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Reader × Return to You Laurel Heights #3 344 pages Download ç That rat bastard Michael Wallace is backThe last person Olivia Parker expects to walk into her lingerie shop is her high school sweetheart She's so over him Mostly Except that he's hotter than ever and still knows her better than she knows herself But how canWs her better than she knows herself But how can she risk her heart when she knows he's just going to leave againIt's a simple plan return home shoot the movie and leave emancipated from the contract he signed e Freebie 651235 starsA very cute and fun to read second chance at love contemporary romance After eleven years Michael now a successful Hollywood director returns to his hometown not by choice however Olivia Parker was broken hearted when Michael left her behind to make a name for himself among the stars She has never fully gotten over him or forgiven him for walking away without so much as a phone call This is a sexy romp that gets lots of help from a lingerie store stocked full of tempting silk lace and chocolate too The great secondary cast including some headstrong matchmakers who won't give up their efforts to see that Michael and Olivia finally get their happily ever after help make this one an even better story

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Leven years before But Michael's plan gets blown away the moment he sees Olivia again Smart sexy and successful Olivia is distraction personified Only worse than that Michael fears Olivia may be his heart and so Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures375 StarsReturn to You by Kate Perry is a reunited lover’s story with a side story of new love thrown in for good measure I always enjoy when writers can focus on their main characters but give us glimpses at other characters making the book a lot entertaining Kate managed to do this in spadesOlivia Parker owns a lingerie store and is uite successful She has a habit of taking care of or “mothering” her friends often giving them very sage advice although she never applies it to herself She lives with her Grandmother who raised her from age 5 when her mother passed away She’s angry with her father who not only “dumped” her at age 5 but then offered her high school boyfriend and best friend a job 11 years ago She claims she’s over the boyfriend yet she’s never really moved onMichael Wallace has become a very talented movie director thanks to Olivia’s dad Everett But he’s not satisfied with his career and wants from life The last thing he wants is to return to his hometown to shoot a movie knowing full well that Olivia will not be happy about his or her father’s return He agrees because Everett offers him something he can’t refuseWhen Olivia and Michael meet for the first time in 11 years it’s confrontational When Olivia’s friend Rick arrives Olivia is thrilled and Michael departs thinking they are a couple Olivia and Michael seem to run into each other freuently and eventually wind up spending uite a lot of time together through no fault of their own During this time they rediscover each other as adults rather than the kids they were a decade agoI’ll admit these two characters were not as endearing as the main characters in the previous books in this series I didn’t dislike them but they both seemed selfish and childish at times I realize they had a volatile history but I just found it a little hard that Olivia was still carrying around so much baggage and Michael could be so indifferent That being said the second love story between Olivia’s dad Everett and his assistant Lainey was sweet sexy and at times funny I very much enjoyed the scenes with Olivia’s grandmother Mae I also liked that despite how Olivia felt about her Dad she was willing to help Lainey in her uest to make him see her as a woman There were also some interesting moments between Rick and another shop owner Gwen I mean sexual tension so thick you’d think you were fogged in at the San Francisco airport I have a feeling these two may be the subject of the next book and boy that’s going to be one hot readOverall while Return to You is not my favorite in The Laurel Heights series; it had an interesting plot line likeable characters decent dialog and of course the happily ever after we all enjoy I encourage you to read this series and this author both have a lot of potential

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Return to You Laurel Heights #3That rat bastard Michael Wallace is backThe last person Olivia Parker expects to walk into her lingerie shop is her high school sweetheart She's so over him Mostly Except that he's hotter than ever and still kno I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and I enjoyed the first part of this one but the ending left me a bit disturbed Michael had a lot of things to answer for which were never resolved for the reader and apparently not for Olivia either Why did he leave her behind in the first place without inviting her to come along Or why not at least try to make it up to her a couple of years later when he realized his mistake He states once briefly that he was sad that she didn't love him enough to try to find him in LA That seems jerkish in the extremehow could he expect her to come looking for him when he made it clear that she would just get in his way if she did It seems to me that the author could have cleared this up uickly by say that Everett had told him that Olivia had a dream of moving to Paris a dream which he would get in the way of by staying in Mill Valley with her or by inviting her to go with him to LA Than he could have seemed heroic rather than selfish and mean and it would have fit right in with Everett's schemes and only taken a couple of pages to write The unexplained flirting with Sophie was fairly inexcusable and I'm not sure how that could be explained away It happened while Olivia was right there and things were supposedly hot and heavy between them What happens when Michael is away filming on location with some starlet and he and Olivia have had a fight Unless there is a REALLY good excuse for this hurtful flirting which was obvious enough to get her father and all her friends involved then he is NOT MARRIAGE MATERIAL That kind of behavior doesn't just magically get better or less painful because of a ring And then the flirting was followed with the mean uestion about who the father of her baby was Even if he did assume that she had aborted what did he expect that a doubly abandoned broken hearted 18 year old should have done And if she should have told him when While he was packing for LA When he learned of her pregnancy he should have gotten down on his knees and begged her to accept his apologies not let her feel guilty for not having told him Or Olivia and the reader should have heard all about why he didn't do that why he had been flirting in short anything to make us believe that Olivia should trust and love him againI feel short changed by this ending Kate Perry please will you include a strand in a future Laurel Heights book that will deepen Olivia and Michael's story and in particular address these concerns I can see that I am not the only reader who was disappointed by the omission of these important points in an otherwise engaging romance