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Characters ☆ Flying Solo 100 ✓ French Cajun Nora Broussard Greenwood was born with the wanderlust Her adventurous spirit doesn't fit the sedate expectations of catholic 1960s New Orleans suburbia On a whim she takes flying lessons to become a pilot Experiencing the freedom of flight is liberating However an illicit affair with her pilot instructor Rbulence her life has become In a bizarre twist of fate she serves as caregiver to her lover's sickly wife as a means to survive; hoping he will decide she is his soul mate But is that to be Nora must make the make the most difficult decision of her life in order to get things back on tra. 4 StarsFlying Solo is a fact based story about Nora and her somewhat restricted life Set in The Deep South during the 1960’s the mind set of this era managed to both frustrate and anger me Nora; a woman who married a man with money and power really enjoyed flying It fascinated her but her husband would never allow her to have lessons and become a pilot herselfwomen just didn’t fly planes But after seeing an advertisement for lessons at a near by airfield Nora secretly signed up This was the beginning of many changes for Nora She was attracted to her teacher and was unable to resist his advances for the first time in her life Nora learned that sex wasn’t something that had to be endured with the right man it could be a magical experienceJeanette Vaughan’s attention to detail has turned this story into than your typical romance The technical terminology is convincingly accurate as are her descriptions the era Giving us a sneak peek behind the curtains into an outwardly perfect life we saw the cracks in Nora’s life and travelled an emotional journey with herThis is a well written fast paced debut novel from an author who is now added to my list of authors to watchCopy supplied for review

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Air with her pilot instructor forces action When she confronts her ruthless husband for a divorce she is cast out sans her children and threatened with her life Desperate to get them back and gain liberty she steals her husband's plane Trials and tribulations erupt as she navigates the tu. Congratulations to Flying Solo author Jeanette Vaughan I can only think of one thing that would enhance Flying Solo and that is listening to it read in a sultry Southern voice As an inland Australian who’s not travelled out of the country it was difficult in the beginning to get my head around the very different locale and society that Nora Broussard lived in Then thanks to the evolution of cyber communication I heard an excerpt read by Jeanette role playing Nora I read the rest of the book with that voice resonating in my head and loved it The story suited the voice suited the storyThe early 1960s and Louisiana society did not allow for rebellion especially by women and yet she not only defied her husband but she deceived him when she sneaked off and learned to fly As sexy headstrong and determined as Nora is it is difficult in the modern era to imagine why she stayed in her marriage as long as she did and yet obvious that she’d have stayed longer had she not fallen in love with her dreamy flying instructor Aided and abetted by her best friend Charlene Nora continued her affair with the eually married and adulterous Steve until she finds herself pregnant and forced to make some life changing decisions She was an adventurous lady and yet a pragmatist; a spoilt brat and yet a supressed victimStoryteller Jeanette Vaughan has spun together a narrative that is as complex and as simple as the women she writes about Thanks to Jeanette’s talent Nora Broussard is a woman I’d like to have met and her seuel Solo Vietnam beckons urgently just on the strength of the vastly entertaining Flying SoloAnnabelle Brayley Australia

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Flying SoloFrench Cajun Nora Broussard Greenwood was born with the wanderlust Her adventurous spirit doesn't fit the sedate expectations of catholic 1960s New Orleans suburbia On a whim she takes flying lessons to become a pilot Experiencing the freedom of flight is liberating However an illicit aff. Here are what people are saying about flying soloMary Morton Jones “It was slow at work so I started reading Right from the start it was HOT HOT HOT I got irritated when customers came and in interrupted my reading” Tricia O’Connell Hamilton “I started reading and I couldn’t put it down I almost missed my daily walk Couldn’t wait to get back to it I am very impressed”New Orleans resident “This morning on our 5 12 hour ride home I started reading your novel I could not put it down and finished it tonight You are a very talented writer I emailed my friends and told them to read your book – they would love it especially based in New Orleans and we are all members of Metairie Country Club ha Congratulations You did a wonderful job I can’t wait for your next book” John Randolph Clark “As a person who has always been around aviation I have to say that this book makes one feel that you are right there in the cockpit This is a journey of the driving human spirit that lies within all of us including the dream to actually take wings and fly Mix in the unconuerable perseverance of a woman who seeks to find her real niche in the scheme of life and you have a story that is very compelling fascinating to the last page and a credit to the writing of true adventure If you want a gripping story than look no further than this page turner that keeps you on the edge of your chair”Amy Gallagher In all my years as a professional aviation journalist I have yet to read a novel as expressive and compelling heart pounding and adventurous as Flying Solo The words of Jeanette Vaughan will propel readers skyward toward discovering their own ‘love and life’ desires” Amy Gallagher AirMed Rescue Flight Training Magazine