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EPUB â MOBI Violet Midnight Violet Night #1 î 9781937254810 õ LYNN RUSH õ Violet Midnight is out of print as of 33115 due to publisher closing its doorsreprint is hereLet the Hunt beginBlending in with her college co eds proves difficult for vampire Hunter Emma Martin considering the mystViolet Midnight is out of print as of 33115 due to publisher closing its doorsreprint is hereLet the Hunt beginBlending in with her college co eds proves difficult for vampire Hunter Emma Martin considering the mystical tattoo on her wrist glows whenever Vamps are A kickass heroine and a swoonworthy hero fighting evil Vamps on their college campuswho could ask for ? D Finished this in 24 hours and just couldn't put it down The juxtaposition between paranormal elements and the normal college experience I had never seen done like this before and Lynn Rush does it so well Such a breath of fresh air to the new adult category Move over contemporary because speculative new adult fiction is here to stay And good lord the steamy steam between Emma and Jake So hot and heavy Bring your fans because this one is scorching Can't wait for the seuel to learn about this sexy Vamp hunting duo

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Near And after three months of silence the glow is back with a vengeanceJake Cunningham witnesses Emma a violet eyed beauty using unimaginable powers to fight off a fanged creature Finally after two years of searching he may have found out what he’s become a Hu Lynn Rush has a new series about young vampire hunters that grabs your attention from the opening scene and refuses to let go The action scenes are intense the heroine is strong and capable the romance scenes sizzle and none of the vampires sparkleThis new adult book is set on a college campus but the main characters are all over 21 Vampire Hunter Emma Martin lost her parents in a car crash that left her marked with a mysterious tattoo that glows whenever there are vampires she calls them vamps nearby After losing her mentor to a vamp attack she swears she'll never let anyone get too close Until she meets Jake Cunningham and starts dreaming of the possibility of something resembling a normal lifeJake also lost his parents and grew up in foster homes and has glowing tattoos of his own that are different but seemingly complementary to Emma's The attraction between the pair is immediate and crackles with energy and tension as they train together and fight vamps together and share steamy Kindle melting kisses But everything is not as it seems on the idyllic rural campus and hard choices face both Emma and Jake as they meet his real family and discover the true meaning behind his marksMs Rush has a clean clear writing style that keeps the reader turning page after page until well past bedtime I love that Emma is strong willed and capable of defending not only herself but those she cares for and everyone else around her Move over Buffy this new young vampire hunter deserves a lot of attention I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series hurry up and write

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Violet Midnight Violet Night #1Nter like EmmaThankful for an ally in the fight against the Vamps Emma finds hope and comfort in Jake’s arms As she learns about her new love’s family and its dark heritage she may be forced not only to hunt them but to sacrifice her life to save Jake’s soul Violet Midnight by Lynn RushBook 1 in the Violet Night Trilogy275 starsEmma Martin knows she’s different from other humans A few years ago she discovered that she’s no longer human but a vampire hunter She’s become destined to save humanity and protect those who don’t know about the danger that lurks in the unknown Jake Cunningham has discovered that he’s destined for something special too The attraction between Jake and Emma is undeniable but Jake’s destiny may be something darker than either of them could’ve imagined The storyline has major Buffy vibes The fight scenes and overall writing had the vibe of a Buffy TV episode This is a strong point for the novel mainly because I love Buffy but also because it convinced me to keep reading The story felt very rushed at times and had major info dumps but this is a first novel in a trilogy and information is going to be given to move the story along Thankfully the info wasn’t piled on too uickly and the story was able to retain its pacing The writing didn’t seem like a novel but of a TV pilot script or even a uick miniseries This wasn’t a bad thing but it doesn’t give me much to rave about or praise Also insta love is not the way to go when it comes to romance but since this novel was originally published in 2012 I’ll let it slide kind ofWhimsical Writing Scale 275Emma is a shitty friend My biggest problem with her lies with the fact that she keeps mind wiping Ava every time she discovers Emma’s abilities and that’s NOT COOL It makes Emma extremely unlikable and even though she thinks she’s protecting Ava it seems like she’s robbing her of her memories and choicesKick Butt Heroine Scale 25Jake is not my cup of tea He has only known Emma for a few hours and is already trying to pressure her to have sex He’s too handsy and just wormy I don’t find him enduring or attractive None of his personality traits intrigue me and he felt like a lump of sugar diluted and too sweet to be consumed without something to balance it out Jake’s destiny was also extremely predictable and gave nothing new to the vampire genre storyline wiseSwoon Worthy Scale 2The Villain How cliché; these villains weren’t scary creepy or believable We were told they were evil for the sake of being evil What a snooze festVillain Scale 175Ava is the only character I liked in this novel and she was CONSTANTLY slut shamed So what if she likes to have sex with men that’s her choice and as a friend Emma needs to stop being judgmental and support her for being herCharacter Scale 275My biggest problem with this novel is that it feels blotchy There’s no concrete reasoning that flows from plot point to plot point The characters are also lacking in depth and the explanations aren’t concrete at least for me personally This novel is also SO CLICHÉ and predictable The summary is cliché but I still found myself reading because it was enjoyable I do recommend this to younger readers and don’t think that the NA label is fitting at allPlotastic Scale 275Cover Thoughts These original covers are horrible Thank God for the new box set Thank you Lynn Rush for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review