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S trapped inside the loop The closer they come to breaking out the tighter fate’s clutches seem to grip them They devise a desperate plan to break free and survive the days ahead but what if Ben and Maggie’s only shot at not dying is surviving apa. My Goodreads review is about a book called The Loop by Shandy Landy This book is about a boy named Ben and another girl named Maggie who find themselves on the verge of death many many times The Loop first starts off with how Ben and Maggie meet the book does a really good job at doing this by using a lot of adjectives Ben and Maggie first meet at a carnival at which they both use this one carnival game and get sucked into basically another universe The confusing part about the book is that they technically aren't in another universe Basically “The Loop’’ is a big loop that happens over and over again so this one bad guy is chasing them because they won this horse bet and won thousands of dollars and the bad guy ends up killing them over and over again When they get killed they wake up in the morning and redo the whole day againAs they keep dying and keep going through the loop Ben and Maggie keep remembering what happens before they do it So they decide to see what is happening to them by trying to stay alive even longer to see what happens after they are originally supposed to die Yes it is very very complicated but i'm going to try to say it better Everytime Ben and maggie die they keep trying to get farther beyond their deaths by doing different things For example Ben and Maggie were trying not to get on a bus that goes to Shreveport like they normally do but instead they take another bus thats north of there and every time they try to get away from there they still end up there because of ‘’The Loop’’ Finally when Maggie and Ben started to get even deeper into finding out a way to break “The Loop’’ they end up falling in love with each other and that messes up the loop because the loop was not intending that too happen Finally at the end of the loop the love that Maggie and Ben created was way too much and they end up killing the killer who killed them over and over again This book is a fiction book and it was really really good I would recommend this book to any type of reader because it has a lot of different variations My favorite uote in the book is “You're a good dancer she says uietlyBecause I haven't fallen down yetBecause right now I don't want to be anywhere else” And that goes to prove how Maggie and Ben love each other

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The LoopBen and Maggie have met fallen in love and died together countless times Over the course of two pivotal days both the best and worst of their lives they struggle again and again to resist the pull of fate and the force of time itself With each failure. I had problems with this book's premise right from the start I tried to ignore them and just enjoy the ride but it was hard – my brain kept interrupting with uestions that the book never satisfactorily answered For example since Steve's loop lasts less than a month what happens to him after that time is up Does he die at the end of his loop the way Maggie and Benjamin did If not then how could he continue to exist past the end of his loop If he did die at the end of his loop how could he ever manage to break it Unless every single individual who has ever gotten stuck in a loop has created multiple parallel timelines or something Just trying to figure out the logic of the loops makes my brain hurtThere were other problems with the whole “loop” concept Supposedly Maggie had previously gone through four other loops When she first brought it up I assumed she meant that she had gone through her and Benjamin's loop four times but her statement was later clarified to mean that she had actually gone through four other separate loops Had I been Benjamin my first uestion would have been “How did you get out of them” but he never even tried asking that Both he and Maggie just assumed that they'd break out of their loop if they managed not to be killed by Roy I thought that was a pretty big assumptionMost everything they knew about loops they learned from Steve I couldn't fathom why they'd trust a thing he said about “bending Fate” and breaking out of their loop when he had never been able to break out of his own loop That's like asking a guy who'd gotten into a bunch of accidents and earned lots of traffic tickets to teach you how to drive Maggie should have been a better source of information but like I said Benjamin never even bothered to ask her how she got out of her four other loops and she never volunteered any informationThis was very much a plot driven book Readers were given bare bones information about Benjamin and Maggie and that was pretty much it most of the book was about Maggie and Benjamin trying to keep away from Shreveport while Fate kept throwing a bunch of things in their way every road away from Shreveport is blocked by accidents or knocked down trees money for bus fare just happens to be right where they can find it to get them back on track for their fatal meeting with Roy There was no explanation for Benjamin's love for Maggie and her love for him beyond “they knew each other really well after all those repetitions together” Most of the book was written in the first person from Benjamin's POV In chapter 30 it switched to first person from Maggie's POV and sadly it was hard to tell the difference between her “voice” and Benjamin'sAll in all The Loop's fairly fast pace and short length made it a uick read but I was left feeling unsatisfied and frustrated The characters weren't interesting enough to make up for the flaws in the premise and the story and the ending seemed way too easyOriginal review with read alikes and watch alikes posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions

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Summary ✓ The Loop 105 · Ben and Maggie have met fallen in love and died together countless times Over the course of two pivotal days—both the best and worst of their lives—they struggle again and again to resist the pull of fate and the force of time itself With each failure they return to the beginning of their end a wild road trip that brings themThey return to the beginning of their end a wild road trip that brings them to the scene of their own murders and into the hands of the man destined to kill themAs time circles back on itself events become deeply ingrained inescapable for the two kid. Originally posted at Novel Idea ReviewsRATING 45I can never seem to resist anything that promises time travel Throw in some star crossed love and the prospect just gets better Shandy Lawson’s The Loop brings both of these things and Ben and Maggie’s desperate fight to alter their fate is never without the lingering sense of danger waiting just around the corner Likewise there’s never a dull moment The book could easily be envisioned as a film in my opinion I found myself intrigued by the concept of ‘loops’ in the flow of time and really became fond of the two protagonists during the time I spent with them My only complaint here is that the book is so very short — just a little over 200 pages Those two hundred or so pages are fueled by adrenaline but expect to be left with some unanswered uestionsThis is rare but I liked both Ben and Maggie eually Their personalities mesh very well I usually develop a stronger attachment to one character in particular and in situations like this where two are sharing the spotlight it can be tough to balance one against another I was really relieved to see that the entire book wasn’t going to be one lame lovestruck moment after another That would’ve seriously detracted from the sense of impending doom that hovers over the story and made it less compelling Fortunately Ben and Maggie are repeatedly thrust into difficult situations — situations that test how resourceful they can be They’re forced to face challenges together but also individually I liked being able to see how each one fared when striking out on their own There are points throughout the story when this happens In the beginning Ben and Maggie try separating to see if that will do anything to break the loop And then the closer they come to that final day they start to separate for a different reason neither one wants to see the other die And if remaining apart might minimize that risk they’re willing to do itI argue that the relationship between Ben and Maggie isn’t anything like the Insta Love Phenomenon that we’re so often subjected to in many YA books these days Yes there’s an instant attraction but since we begin the book at the beginning of yet another loop in their timeline it’s really impossible to tell how much of that attraction is really instantaneous When Ben sees Maggie again both for the first time and for the hundredth time he’s drawn to her but doesn’t remember her from the last time they went through this scenario They’re only able to retain bits and pieces of their repeated experiences and Maggie is better at retention than Ben I liked that he developed that affection with Maggie despite not remembering To me this meant there was something real between them an unbroken connectionIt made sense to me that they would feel strongly about one another Some may complain that they developed those feelings over the course of two days but I’m pointing out to you that those two days have spooled back on themselves over and over again by the time the story begins for the reader Just imagine NOT feeling anything — friendship or — for someone you kept repeatedly getting stuck in a time loop with Over and over again Ben and Maggie meet on an escalator in the mall Over and over again they spend the next two days trying to escape their inevitable death Over and over again they watch each other get killed There are some strong emotions bound up in something like thatI thought the concept of being snagged in a time loop was very interesting You really can’t help hoping that these two will figure out a way to break free of the destiny waiting for them The problem is complex they can’t remember everything they’ve tried before and conseuently can’t remember everything that’s resulted Then there’s the fact that neither fate nor time has any desire to let Ben and Maggie alter their course They find themselves battling an inexorable current one that’s determined to push them in the direction they want to avoid Overall I thought the plot was well paced; you can hear the clock ticking you can feel that desperate rush of fear and determination that characterizes every decision made I wasn’t confused and I wasn’t ever bored Even if the book wasn’t short I think I would’ve finished it in one sitting I wasn’t entirely happy with the resolution though I wanted something And in the end I had several uestions still left unresolved For example why was Maggie so prone to getting caught in loops Was Ben drawn into the loop because of MaggieI’m rating this high because I enjoyed it It was short true But since I think The Loop‘s brevity does add to its high octane pace I’m not rating down for the length While the science fiction aspect of time travel and loops is intriguing in its own right I admire Ben and Maggie for putting heart into something that might otherwise have come across as cold and clinical You know and they know that their chances of surviving and breaking the loop are terrifyingly small They continue to fight though and you continue to hope that they’ll succeed because they win you over Pick this up if you want a short suspenseful read with a science fiction twistThank you so much to Disney Book Group and NetGalley for the ARC