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Meet Caroline American Girls Caroline #1 Free download ↠ 5 ´ Caroline Abbott is doing what she loves most—sailing on Lake Ontario with Papa—when her world turns upside down A British officer boards their sloop announces that Britain and America are at war and takes her father prisoner As Papa is led away Caroline proAkes her father prisoner As Papa is led away Caroline promises him that she will stay strong and steady until he returns She tries hard to keep her promise by helping Mama run the family’s shipyard. Cute enough I'm reading this series so I can write a story as Caroline our American Girl doll at the library I want to be familiar with her voice to write a better piece

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Then the British attack her village and it looks as if the American side is in trouble Can Caroline stay steady enough to help win the dayIncludes an illustrated Looking Back essay about America in 18. Actual rating 45 starsLove the story and the history And I adore Caroline's mother because when Caroline's father gets kidapped her mother steps in and starts doing the business and when one of Caroline's father's coworkers askes her mother if she wants him to do it all she firmly says I believe I can do it myself so yeah Caroline's mother rocks The story is good and I'm looking forward to reading the next ones

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Meet Caroline American Girls Caroline #1Caroline Abbott is doing what she loves most sailing on Lake Ontario with Papa when her world turns upside down A British officer boards their sloop announces that Britain and America are at war and t. When this book first released there hadn't been a high caliber American Girl historical series in years and I wasn't expecting much It thrilled me to discover that this was a great story and I enjoyed the whole series and shared it with my younger sister This year I decided to reread it as part of my American Girl binge and bought used copies of all the books However I held off on reading them for a few months saving this series for a time when I really needed itAt last the time came I had a horrible day I felt terrible and I didn't have the mental or emotional capacity to read anything else I settled in and read all six books at once and I enjoyed them tremendously They were also a good reality check that put my problems into proportion and I appreciate how well this series engages with the trauma of war and family separation The story is extremely well researched the characters are convincing and likable and the historical note in the back is very detailed and informative This is especially valuable since the War of 1812 is such a neglected subject Even I a history buff knew almost nothing about it when these books first released This book does a great job of explaining the issues involved and showing how they affected the main character's daily lifeI am thankful that American Girl published the Caroline series before converting to their new format and marketing platform In some ways I enjoyed this even than I did in 2013 because I knew that the days of gorgeous illustrations and full historical notes were numbered This was a wonderful last series in the traditional format and the illustrations are exceptionally good in terms of color light characterization and historical detail I highly recommend this and in my opinion it's the best American Girl series since Kit January 2013 reviewI read this book partly to satisfy my own curiosity and partly to preview it on my little sister's behalf Frankly I expected that it would be garbage Imagine my surprise when I found it was actually an excellent bookThe last three American girl series were disappointments to varying degrees but this one far surpasses the low standard set by Julie even Rebecca and CecileMarie Grace The book is remarkably well written especially in comparison to that last AG installment This prose was simple enough for a young reader without sounding stilted and disjointedThe writing is solid the lead character is likable it's an interesting story and there are lovely illustrations If I liked it this much as a sixteen year old then I would have enjoyed it even when I was still within the targeted age range It's great that the American Girl company has come out with a new series that measures up in many ways to the originals