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Reader ó Chasing Leah Journey #1 ´ C.A. Williams Leah Rossi hasn't had an easy upbringing and is looking to start fresh when she leaves for college Being abandoned by her mom and ignored by her gra I feel like there is a good potential storyline in here somewhere it just didn't go anywhere The writing style was a bit off too which really puts me off The drama that happens in this book just felt forced to make something happen no one in real life would jump to the conclusions leah did it didn't make sense to me Took me a few days to finish this book I got very bored with it and was ready for the end then there isn't really an end Its a series I think one that shouldn't really be there doesn't seem anywhere for this story to go other than drama with leah jumping to conclusions about chase Feels like the author just missed off the last few lines of the book rather than any sort of cliffhanger it could have easily ended after a few sentences This book wasn't for me I probably should of stopped after a few chapters but I hate not finishing a book in case it gets better You may like it but either way I think after a few chapters you will get the feel of the book and can make that decision for yourself 2 stars because there was some potential

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Download Mobi ¸ Chasing Leah Journey #1 ↠ 239 pages ì C.a. williams â Leah Rossi hasn't had an easy upbringing and is looking to start fresh when she leaves for college Being abandoned by her mom and ignored by her grandma shes basically on her own dealing with life's everyday struggles and Ndma shes basically on her own dealing with life's everyday struggles and added into the mix is a three year old But as soon as she locks eyes with I really liked this bookThe story development kept you reading and you soon fell in love with each of the charactersNot wanting to have any spoilers I'll try my best to not go into any detailsLeah is a young women with a tough upbringing At a young age she held the responsibility that most young ladies or adults for that matter would ever dream of She's independent and doesn't like to lean on anyone She cares for her 3 yr old brother without a second thought Her love and devotion is breathtakingChase is a man that knew what he wanted out of life Tattoos band member tongue ring Yummy He had uite the opposite upbringing Being the only male out of 7 children it gave him the kind of perspective that most women crave their man would haveI like all the other supporting characters as well and thought they added that extra spiceWhy did this book didn't get the full 5 Stars?? Editing could have been much better The spelling and grammar at times was very frustrating Some sentences left words out or didn't make sense at all I really liked this book and would like others to see this story as what it is and not get hung up on all the typosThe ending left a cliffhanger and I can't wait to continue to read about Leah Chase

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Chasing Leah Journey #1A tattooed up bad boy looking Chase O'Neil shes hooked and has no where to run while she fights the overgrowing attraction that ignites between them I would give five stars to the story It was new and kind of different than anything I've read lately There was the big misunderstanding that I hate so much but it actually fit the story for once and I loved the way the author dealt with it The story was a bit slow at times and it didn't really have a high peak that moment you wait for the whole time you read a book but I didn't mind It was a sweet story told in a sweet way with a bit of a cliffhanger in the end that I thought wasn't really necessary but anywaysI loved Leah and the way she handled everything life threw her way She is strong and capable Her love and care for Caleb was touching and she was suitably mature for her age considering everything I related to her on a personal level too which is why I liked her so much and found her a believable characterAnd Chase is wonderful perfect in every way but it's not unrealistic Don't be fooled by the blurb because Chase is not a bad boy He is actually a really good guy and during the whole book he did everything perfect His family is loving and wonderful and it's no wonder he was such a nice guyIs there a prejudice that because someone has tattoos and piercings they're automatically a bad boybad girl? This is so wrongThe romance is sweet and there was obvious chemistry between Chase and LeahActually as I write this I'm even contemplating giving it five stars but I just can't justify that The book is not just about the story is it?The writing is awful It's full of grammar and spelling mistakes that I'm pretty sure nobody went over twice or even once to fix There's a considerable lack of proper punctuationI'm downright offended that the author let someone pay 499 Kindle price for me to read something like this I'm trying not to be harsh but I just can't help myself it really was that awful It was full of the usual they'retheirthere and it'sits and youryou're mistakes a lot of who'swhose and it also had one of my biggest pet peeves the would ofshould of This is just wrongIt doesn't just happen once it goes on and on throughout the book and after maybe the tenth time I realized that they're not so much of typos or slip ups but that the author actually cannot use them properly There are also these never ending sentences and improper use of tenses and a bunch of repetitive sentences that sort of just up the word count without really telling you anything newHere's an example you'll see when we get there we probably have about two hours in the car before we get there We'll get there Chapter 16See what I mean?I know the temptation of self publishing of just putting something together and putting it out there but I expect to be treated with respect as a reader and I didn't see it here It could have used a lot work and an impossible amount of editingSo with five stars for the story and a one measly star for writing it goes down to three stars and I think I'm being generous The author does have talent for storytelling and I hope she keeps writing but I'm also hoping that next time she will pay much attention to these things I'm also looking forward to see what happens next in their story