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Ated fairly and so became a voice for change Her speeches and articles about women's suffrage made her unpopular people threw rotten eggs at her and even threatened her life yet she did not give up. This biography explores the life of Susan B Anthony and how she fought for women’s rights The book is detailed but simple enough for children to be able to understand I would use this book in my classroom to introduce Susan B Anthony and suffrage I could also use this book to teach students about character traits such as euality and fairness This book would also reinforce comprehension skills

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Susan B AnthonyIn clear and simple words and jewel like paintings here is the essential story of the woman whose passion for justice led to the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment which gave women the right to vo. I really liked this book because it's history I also liked this book because only one women helped every other women get their rights I didn't finish this book but I would of really liked to finish it so I would of known all the things that helped women get rights I think I got to page 109

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REVIEW à Susan B. Anthony Æ During Susan B Anthony's life women and men were not considered eual Women could not own property or vote; nor could they receive good educations But Susan envisioned a time when women would be treated fairly and so became a voice for change Her speeches and articles about women's suffrage made her unpopular people threw rottenDuring Susan B Anthony's life women and men were not considered eual Women could not own property or vote; nor could they receive good educations But Susan envisioned a time when women would be tre. Title Susan B AnthonyAuthor Alexandra WallnerIllustratorGenre non fiction biography grades 3 5Themes Never give upOpening linesentence “Susan Brownwell Anthony was born on February 15 1820 in Adams Massachusetts”Brief Book Summary This is a picture book biography about Susan B Anthony’s life The book focuses on life for women during this time and what it was like for Susan growing up as a female in Massachusetts The book explains details of Susan’s life such as her occupations as well as things like her involvement in women’s suffrage Her entire life is explained throughout this text up until her death at age 58 Professional RecommendationReview #1 Emily Griffin Children’s Literature This picture book biography is a straightforward account of Susan B Anthony's life Author and illustrator Wallner has previously written about other historical figures such as Betsy Ross Beatrix Potter Lucy Maud Montgomery and Abigail Adams Here Wallner turns her focus to the woman described as the General of the women's rights movement Beginning with her childhood one of six children raised in Massachusetts by parents who believed in educating their sons and daughters Susan's upbringing showed her from an early age how different life could be for women The story continues touching upon many of the turning points in Susan's life job as a teacher; her start as a public speaker; meeting Elizabeth Cady Stanton; leading conventions and organizations about women's suffrage abolishing slavery and the temperance movement; publishing The Revolution magazine; and being arrested for attempting to vote After fighting for reform for over fifty years Susan died at the age of eighty six fourteen years before the Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote Wallner ends with Susan's famous Failure is impossible uote Gouache illustrations depict the Susan and her contemporaries in a folk art style A timeline bibliography and source notes are includedProfessional RecommendationReview #2 Kirkus Reviews Susan B Anthony worked to win women the right to vote her whole long life but she did not live to see it done Wallner uses her flat decorative style and rich matte colors to depict Susan B Anthony's life layering on details Susan catching snowflakes behind her parents' house; working in her father's mill briefly and then departing school when the money ran out; writing at her desk; speaking passionately in front of small groups and rowdy crowds It's a little too wordy and a little less than engaging in describing a life in which Anthony traveled alone hired her own halls spoke tirelessly about women's suffrage published created forums where women could speak freely and was arrested for registering to vote Her life long friendship with suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton is touched on as are the virulent attacks against her ideas and her person She died in 1906 Votes for women did not come to pass in the United States until 1920 She said Failure is impossible and she was right but unfortunately her steely determination does not come through in this book Timeline bibliography source notesResponse to Two Professional Reviews Both of these reviews summarize the biography of Susan B Anthony very well Both reviews emphasize the impact that the ending of the book has when Wallner ends with a uote from Susan B Anthony herself I agree with these reviews that Susan’s uote “Failure is impossible” is an extremely strong and important statement to leave readers with Using this at the end of the biography leaves readers with the message and theme of hard work and never giving up Both of Griffin and Kirkus’ Reviews give readers an insight about what this biography includes and how it displays the information in both text and illustration These reviews also touch on the powerful message the story of Susan B Anthony leaves Evaluation of Literary Elements Throughout this biography readers are able to see the setting of the story through both the pictures and the text Wallner uses Wallner also uses characterization because the readers are able to see and understand the thoughts and emotions of Susan B Anthony throughout the events of her life The illustrations in this book are colorful and clear giving the reader an image to look at while reading or listening to the story There is a clear theme seen throughout the story which is to never give up and always try your best The uote at the end of the story leaves readers with this message which is very powerful Consideration of Instructional Application This is a great book to use as a read aloud in an elementary classroom The book will provide students with an inside look at Susan B Anthony’s life and accomplishments Students will enjoy the images that go along with the story and they will provide students with a clearer understanding of the biography This is a good book to use as an introduction to a history lesson about Susan B Anthony Teachers are able to read this book to their students and then do a follow up activity about the biography they just read as a class This is a simple picture book biography that will allow students to fully understand what a biography is about Students can then be introduced to the idea of an autobiography after reading this biography This will give students the proper knowledge they need to then write their own autobiographies