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Free download The Order of the Stick Start of Darkness 105 × From the depths of time comes a story of wicked villains terrible secrets and monumental screw ups The Order of the Stick Start of Darkness reveals for the first time the secret origins of Xykon Redcloak the Monster in the Darkness heck even the demon cockroaches ContaininFrom the depths of time comes a story of wicked villains terrible secrets and monumental screw ups The Order of the Stick Start of Darkness reveals for the first time the secret origins of Xykon Redcloak the Monster in the Darkness heck even the demon cockroaches Containing 112 pages of all new never published online comics in dramatic black and white Start of Darkness is full of villainy goodness for any fan of the OOTS Learn such. I picked up this comic after reading Patrick Rothfuss praising it here on Goodreads I wasn't sure where to start as two preuels had been released for the story I ended up picking one of the preuels which might've been a slight mistake as it seemed to be made for those who are already familiar with the story and the characters But even though this was my first touch with Order of the Stick it worked uite wellThe Order of the STick is an odd series Sure it's a web comic but still The artstyle looks like it's made with Windows Paint and the story is ALL over the place with random jokes that don't make any senseSo I think it is even unbelievable to see how well it all worksSure the art is very crude and simple but it works Damn it even manages to make the reader emotional at few points of the story Perhaps it is only the eyes that slighlty change from scene to scene but it is enough It is beautiful how well you can do something so simpleAnd the story is fun It does tell the backstory of some major characters of the series or so I believe And these crude stick figures a human sorcerer and goblins have real stories It is the goblins who are the highlight of the story and really have an emotional journey that surprisingly makes you feel bad for them It is actually a pretty good storyIn addition there's jokes Lot of them The fourth wall is constantly being pummeled down there's references to popculture and well to everything you can imagine and then there are ninja clowns coming out of shoes and they are being stopped by cotton candyYeah It makes absolutely no sense and that might be the biggest thing you either love it or probably hate it For me it works so wellI did not even mention that it's actually a parody of DD games which is hilarious when it is embraced fully for example by saying that these monsters aren't in the Monster Manual or see you in two turnsYeah I kinda need to read of this

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Rt detailing the Secret Lore of the Crimson Mantle in the popular crayon format first seen in No Cure for the Paladin Blues Featuring introductions by the author and Miko Miyazaki paladin of the Sapphire Guard this book is a flat out must have for fans of the OOTS plotline as it fills in missing details in the story of who these evildoers are and why they do evil Wallowing in unrepentant villainy has never been this much fun legally. The hype was too much I've been reading OOTS for nearly 15 years now and Start of Darkness was the missing piece of the story that everyone said was oh so great And how couldn't Redcloak's backstory be great He's the best character in the comic His dynamic with Xykon is one of the highest points of Burlew's writing He plays the part of the beleaguered underling to Xykon yet he considers himself the true driving force of his and Xykon's villainy manipulating him to his own somewhat admirable ends Xykon on the other hand never fully shows how much he sees through Redcloak's deception He's not as stupid and careless as he often acts and certainly never lets Redcloak overtly walk all over him At all times it's an unstable partnership with Xykon threatening to slip loose from Redcloak's control and ruin everything he's fought for This volume does add some extra context to that relationship namely that it was Redcloak who made Xykon a lich and that he gave up everything he ever had in life in order to follow and aid Xykon in their uest By the time OOTS proper starts Redcloak can no longer possibly give up on their partnership And like any sunk cost he keeps spending as OOTS goes on Finding out what exactly Xykon's jab of Wrong Eye meant was rewarding and the addition of Xykon's inferiority complex about being a sorcerer added a nice extra layer to a usually flat character who tries never to show any weakness Of course it has yet to come up in the main story so can it really be said to existStill I was really not that entertained throughout The vast majority of it seemed like hole filling Finding out how Lirian's gate fell finding out how Dorukan died finding out how Gene ended up swearing the blood oath finding out how Redcloak got the Monster in the Darkness etc Personally I could've lived without knowing these things but they form the vast majority of the book The jokes largely fell flat for me the black and white art loses an essential component of the comic's already stripped down style and Burlew's commitment to not putting essential story information in a spinoff prevents this from having anything that must be read Burlew's writing skill has advanced by leaps and bounds since this was released 12 years ago If he were to do something like this now I think he could really do it justice The fact that he did the Redcloak flashback way back when and this is the result is immensely disappointing to me This comic is far of a piece with the awkward first two books rather than the well put together latter four At least it's better than Origin of PCs

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The Order of the Stick Start of DarknessSecrets as How did Xykon and Redcloak meet How did Xykon became a lich Why did Eugene Greenhilt swear revenge on Xykon What ever happened to Lirian's Gate anyway How did Redcloak discover the Monster in the Darkness Why on earth does Redcloak put up with Xykon's crapThe Order of the Stick Start of Darkness is presented primarily in black and white similar to our bestselling On the Origin of PCs but features a special full color inse. Holy crap I feel dirty for having read about how the bad guys got so bad As always Burlew is a master at storytelling and humor and turning cliches on their heads My favorite uote from the main Evil guy I know people think I'm stupid Because I didn't earn my power Because I get bored easily Because I have no interest in strategy or tactics or contingency planningOnly two things matter Force in as great a concentration as you can manage and style And in a pinch style can slideAlso I really enjoyed the moral tainting of the second in command He starts off as a defender of his people and the power behind the throne and is eventually confronted with his betrayal of his people You're willing to throw good lives after bad so that you don't have to admit that we were wrong in the first place Sound familiarAll this couched in between a scene in Taco Night and continual breaking of the fourth wall and jokes about the hero's absent father Did you say 'childREN'