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Ll the brothers were able to escape the spell that transformed them into swans and those who did were all and less than they were before the change It is left to Sorcha's daughter Liadan who will take up the tale that the Sevenwaters clan is destined to fufill Beloved child dutiful daughter she embarks on a journey that opens her eyes to the wonders of the world around herand shows her just how hard won This is my favorite book of all time My copy is dog eared and I'm looking around for another one This was the book that set me off on my love for Juliet Marillier's books The simple elegance of the prose was the perfect voice for Liadan the main character The love between Bran and Liadan spoke to me the first time I read it and has echoed deeper and deeper with every reading of which there are many In my opinion this is better than the other two because the characters all have a way of worming themselves into your heart

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Son of the ShadowsWas the peace that she has known all her life Liadan will need all of her courage to help save her family for there are forces far darker than anyone chould have guessed and ancient powers conspiring to destroy this family's peace and their world And she will need the strength to stand up to those she loves best for in the finding of her own true love Liadan's course may doom them allor be their salvatio Buddy read with the amazing Jessica ”I have believed for a long time that the Fair Folk guide our steps That they work their great plans through us But you are not in their scheme Perhaps you hold some sort of key”╰⊰✿Overall Feelings On Son of Shadows✿⊱╮ Just like Daughter of the Forest this takes us on a magical and epic journey over years Liadan like her mother is a healer and as with all the children of Sevenwaters has a deep capacity for love Once she finds it she will hold onto it forever no matter the cost They are not the heroines that we normally see in fantasy with great powers or skill with weapons and fighting Yet each is so strong in their own way This is an emotional journey perhaps not uite as emotional as Daughter of the Forest but still it took me through every emotion I have in my personal spectrum I get so caught up in the world that I felt like I took the journey as well and I couldn’t help racing through the story There were two scene in particular that just gutted me Again it is a darker fantasy than some and there are no neatly tied up bows at the end for all the characters involved There are some happier endings than others and like life no one gets everything they want some very hard choices had to be made ╰⊰✿The Story✿⊱╮ Son of Shadows continues the story of Daughter of the Forest a generation later Red and Sorcha have had three children and they are of an age when things really start to happen again Whether that is because the Fae have set new plans in motion or an ancient evil has a plan for revenge or something even older than the Fae has plans of its own is unclear The only thing that is certain is a new challenge has been set and new dangers await the children of SevenwatersLiadan is instantly likable probably the most likable of all the three children Red and Sorcha had together She is a reflection of both Sorcha and Red and I saw it in all of her choices and actions “I can see we have taught you well Liadan” said my mother regarding me closely “You have my skill with healing and your father’s gift for love He gathers all around him under his protective shade like a great forest tree I see the same strength in you Daughter” All the children grew up sheltered in the love of Sevenwaters but when events are set in motion secrets from the past and some choices made separate the family in ways they never imagined before The nice thing about Son of Shadows is that it starts out a little faster than Daughter of the Forest The propelling events of the story happen almost immediately and carry Liadan into her destiny which was a little unexpectedLiadan is blessed and cursed as Finbar was with the gift of sight It is while she is discovering her power in this that she is kidnapped by a band of mercenaries in hopes she can heal one of their men When she first meets the Painted Man she believes him to be the heartless killer of all the tales He plays the role well and only when Liadan is able to see into his mind and future does she see that maybe he could be than just the man from the stories and his past is tragic than anyone she has met before Because of her gift Liadan might not know what the future holds exactly but she does know that they are intertwined “He and I—we share a bond Not love exactly It goes beyond that He is mine as surely as sun follows moon across the sky Mine before ever I knew he existed Mine until death and beyond He is in terrible danger From others and from himself If I could do to protect him I would This is a tale of mending long time hurts and discovering a new path in life that might be different than what you always expected for yourself Liadan must learn how to use her gifts with the help of Finbar if she is ever going to save the man who stole her heart and she discovers that it is a heavy task to be shown the possibilities of the future ╰⊰✿Why I Love the Sevenwaters World✿⊱╮ One of the things that draws me into the Sevenwaters stories so much is the actual world It has a mysticism to it It is subtle and even believable in a sense where sorcerers and druids use nature to influence their surroundings It is a place where a forest is a living breathing thing full of spirits and enchantments and the Fae are just a thin veil away It is a place of prophecy and destiny and I do love a tale with a good but of destiny in itI really like that these are tales of families and all the joy and complications that come from that The people you love the most are the people that you are capable of hurting even when all you are doing is trying to help The entanglements are so emotional and heartfelt that I fall into the story and don’t want to emerge from it even when it is over ╰⊰✿A Few Small Issues✿⊱╮ These are books I have to be a little patient with There are a lot of little building steps that do add to the story but sometimes make it seem like it is moving along slowly In Daughter of the Forest this happened near the beginning and while Sorcha was alone before meeting Red In Son of Shadow this happens in the middleI spent a lot of time waiting and wanting Bran to come back into Liadan’s life It felt like he was gone forever and I missed him I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing as it is probably what the author intended me to feel The longing that Liadan felt for the man she knew she loved and I definitely felt that but I spent a lot of time waiting for him to come back so I was a little distracted from what was happening while I was waiting The other issue is that the villians of the story are sometimes a little over the top I love a good villain but I like it the best when they can in a different light be seen as a possible hero if you are on the other side Ciaran is a great example of this He is likable and I understand his motivations but he is also someone that could be very dangerous in the future Lastly the ending was slightly anticlimactic because of the nature of how Liadan saves Bran It is an internal struggle with his past and so not very action oriented It is not entirely a bad thing either but I really would have enjoyed seeing Bran battle someone first handAll of these are just small issues and why it wasn’t uite a 5 star read for me NoteThis can be read as a standalone novel It is enjoyable if you know who the older generation in and their story but it isn’t completely necessary

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Son of the Shadows doc ✓ Hardcover read Ì Son of the Shadows is the seuel to Juliet Marillier's evocative first novel Daughter of the Forest It continues the saga of beautiful Sorcha the couragous yong woman who risked all to save her family from a wicked curse and whose love shattered generations of hate and bridged two cultures It isSon of the Shadows is the seuel to Juliet Marillier's evocative first novel Daughter of the Forest It continues the saga of beautiful Sorcha the couragous yong woman who risked all to save her family from a wicked curse and whose love shattered generations of hate and bridged two cultures It is from her sacrifice that her brothers were brought home to Sevenwaters and her life has known much joy But not a Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBR with my peeps at Buddies Books and BaublesSpecifically Robin Bridge Four 35 starsSometimes when I finish a book I know exactly what I think about it and the review practically writes itself Other times I finish thinking that overall I liked the book but something remains unresolved And the I dwell on it the issues emerge until the something evolves into multiple identifiable problemsThis is one of those timesThat's not to say that Son of the Shadows wasn't a good book It absolutely wasIt just wasn't a good book for meThere are several reasonsI didn't particularly like either this generation from Sevenwaters or several of the other important new charactersSorcha and Red the MCs from the previous installment now have three grown children their eighteen year old firstborn Niamh and sixteen year old twins Sean and Liadan Sean is the heir of Sevenwaters Liadan has followed in her mother's footsteps as a healer and is the heart of Sevenwaters and Niamh is the petulant beauty with a nasty mean streakDoes Niamh have understandable reasons for lashing out at others and placing most of her self worth in her appearanceYes She does In fact she'd make a perfect villain I think the best kind of villain is the kind that you can empathize with but still not like Villains you genuinely like aren't villains They're anti heroes And villainous villains are fun to hate but there is seldom much depth Depth allows for empathy which brings us back full circleBut Niamh isn't the villain Instead you're left with a character you don't like and thus have a hard time drumming up sympathy for when she becomes a victim I recognized cerebrally that what happened to her was awful But I didn't feel it Maybe if I had been able to I would've been distracted from the why which is what occupied my attention in place of the anguish I might have felt on behalf of a likable character And the why was pretty flimsyNiamh fell in love with an unsuitable young man When it was discovered the relationship was forbidden but believing that her lover would never forsake her she was completely shattered when he leftBut why did he leave you ask and that's an excellent uestion It's also a uestion the adults refuse to answerSo later when Niamh finds herself in abhorrent circumstances she has nothing to fall back on She sees herself as worthless as unworthy of being loved why else would Unsuitable Lover have abandoned her Why else would her family have sent her away turning their backs on herIt's infuriating And ridiculousBc you the reader know why the relationship is forbidden I actually wondered if my wiring was faulty until my friend Robin who BR ed this me said that she didn't understand what the Big Deal was either YES what happened was unfortunate worse than unfortunate whispers Gross man But it was a mistake born out of innocence And I'm sorry but that makes a massive difference to me Robin too so there Maybe there are some kind of medieval social connotations we're not aware of or maybe we're desensitized bc current events I don't know Doesn't matter really What does matter is that I didn't buy itSean was MEH I appreciated that he thought outside of the box but he was too irrationally impulsive to likeLiadan my feelings in regards to Liadan are complex I should have liked her I should have loved her She's exactly the kind of independent thinking heroine that I usually admire and root unreservedly forAnd yet I found her condescending My impression wasn’t that she uestioned bc she refused to agree to life altering decisions without understanding the implications but that she uestioned bc she —in her infinite sixteen year old wisdom— knew better That she was correct didn't matter to me bc I'm a brat and if you do the right thing for the wrong reason and YES I'm well aware of the ironyAnd as with Niamh's ignorance making a difference in my perception of her actions Liadan's motivations made what would have been admirable less soThen there's BranBran is an ASS And not the kind of ASS you find yourself liking against your better judgement bc not really an ASS No he's the kind of ASS you futilely wanted to like you when you were in high school despite that fact that he was an ASS but looking back as an adult you realize what an ASSAnd just like High School ASS Bran has reasons for being an ASS too Another perfect villain in the making but once again not the villain Which brings me to who was the villain also an ASS but unlike Bran if he has reasons they remain undisclosed My biggest issue also has to do with Villain but be warned it's a spoilerview spoilerLiadan decides to head for Britain with Bran leaving Villain not just free and loose but her family ignorant of his treachery practically insuring their betrayal at his hands at some point in the future and SHE WON'T EVEN BE THERE bc BRITAIN hide spoiler