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READ È MONEYEXPRESSCARD.CO.UK Ê Claudia Carozza Etty and alcoholic father It's not until twenty women known as the Elect become pregnant all across the Barronlands when things start looking up Hazel and Netty apply for jobs working as domestics in the Antioch Center where the Elect will be taken care of and protected Hazel feels change in the air and her outlook for the future starts to improve. The Twenty is an interesting book that I decided to read because it takes place in a dystopian world where there had an epidemic that wiped out all the humans Then comes along a new government where you are ranked by which ward you reside in The farthest ward you are from First City the less and less power the government has control of you and if they even care at all The Twenty is about a group of twenty women who are pregnant during a time where it's very rare and crying babies would stir a whole ward So then comes along Hazel DeSales and she finds a job working for the government which she knows is corrupt but when her drunken father's paychecks are coming in smaller and longer amounts of time she has to give somethings up to live Hazel becomes a nurse for one of the Twenty and hears things she shouldn't when Hazel is in the shadows I really liked this idea when I first read the summary because it was different from all the other dystopian books that are out there Claudia Carozza's writing was very simple but what I really loved about the novel is because she keeps a good pace and makes me be on the edge of my seat constantly I also love how she built up the world Having certain things that seem mundane to us feel like an alien to the people in this world I think unlike most dystopian novels there isn't much technology advancement in The Twenty In my mind when I think of the wards that people live in other than 8 I think of a ghost town or a very unkempt town I still what to know what First City and ward 8 really look like Hazel DeSales is the female protagonist and she has some boy problems amongst many others I could just feel the love triangle as soon as Shane came into the novel Btw I'm on team Shane if there is a team I personally don't like Luka My first impression of him was He's going to betray them That was a very harsh thing to assume but honestly I haven't warmed up to him and from the looks of where things going I feel like he's going to be the one There were some characters that I have a lot of faith in For example Elisa Montgomery one of the Twenty whom Hazel nurses throughout her pregnancy Elisa to me is a very strong character and I think if she wasn't pregnant and she had another role in the novel she'd kick butt The bad guys didn't scare me honestly They didn't make me think Well this is going to be very very bad or something along those lines Yes there are somethings that are kind of spoilers that are sins but I don't see why they are doing the things that they are The government is very secretive and I really want to know what they are going to do with the babies of the Twenty because it seems like something big is going to occurThe Twenty for me was a very uick summer read and if I had time probably could finish in a day or some hours The novel has a very fast pace and the scenery isn't too advance that I'm constantly wondering and daydreaming about the wards and the buildingsI feel like this sort of story could happen in some way I don't know how and why but there seems to be a truth in it I really love how Claudia Carozza didn't particularly shy away from unpleasing things because that's how the world that Hazel lives in is Where the police don't care and the crack heads are everywhereI am defo going to read the second book in the trilogy when it comes out and I want to check out Claudia Carozza's upcoming new series coming later this year I'm very excited about the next The Twenty novel because this one leaves off with a huge cliff hanger which I really wanted to be resolved in this novel because we all saw it coming So in conclusion I give Claudia Carozza's debut dystopian novel a head nods thumbs up 4 out of 5Please check out my blog at

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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ The Twenty (Barronlands Trilogy, #1) ê Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B007SEZCSImagine living in a time when infertility runs rampant and babies are no longer being born The world is crumbling around you as people start talking about the end This is the world Hazel DeSales grew up in After her mother dies fro But she soon learns that change is not without conseuence Rumors are brewing about a government cover up and Hazel finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time So begins the unraveling of secrets that uncover things from her past and rattle her future Hazel is determined to seek the truth and promises herself to do whatever it takes to succee. Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was very enjoyable for me I was prepared to spend a lot of time hearing about Hazel and I found her to be a rather interesting character so this wasn’t a problem for me at all Hazel lives in a world where the human race is going to be extinct soon it’s just thought to be a fact Babies are not being born women are not getting pregnant and the cancer epidemic that wiped out much of the population seems to blame First let me talk about Hazel and her family a little bit Hazel is very codependent Normally this is something that bothers me in a character but for her it makes complete sense Her mother died of cancer and her father is drinking himself to death in her absence leaving Hazel to essentially become the woman of the house and handle all the responsibilities So in this way it makes sense that she is codependent she has been forced into an adult role long before she was ready for itThe premise of this book is that seemingly out of nowhere 20 women have become pregnant Since these women are the hope for all of the human race they are going to be taken to the most secure facility around to be catered to until they give birth I suppose I can understand this mentality but it was a pretty big giveaway that this was going to be linked to the government somehow once they start segregating these women from the rest of society I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see of these women Mostly we see then during the limited time that Hazel spends with them mainly while they are eating bathing or going to the doctor I didn’t necessarily dislike this but these women are the key to the survival of human beings so I was hoping they’d be a bigger focusI was absolutely thrilled to see that we avoided any insta love in this book I can’t stand insta love in stories because it isn’t real and it isn’t love But we didn’t have this in this book and I appreciated it I really liked Shane Granted he came off a bit stalkerish to begin with but that uickly went away and I thought he was a very good match for Hazel They got along well and seemed comfortable with each other and things were moving along at a natural pace But then Hazel gets her job with the Elect and Shane neglects to write or make any kind of contact with her at all Rather than have Hazel shrug her shoulders and think well it was a budding relationship anyway and move on she broods I honestly couldn’t understand why she was thinking about him so much They only knew each other for a few weeks I believe so what’s the big deal This is when I began to suspect that a love triangle was brewing Insert sigh here Then she meets Luca Luca is an awesome guy He’s smart protective and sweet But he’s protective in a chivalrous way not a jerk way I was practically shouting at my book for Hazel to fall for himand she does They take their relationship nice and slow and it forms very natural and sweetly and I LOVED it Then at the end I was confused again when she starts freaking out about seeing Shane again I thought we were in love with Luca so why are we still moaning about Shane Consider me scratching my head on that oneI also liked the idea of people “disappearing” if they ask too many uestions or find out too much information I was interested to see where this went and I wasn’t disappointed Overall this book was probably 35 stars for plot alone but with my added enjoyment of the book it bumps it up into 4 starsThis and other great reviews at Stefani's World of Words

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The Twenty Barronlands Trilogy #1Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B007SEZCSImagine living in a time when infertility runs rampant and babies are no longer being born The world is crumbling around you as people start talking about the end This is the world Hazel DeSales grew up in After her mother dies from a mysterious cancer Hazel finds herself taking care of her younger sister N. Between finishing a book and posting a review I typically research what other people thought about the book I like to point out things that aren’t mentioned in most of the reviews so that readers can make a rounded decision before buying This time not one of the reviews seemed to reflect at all what I read What I did read wasn’t at all what I expected I thought this would be a dystopian novel about a nurse caring for a woman who is one of few pregnant after years of national infertility It kind of is but the focus isn’t on the pregnant woman or the infertility It’s about Hazel and her life and she just happens to be assigned to one of the pregnant women named Elise The story is focused on Hazel’s innocence She acts like a child in a dangerous world untouched by years of poverty and living with an alcoholic fatherI didn’t care about Hazel or her romance because frankly I don’t like romance novels I like dsytopian novels and novels with conspiracies That’s what attracted me to this novel initially Between the writing level and Hazel’s attitude I felt that this had a PG rating Hazel isn’t a virgin but she doesn’t do any than kiss There is no cussing There’s minor violence and the bare minimum of gore all pregnancy related Basically there’s no “adult” in this adult novel Also although Hazel is narrating and a nurse there is zero medical jargon It cuts down on the realism factorAnd worse the author pulled a Twilight Remember book two where Stephanie Meyer skips over half of Bella’s year cause she’s lost in depression All you get is September October NovemberWellJulyAugustSeptemberBlank chapters that skip over most of Hazel’s interaction with Elise so that the details of pregnancy and nursing duties could be overlooked Instead of learning about the miracles blossoming in these women’s wombs we get page after page of Hazel doing mundane things like eating in the cafeteria with her coworkers I’m really frustrated as a reader because this book had so much potential but it felt like the author skirted around things that she wasn’t familiar with instead of researching nursing pregnancy and the like and producing an awesome novelAnd don’t get me started on the ending Cliffhanger Nothing is resolved Have to wait for part two but I don’t think I will