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review Sons of Zeus ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å In 431 BC Ancient Greece experienced its own Pearl Harbor—a treacherous sneak attack that would mark the start of the bloody war between the democracy of Athens and the tyranny of Sparta Caught between these superpowers the independent city state of Plataea became the arena where their baIdentity of the man who betrayed the city he makes a daring escape gathers an army and leads this ragtag band into a suicidal battle at the gates of the citadel a battle that will decide the fates of his family his friends and the woman he lovesIn the vein of Bernard Cornwell Conn Iggulden and Steven Pressfield Sons of Zeus marks the beginning of a richly detailed new action adventure serie. Sons of Zeus was a great book for those who enjoy historical fiction personally I love historical fiction and I enjoy following these men who fight through hardships on and off the field of battle however Sons of Zeus's Nikias is already very close to being either my favorite or second favorite story plot and main character matching up with Uhtred of Bebbanburg Saxon Tales and Thommas of Hookton Grail uest Series which are both from Bernard Cornwell These authors have similar styles that I love Sons of Zeus has simple wording yet detailed and has a new hook at the end of every chapter Just as proof i got this book 4 days ago and finished all 324 pages already and am eager to read the next two in the series Something about this plot just makes it interesting enjoyable and so much harder to put down than any other historical novel I have read so far If you enjoy a plot filled with twists and turns along with detailed fighting and unexpected outcomes along with complex characters whom you love and some you just hate Sons of Zeus is definitely worth a look at starting just with an exciting and interesting prologue So if you give it a chance I'm sure you wont be disappointed and hope you enjoyPS For those who wanted to see a review for the uick summary to see if your interested I couldn't bring myself to give away even one of the plot twists in the story it's to complex to explain just easily understood if you read

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In 431 BC Ancient Greece experienced its own Pearl Harbor a treacherous sneak attack that would mark the start of the bloody war between the democracy of Athens and the tyranny of Sparta Caught between these superpowers the independent city state of Plataea became the arena where their battle for control of all of Greece would beginIn Plataea the young Greek warrior Nikias dreams of glory in. More like 25 From only an excerpt from Thucydides the author has fashioned an exciting actionadventure novel The novel tells of the sneak attack on the city of Plataea by Thebans the latter an ally of Sparta From without a spy called here a whisperer and from within one of the townspeople the city is betrayed into Theban hands Much of the book is taken up with the people's fight for survival and efforts to save their city from both Thebes and Sparta The last two city states named are allies Nikias the protagonist and main character is a young man who lives with his family on an outlying farm The likeable Nikias is very courageous through the story and his actions drive much of the action although the townspeople rally to the town's defense despite their initial shock confusion and turning on each other just at the beginning of spring ca March 6 431 BC a Theban force a little over 300 strong about the first watch of the night made an armed entry into Plataea a town of Boeotia in alliance with Athens The gates were opened to them by a Plataean who with his party had invited them in meaning to put to death the citizens of the opposite party bring over the city to Thebes and thus obtain power for themselves This was arranged through a Theban spy The History of the Peloponnesian War I found a few implausibilities and inconsistencies also some odd word choices Nikias characterizes himself as a hick at one point Heirs was used at another where I think the author meant hairs I did not like this transliteration system from the Greek where it seemed like c's or ch's were transliterated as k's eg Hektor Syrakuse Since I'm from Upstate New York the spelling of the city surprised me; I'm used to Syracuse New York Spelling of these proper names was jarring until I got used to it I wondered if mentioning a crow with one white tail feather so many times 4 or 5 as I remember was supposed to have some significance Zeno's wife Xanthippus I believe should have been Xanthippe the feminine form of the name A glaring error which I'm surprised the proofreader didn't catch was Games in honor of Lysander the hero of Thermopylae There was a famous Spartan admiral in history named Lysander but the soldier at Thermopylae was Leonidas There were some interesting characters eg Chusor the blacksmith inventor of a type of Molotov cocktail and of a type of caltrop; Kolax the Skythian boy; Saeed and Mula Nikias's family's Persian slaves; General Menesarkos the grandfather of Nikias The women were all strong characters I liked the description of the pottery factory and the steps in making pottery I totally disliked the worst stereotype of Spartans I've ever read They sounded like total animals I regretted not being able to rate the novel any higher I was disappointed there was no Author's Note; I would have liked to see how much was fact how much was from the author's imagination My guess is maybe 90% fiction 10% fact This was a readable novel with good story and interesting cast Reread in July 2015; the novel didn't impress me the second time around

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Sons of ZeusThe Olympic games as he trains for the pankration the no holds barred ultimate fighting of the era until an act of violence in defense of his beloved threatens to send him into exile But before his trial can take place a traitor opens the city gates to a surprise attack forceSuddenly trapped inside their own fortress the Plataeans are fighting for their lives As Nikias seeks to discover the. It's going to be hard to wait a year for the seuel to Sons of Zeus which is the first installment of a trilogy The action is non stop Always exciting it's a page turner that will raise your pulse make you think and keep you up late trying to find out what will happen nextThe setting is Greece nearly 2500 years ago Ancient Greece was as full of weird tribes as an episode of Star Trek We have the proud Plateans the focus of the tale and the city state of our young protagonist Nikias and his formidable grandfather Menasarkus Menasarkus has trained NIkias to succeed him as the foremost Pankrator think mixed martial arts and his heir as Olympic champion Then there are the devious Thebans another city state a mere eight miles away who are the Platean's mortal enemies The Thebans have held a death grudge against Platea since the historic Battle of Platea in 479 BC only a generation before this story starts These two small cities Thebes and Platea become pawns in the power struggle for Greece between the most powerful city states Athens and SpartaSome might compare this book to the TV show Spartacus Spartacus however has a comic book feel to it Sons of Zeus would make a much interesting series because the characters are fully developed and realized against a background of historical and geographic authenticity Here is a book that takes you deep into this ancient world with its strange sense of honor and ethics religion political cultural and sexual practices Sons of Zeus is obviously well researched and takes the reader to a place we most likely have never been beforePlatea the site of one of the most important battles that took place in the ancient world has been long forgotten and is not on the tourist trail No one it seems visits Platea Sons of Zeus brings it back to life with an historical recreation that will make Greeks proud and the reader obsessively anxious for books two and three