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Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel Free download É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ç It’s summertime in Honeysuckle and everyone is lazing in the shade with a tall glass of lemonade Everyone except Raelynn Pendleton She’s stuck working at the local store to make the rent while her no good exAelynn discovers the body of a young woman in the garden As a newcomer in town Raelynn is blamed for the murder She’s fired from her job which could mean she’ll lose the house The only way to save Honeysuckle Hotel is to find the real killer with or without the sexy Sheriff Kent Klein One way or another Honeysuckle will be buzzi. I loved the premise of this book and the characters involved The crafting on a budget that Raelynn has to do to decorate her new home is very familiar to me so I could very much relate to her but the ideas in the book also gave me some ideas and I loved that the author gave instructions at the end of the book for the main projects she talked about the same way other authors give recipes Anyway it's a great story and I loved the descriptive writing style of the author the backyard of Raelynn's new home for example is so well described that I almost feel I'm walking in it with her and I'd love to This is a great Cozy murder mystery and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes them from young adults upwardsNB I received a complimentary copy of this boxset but I always give an HONEST review based wholly on my own opinions

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It’s summertime in Honeysuckle and everyone is lazing in the shade with a tall glass of lemonade Everyone except Raelynn Pendleton She’s stuck working at the local store to make the rent while her no good ex husband lives it up with a floozyWhen she inherits a Victorian house Raelynn jumps at the chance to turn her life around H. Okay so I have a confession to make I started Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel this morning prior to getting ready for church The problem is it was soooooooo good I was late for church Yeah that's right and now I feel guilty I guess I am going to have to do some serious praying smileRaelynn Pendleton has been divorced from her cheating husband for one year She is working at the only grocery store in the small town and renting a room from a cantankerous landlady Then one day a shady looking lawyer steps into the store and informs her that she has inherited a Victorian house from an lonely elderly widow who she had been nice to Raelynn is left reeling and wonders how on earth she will be able to afford it Then her best friend Claire Ann gives her an idea to turn the place into a hotel or bed and breakfast since the town does not have one She moves what little things she has right away and after he first night there she discovers a dead body in the garden of the backyard She has not choice but to call on Detective Kent her ex husband's former best friend and resident cutie Everyone in town is uick to believe Raelynn is responsible for the murder and she is bound and determined to prove otherwise in between her remodeling of course You see Raelynn has a knack for turning other people's junk into refurbished treasuresIn between all of her remodeling she gains a suspicious tenant is attacked at the annual carnivalfaire and fights off the stares of the gossipy town folks The story line is kind of uirky and cute I just loved the character of Mitchell who loses his fake eyeball This happens in the very beginning of the story and from that point on I was hookedIf I had a criticim of the story it would be that I wished there had been some lip action between Raelynn and Kent However considering the fast pace read it would have been a bit premature I for one cannot wait for the next book in the series I just hope it is soon because I want to know where Mitchell loses his eye next smile

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Murder at Honeysuckle HotelOw can she afford the upkeep on such a huge place Simple She’ll run it as a hotel Problem is she has no experience and the décor dates back to the Dark Ages She’ll have to use her secret talent for turning junk into treasure or she’ll never snag an overnight guest But before the new Honeysuckle Hotel even opens for business R. This is an ebook There are numerous spelling errors and typos as well as several discrepancies within the storyline It is a cute story worth 3 stars; however the author didn't make the effort to edit her work so I won't make the effort to give her that third star