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Riding Fury HomeIn 1958 when Chana Wilson was seven her mother attempted suicide holding a rifle to her own head and pulling the trigger The gun jammed and she was taken away to a mental hospital On her return Chana became the caretaker of her heavily medicated suicidal mother It would be many years before she learned the secret of her mother’s anguish her love affair with another marrie. In prose of dazzling clarity Chana Wilson’s memoir Riding Fury Home describes the life of a Jewish American family in 1950s New Jersey As we find out this family living uietly in a beautiful sun filled house was in the grip of destructive social forces beyond their control The same little girl who played in the woods and adored her puppy was forced repeatedly to protect her Mom Gloria from suicide Gloria had met the terrifying fate inflicted upon many of our Lesbian and Gay forebears Unhappy in a heterosexual marriage she fell in love with a woman lost her and was forced to hide her true self Descending into serious depression Gloria was incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital and given coercive electroshock therapy This “treatment” only worsened her fragile mental state Chana’s father frayed beyond breaking point left his young daughter to cope alone with her Mom Blessed with innate resilience and a loving foundation with her parents Chana wasn’t destroyed by her traumatic experiences As she recounts with gentle humor she grew up came out and found the healing joy of closeness with her Mom who also came out Chana and her Dad rebuilt their relationship too as he bravely supported her journey to understanding Finally Chana found love and marriage with a wonderful woman whose portrait she finely draws In healing herself and helping her family to heal and then writing the tale for us all to share Chana is helping heal the world of the havoc wreaked by homophobia

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review Riding Fury Home Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ In 1958 when Chana Wilson was seven her mother attempted suicide holding a rifle to her own head and pulling the trigger The gun jammed and she was taken away to a mental hospital On her return Chana became the caretaker of her heavily medicated suicidal mother It would be many years bLaration of the women’s movement of the 70s and beyond the book traces the profound ways in which their two lives were impacted by the social landscape of their time Exuisitely written and devastatingly honest Riding Fury Home is a shattering account of one family’s struggle against homophobia and mental illness and a powerful story of healing forgiveness and redemption. Riding Fury Home is a memoir of trauma and redemption with an important broader significanceThe early chapters of Chana Wilson's shattering memoir Riding Fury Home literally devastated me Her mother's suicide attempts her father leaving her alone with her heavily medicated clearly unstable mother; these details of loneliness abandonment and the terrible responsibility she was forced to shoulder struck me viscerally and I was forced to come up literally panting for breath every few pages I can count few books that have conveyed trauma to me as keenly uiet Flows the Don comes to mindWhen Chana finds herself as a lesbian in the early seventies the story becomes one of self discovery and redemption The redemptive aspect becomes powerful as her mother Gloria recovers from the devastating effects of psychiatric abusive therapy finds herself as a lesbian and emerges on her own professional course as an educator and therapist Gloria recovers her mental health and also emerges as a person capable of nurturing and supporting othersChana's traumatic childhood presents enormous challenges for her as a maturing adult particularly in terms of needing intimacy and being inexperienced in what that was or how to get it A big part of the redemption is Chana's growing ability to say what she needs and to articulate her boundaries With this emerging articulateness comes her decision to become a therapist and help others with their trauma It mirrors Gloria's redemptive recoveryThis is beautiful stuff but the real power comes from putting these experiences in the larger context of LGBT studies and the movement and the history of the gay experience in the US Gloria's closeted marriage and resulting trauma and the medical establishment's response are literally unbelievable It's vitally important that stories like hers are recorded and noted They are part of the complex of transgressions that form an imperative to complete the mission for full civil rights for all Americans started by the founding fathers but hard fought for stigmatized sections of society by every generation since then Gloria's story personal as it is presented here is a call to arms for any civic minded person It forms an important aspect of American history that has to be heard to be believed and has to be heard so that we can all understand how important civil rights really are It can literally be a matter of survival

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D woman and the psychiatric treatment aimed at curing her of her lesbianism Riding Fury Home spans forty years of the intense complex relationship between Chana and her mother the trauma of their early years together the transformation and joy they found when they both came out in the 1970s and the deep bond that grew between them From the intolerance of the 50s to the exhi. Only got through the first hundred pages the sentences are nice and I can tell that she really worked on them but there's a lot lacking in the flow and consistency of the story My close reading self couldn't get past not knowing how she knows what she knows How does she know about her parents' awkward sexual encounters during the honeymoon And the real kicker in relating a story about antisemitic graffiti etched on her dad's truck in dust when she was a baby she writes My parents never spoke to me about the hatred someone's finger had etched onto Dad's car Then how did she know it happened Sloppy stuff