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Download è Between Man and Beast ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ The unbelievably riveting adventure of an unlikely young explorer who emerged from the jungles of Africa with evidence of a mysterious still mythical beast the gorilla only to stumble straight into the center of the biggest debate of the day DarwinAlism and helped push each to unprecedented intensities He experienced instant celebrity but with that fame came whispers about his past his credibility and his very identity which would haunt the young man Grand in scope immediate in detail and propulsively readable Between Man and Beast brilliantly combines Du Chaillu's personal journey with the epic tale of a world hovering on the sharp edge of transformatio. I enjoyed this book that takes on the little known story of Paul Du Chaillu who is attributed for the popularity of “The Great White Hunter” and gorilla characters in the late 1800’s I have studied biology and have read many mainstream primatology books I will be adding this one to my collection Many of the major characters described by Monte Reel like Darwin Huxley and Owen are all men that are famously referenced in history and biology texts but I had never recalled mentions of Paul Du Chaillu I am glad that I was introduced to this influential colorful and unfamiliar man Du Chaillu is an interesting character who balanced himself between a variety of cultures in Africa America and Europe Monet Reel makes Du Chaillu’s story alive with some dramatic descriptions of events drama that Paul himself would enjoy reading that draws in the reader But the content is often word for word from primary sources of newspapers private letters and known historical events bringing validity and historical accuracy to the book I enjoyed how Reel paced the story of Du Chaillu’s life by dividing the book up into individual stories and subjects that add up to the greater picture I also appreciated how the historical setting was highlighted as so the reader can understand exactly what had drove people to act the way they did I have recently read The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle and had attributed Du Chaillu’s adventures in Africa as an inspiration for Doyle’s novel early on in Reel’s book Major themes that permeate The Lost World are influenced by the political state of London’s natural and exploration clubs as well as popular attitudes of the great white hunter in the jungle Reel mentioned this connection in the epilogue and it was fun to see that I recognized the connection

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Ort of a monster When he emerged three years later the summation of his efforts only hinted at what he'd experienced in one of the most dangerous regions on earth Armed with an astonishing collection of zoological specimens Du Chaillu leapt from the physical challenges of the jungle straight into the center of the biggest issues of the time the evolution debate racial discourse the growth of Christian fundament. Indiana Jones Allan uartermain Professor Challenger Rick O'Connell These are the names of men I grew up with The names of men I admired They came from film and literature They were not real but they represented that intuitive spirit of adventure deep within every human being the testosterone producing adrenaline pumping urge we have to shed the shackles of our domesticated 9 to 5 lives and step foot into the unknown regions of the worldWith this book I have found a REAL name to add to the list of men who inspire bold deeds and courageous journeys Paul Du Chaillu Between Man and Beast follows a young man who grows up fast in his explorations of euatorial Africa It also chronicles Du Chaillu's life outside of the wild frontier and the obstacles he met when bringing back some of the earliest gorilla specimens to the modernizing world a world that was being introduced to evolutionary science through the writings of Darwin Huxley and othersThe author Reel has a relentlessly readable style of prose that is full of grace and efficiency The book itself although non fiction reads like a true adventure story intermixed with fascinating historical and scientific anecdotes as well as short biographical sketches of many interesting characters such as Abraham Lincoln and members of Victorian Britain's scientific community including Richard Owen Charles Darwin John Edward Gray Thomas Henry Huxley and Roderick MurchisonBetween Man and Beast is also an exploration of the contrasts in humanity Du Chaillu's witnessing of the slave trade and their prison pens is a horrific account The ego games played between Britain's esteemed scientists during the evolutionary debates reveal how man can distort science to uphold his view on religion or even scientific theory There are uplifting accounts of humanity in those who defended Du Chaillu's reputation when he was called a fraud after retelling stories of his first African expedition Not to mention the man himself Du Chaillu was determined to discredit all the naysayers and returned to Africa for a second expedition facing obstacles than he had in the firstReel has excellently delivered the history of a lesser known explorer's career Not only that but he has given us an intriguing glimpse into 19th century Britain and America at a time when racial prejudices abounded in science and science itself was being revolutionized with the advent of evolution My only gripe is that Reel did not delve deeper into the science behind the evolutionary debates during Du Chaillu's time This ualm is overshadowed by the telling of one man's story Du Chaillu was a man without a permanent home a man who traveled back and forth all his life He faced overwhelming ridicule in civilized society and overwhelming odds in the jungles These challenges did not break him Du Chaillu a short man with a flamboyant French accent is a prime example of a real life adventurer and explorer with an indomitable spirit

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Between Man and BeastThe unbelievably riveting adventure of an unlikely young explorer who emerged from the jungles of Africa with evidence of a mysterious still mythical beast the gorilla only to stumble straight into the center of the biggest debate of the day Darwin's theory of evolutionIn 1856 Paul Du Chaillu marched into the euatorial wilderness of West Africa determined to bag an animal that according to legend was nothing sh. Ok so maybe marching into the euatorial African forrest and gunning down as many gorillas as you can find does not constitute the height of scientific observation and achievement but that is just how most explorernaturalists rolled back in the 1850s That being said Monte Reel has framed a fabulous story of the bourgeoning scientific world's learning of a then mythic creature It would be as if someone today went off in search of Bigfoot or the Yeti and found many of them All of this takes place within the context a scientific debate where Darwin's theory of evolution has about 2 supporters one being himselfThe life of self proclaimed explorer Paul du Chaillu is the framework around which Reel builds this very compelling narrative I found myself sucked in by Chaillu's life story and rooting for his success because of his underdog status in every arena This book falls suarely into my favorite genre of non fiction adventure that describes a reality fantastical than many fiction books