulesThey are young and entitled and utterly bored with their lives so they play games to entertain themselves They call it the “bet” and new girl Ellie Holbrook is their latest target Ellie is not the kind of girl Nicholas dates but she is pretty enough to be his next conuest and so he sets out to seduce her and claim a n 4 MINDFING STARS I apologize in advance for the number of gifs in this review I have lost the ability to form coherent sentencesAlternate titles Beautiful Bastards Hot MessWell my body was readybut apparentlyA dark and twisted story about teenagers I'm forced to write this word in no way I can picture these people as teenagers and their extreme life styleI swear half the kids in this story are the secret love child ofandand maybe these two aren't evil enough to justify their kids' actionsA book about bastards Lying bastards sadistic bastards arrogant bastards miserable and cowardly bastards Did I mention bastards?Ellie Holbrook is a sweet and abused girl She is raising her daughter alone her parents kicked her out when they found out she was pregnant She made some bad choices in the past; evil boyfriend heroine addiction but she is strong and determined to move past all theseNicholas Grayson OMG where to start???Daddy issues mother issues all kind of issues this kid has it all Entitled rich boy that he is he has a standing bet with his friends to sleep with every girl at school His new mark is Ellie but her sunshine and sweetheart of daughter frees his tormented soul By the end I was sure that somewhere hell froze over and everything would turn out PERFECT But in an epic twist all hell broke loose and we got the mother of all cliffhangers I'm angry I'm furious I want to break something oh so bad and I swear Nicholas Teenage pregnancies the girls were maybe some long forgotten Godesses of fertility or something and the boys had super sperm Addiction Abuse Homosexuality This books pulls no punches it steals your breath and shoots you through the heartI'm dreading the next book If these people behaved this way as teenagers what are they gonna do as adults? Enslave the known universe??