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Stripes and Twin Horns Midnight Matings #15 Summary ✓ 8 ✓ Ménage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance MMM shape shifters HEAThe Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight MatingsThe chaos of the Midnight Matings continues Everyone attending the UPAC ConferenceOf his shifter community Blake and Drake may be his ticket to freedom and to loveWill Blake Drake and Gilbert’s attendance at the UPAC Conference be a blessing for them all or will the trauma caused by Gilbert’s horrible past be a stumbling block they may not be able to overcome Note There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblin. GreatTwo Unicorns and a racoon are mated at the UPAC Convention This is their story with all it's ups and downs

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Ménage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance MMM shape shifters HEAThe Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight MatingsThe chaos of the Midnight Matings continues Everyone attending the UPAC Conference has twenty four hours to claim a mate of a different species or risk being without one forever After this ann. 2012 ReviewRollercoasterFor a threesome and especially one involving twins and by this author this started out surprisingly well OoI can’t say I ever really followed Gilbert’s logic even then but our narrator during the first three chapters yes first person again was fairly reasonably tempered and even made his harsher brother understandable and thus endearingSadly once we switched to Gilbert’s perspective we had another whiny narrator Hate that Way to ruin something that was genuinely going well authorAlso sadly when Drake finally got his turn he was being whiny unreasonable and selfish too “Why me Why not the others Wah wah wah”How can the author ever think that kind of stuff is appealing Go back and look at the Blake chapters That was a good hero Issues there too but he was willing to work things out instead of flying into a fit of “poor me” every time anything goes wrong Of course later on during Drake’s narrative Blake turned stupid as wellMeh Such a disappointment for something that began so nicely For a while it seemed as though the “abused broken waif” storyline would be working out Pity Gilbert had to turn out to be the same self centred jerk as every other character this author comes up with latelyWhy is that really I can’t fathom it Everyone always takes everything someone else says in the worst possible ways and flies into fits over things that can’t be changed anyway playing the blame game to the fullest without any justificationI want to growl But instead I will go back to the book I was going to read originally Since it’s part of the same multi author series and referred to our triad here in the beginning I became curious and decided to get this one done first Oh well 3Wish me luck At least it’s another author Can’t recall if she’s all into male pregnancy too but at the very least we won’t have whiny self absorbed multiple first personSeriously

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Stripes and Twin Horns Midnight Matings #15Ouncement Blake and Drake see a man offering himself up and decide they want him for their ownBlake and Drake Collier are ancient unicorn shifters used to keeping to themselves Mating Gilbert gives them a chance for true love and happiness if they can learn to put his needs before theirsGilbert uinby is a raccoon shifter who has been sexually abused due to the traditions. Stripes and Two Horns despite the uite serious background of the raccoon mate is actually uite a fun read like many of the other volumes of the Midnight Matings series The idea of having twin unicorns both ancient and set in their ways suddenly having to deal with a uirky little raccoon shifter who needs emotional support than a normal man could give never mind two fairly reclusive guys was bound to lead to some misunderstandings at the very leastGilbert a raccoon shifter who has only known emotional physical abuse due to some obscure rules raccoon shifters apparently live by cannot believe he has two gorgeous mates While the twin unicorns are not mated to each other they are definitely than interested in him Only Gilbert has such low self esteem that he doesn’t believe them and it takes him uite a while to open up and admit the possibility it isn’t just a dreamDrake and Blake having lived pretty much on their own for hundreds of years aren’t ready for such a challenging personality Not that they’re easy to live with or don’t have emotional baggage but we don’t find out a lot about their past Luckily they have patience than any three normal men and they manage to slowly gain Gilbert’s trust One of their fix alls is sex which leads to some interesting scenes in the bedroom and the process of how they ‘unlearn’ those habits was fun to read aboutAdd a great mother her new boyfriend and a disgusting villain to this mix and you can see why the resulting ride might be interesting If you like unusual shifter stories with a few secrets that pop out as you read if a mate who needs protection so he can learn to stand on his own feet is your thing and if you have enjoyed the other books in this series then you may like this one as well