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Download doc  Antigoddess Goddess War #1 ¹ 333 pages Ô Kendare Blake ¼ Old Gods never dieOr so Athena thought But then the feathers started sprouting beneath her skin invading her lungs like a strange cancer and Hermes showed up with a fever eating away his flesh So much for living a uiet S in an attempt to prolong their own lives But these anti gods have become corrupted in their desperation to survive horrific caricatures of their former glory Athena will need every advantage she can get because immortals don’t just flicker out Every one of them dies in their own way Some choke on feathers Others become monsters All of them rage against their last breathThe Goddess War is about to begi That ending can't be I refuse somebody has to FIX it

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Old Gods never dieOr so Athena thought But then the feathers started sprouting beneath her skin invading her lungs like a strange cancer and Hermes showed up with a fever eating away his flesh So much for living a uiet eternity in perpetual healthDesperately seeking the cause of their slow miserable deaths Athena and Hermes travel the world gathering allies and discovering enemies both new and old Their se Actual rating 25I can't believe this book was written by the same author as Anna Dressed in Blood This is like Gameboard of the Gods level of disappointment for me Granted it's not even the same genre but approaching this book from such exalted standardsI can't help but feel rather let downIt is not a bad book but it didn't bring me the level of enjoyment I had come to expect given the premise and given my love for mythology Yes the mythological representation of the gods and goddesses in the book were accurate I have no complaints there However the entire story felt like an overly long preuel Antigoddess #05 if you will instead of an actual first book to the series It was well written but the characters were extremely dry and completely lacking the spark necessary to make me connect to them and empathize with their external plight and their internal anguish The plot was very confusing in parts and some things were just not explained clearly enough for my likingI was going to make a list of the good the bad and the uglybut I realized that there was very little that was actually bad I mean there were elements within the story that I didn't like but that's not to say they made the book bad It was just things that subjectively bothered me and I can't even make a long winded rant about them because they're so minor There were tiny tiny instances of slut jokes in the book like the slutty Bo Peep costumes of some of Cassandra's classmates and one completely random comment that just came right the fuck out of nowhere “You spread the word well” Cassandra said watching forty to fifty of their classmates mill around the three fire pits in the park “Almost as well as if the word was ‘legs’” The plot was really really confusing initially It started off slowly and never really picked upit actually felt a lot like The Odyssey because they were just meandering all over the fucking place seemingly without a purpose The narrative is split into different parts among several different characters At the beginning we are follow the duo of Athena and Hermes wandering around the desert with Athena picking feathers out of her mouth what the fuck? Hermes is wasting away looking like a teenaged anorexic They walk into Demeter literally because she is the desert floor The beginning just felt like a really confusing surreal dreamAll of a sudden we're immersed into the high school world of Cassandra and her love Aiden and their friends They go to parties Cassandra sees the future and so scams a lot of her fellow high schoolers out of their lunch money doing parlor tricks And back to Hermes and Athena hitchhiking across the US looking for answers Then back to Aiden and Cassandra and her prophetic dreams Then back to Hermes and Athena as they go into Chicago And back And forth Then we split again to Hermes meeting AidenCassandra And never did the roads divergeOk I was kidding They eventually meet but it wasn't until the book was well underway and I was so fucking frustrated by then between the constant switching of POVs that seemingly went nowhere I said this felt like a preuel and I mean itThe relationship and love between the characters weren't overdone There were no love triangles no insta loves; there was nothing about the romance in the book that was utterly terrible or incomprehensibly strange It felt rather forced in some cases like Athena's inexplicable attraction to Odysseus Almost as if the author felt the need to include another love story in the book just so the lone Athena who's supposed to be a chaste warrior goddess for fuck's sakes wouldn't feel all left out when all the other girls around her are all lovey doveyReally Athena Two thousand years after your initial encounter with Odysseus Knowing his love for Penelope In the midst of dying In the midst of a fucking WAR You had to choose this time to start falling for the dude? He was practiced and she was new the Don Juan of the Aegean and the Virgin Goddess but it was all instinct all sensation and response The heat of his tongue the firm strength of his body and the way he moved her they might have done it all a hundred a thousand times before Aiden Apollo and Cassandra pissed me off too But it's kind of intrinsic If you know of the myth between Cassandra and Apolloyou'll know Cassandra has a pretty good reason to be pissed off at him “He was in love with her He was the one who gave her the gift of prophecy to begin with But then she pissed him off somehow so he cursed her He made it so she’d always see the future but no one would ever believe her” Yeah cursing the girl you love because she wouldn't love you back Sooooooo mature Apollo Here's the thing Apollo throughout the entire fucking book remains completely utterly selfish He makes some really grandiose statements about loving Cassandra though And I knew no matter what I did I would lose you anyway To death or disease or a fucking car accident I’ve felt your heartbeat and it’s so delicate it makes me ache It paralyzed me how different we are and in the end I was a coward But I’ve loved you a thousand years and another thousand”“You asshole” She stopped angrily packing and threw her bag on the bed A thousand years and another thousand That’s how long he’d spent loving the girl he’d gotten murdered “You made me love you than I did before Knowing what you did It’s a violation” That's the thing Aiden's words are purely grandiose without the evidence to back it up He chooses to keep things from her Aiden would probably keep concealing their entire past together if Cassandra didn't regain the memory of her past lives and what he did to her Aiden makes a lot of excuses he makes them out to be star crossed lovers of the sort that Shakespeare would envy but it doesn't change the fact that as Cassandra said he's an asshole Then again his character and hers is true to the mythology and as much as I dislike AidenApolloI can't resent him that much for staying so true to his asshole ish characterThe gods and goddesses They are teenagers in this reincarnation and their past is really uite fuzzy I never did get an adeuate explanation from any of them besides the mortal Odysseus of what happened to them before the story How did they awaken Did they just realize they were gods and goddesses?

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Antigoddess Goddess War #1Arch leads them to Cassandra an ordinary girl who was once an extraordinary prophetess protected and loved by a god These days Cassandra doesn’t involve herself in the business of gods in fact she doesn’t even know they exist But she could be the key in a war that is only just beginning Because Hera the ueen of the gods has aligned herself with other of the ancient Olympians who are killing off rival This is my reaction while reading the summaryAnd this is my reaction afterwardsimage error