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Seraphina kindle Í eBook î Lyrical imaginative and wholly original this New York Times bestseller with 8 starred reviews is not to be missed Rachel Hartman’s award winning debut will have you looking at dragons as you've never imagined them before In the kingdom of Goredd dragons and humans live and work side by side – while below the surface tensiInto the investigation alongside the dangerously perceptive and dashing Prince Lucien But as the two uncover a sinister plot to destroy the wavering peace of the kingdom Seraphina's struggle to protect her secret becomes increasingly difficult while its discovery could mean her very lif 2718 ON SALE for 199 by Rabid Reads45 starsThe oldest of my three younger sisters loves books as much as I do but doesn't have nearly as much time to read bc reasons Fortunately I know her well enough to keep recs to what I know she'll love so she can make the best use of the time she does have not begrudging me my surplus of time bc otherwise who would weed out the mediocre books The most recent book I knew she'd love is this one but I was rereading it before Shadow Scale is released next month and I couldn't remember if she'd already read it bc my memory is crap so the day after I finished itMe Hey did you ever read SeraphinaSister Sarah whatMe Se ra phin a It came out like 5ish years ago It's about this girl who's a half dragon Sister Ooohhh I wanna be a dragonMe Half dragonSister Or a half dragonMe Would you really want to be a dragonSister Depends Would I lay eggs or have normal babiesMe Eggs if you were a dragon babies if you were half dragonSister Then I want to be a dragonMe oOSister Whatever being a dragon would be awesome Flying around breathing fire hoarding treasure Me Actually the dragon leader guy outlawed hoarding treasure so now they hoard knowledgeSister So I get to hoard booksMe YepSister Could it be any perfect NO No it could notAs I said previously Seraphina the MC not the title is a half dragon As such she belongs no where and to no one Yes there has been a tentative peace between the two races for the past fourty years but humans are notorious for hating that which frightens them and these dragons are rather Vulcan like in their views on pesky emotions Vulcans don't marry outside of their species unless political reasons suints at Spock Sr and they definitely don't marry for loveNeither do dragonsAnd humans are so horrified by the concept that they have half a dozen Saints encouraging medieval reactions to any cross species dalliances BUT they're not too worried about it bc like that would happen anyway everyone knows they should be killing the dragons bc dragonsSo Seraphina lives a solitary existence in constant fear of discoveryThat sounds rather morose doesn't itWithout undermining the relevant points being made I will tell you that it absolutely isn't In fact it's uietly hilarious When Seraphina begins coming into her half dragon ness as a preteen she begins to have seizures brought on by strange visions of even stranger creatures she's never seen before He uncle on the dragon or saar side asks that her father hand over the reins of her education To you sneered my father And what will you do with her She can't go two hours without these infernal visions giving her seizuresWe could work on that to start We saar have techniues for taming a rebellious brain Orma tapped his own forehead and then tapped it again as if the sensation intrigued himWhy had it never struck me how deeply peculiar he was And once he has those reins He answered even my most impudent uestions Yes dragons could smell colors under the right circumstances Yes it was a terrible idea to transform into a saarantras right after eating an aurochs AUROCHS Saarantras is a dragon's human form so you can see why it would be a bad idea to downsize so dramatically after aurochs consumption snortsStuff like this is also why I believe in dragons fyi I mean really a dragon is basically a winged dinosaur That may or may not have breathed fire not exactly a huge stretch So the plot is fantastic What about the characters ALSO fantasticMy favorite after Seraphina herself is Lars a blond giant a foreigner and a fellow musician I would love him for his not so vaguely German accent alone Lars glowered defensively as if he anticipated a scolding or a profession of love Yes that was it he thought I meant to proposition him He wore a closed expression as if rehearsing a speech in his head a way to let me down gently after I stripped off all my clothes Sorry Seraphina I dondt like grausleiner thet can put their voices in my headtOrma the dragon uncle is wonderful as well He gradually changes from the typical rude and insensitive dragon to a less rude and insensitive dragon snickers Both versions are highly entertaining “I’m attracting small children” Orma muttered twisting his hat in his hands “Shoo it away will you” And when he allows himself to feel the things he's so long denied he is helpless to express them “Who will kiss you Who will rock you to sleep His voice was slow drowsyYou never did I said trying to tease him You were father to me than my father but you never did thatSomeone should Someone should love you I will bite him if he will not And finally the princess who is a bizarre yet winsome combination of oblivious and ridiculous Two Knights came to the castle today She could barely contain herself; her hands fluttered about like two excitable small birds They claim to have spotted a rogue dragon flying around the countryside in its natural shape Isn't that awfulAwful enough to have her grinning ear to ear She was a strange little princess While still somehow managing to be highly intelligent and on occasion even wiseUltimately Seraphina is one of those books that never really goes away Along with Poison Study it was one of the first YA fantasies that I read and loved as an adult so once again I was worried about whether or not it would live up to my memories I should not have been It was every bit as clever and amusing as pertinent and thought provoking and as lovely and bittersweet as I remembered Highly recommended

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Side – while below the surface tensions and hostility simmer The newest member of the royal court a uniuely gifted musician named Seraphina holds a deep secret of her own One that she guards with all of her beingWhen a member of the royal family is brutally murdered Seraphina is drawn I'll admit it I was incredibly worried about this one I'm always a bit wary when an author seems nice and friendly and everybody likes them on here I know that seems like a stupid thing to say but it always sits in the back of my mind that maybe people are giving this book five stars because they like the author Rest assured THIS IS NOT THE CASE I mean sure people who liked the book probably like Hartman too but it's not the only reason This book deserves its five stars; it deserves ALL the stars This is definitely a meaty book There is talk of philosophy love art religion the importance of music and dance what it means to be human and dragon as well as many other themes especially acceptance being accepted and accepting oneself I was excited to see such a smartly written book intended for young adults that wasn't dumbed down in the least Have your dictionary ready though this is where a Kindle is helpful because the vocabulary used within is not for the faint of heart I'll admit that I was a bit annoyed that some things were never fully described Seraphina's oud only gets a description near the end and that all of these new words were thrown out at lightning speed but that's epic fantasy for you You just have to go with it and rely on the story telling to fill in the holesI'm going to completely forgive the beginning; it was bumpy and disjointed and chock full of short declarative sentences I don't care any I was nit picking and high lighting and tsk ing and then something shifted Hartman hit her stride and things just started to flow magically and nothing could stop me from enjoying the story Oh and the characters I loved Seraphina from the start I loved how cranky and emotional she could be how loyal and headstrong and brave and foolhardy and loving and kind she was She's a fantastic character and one I can't wait to read aboutAnd then there's Prince Lucian and Princess Glisselda I want to separate the two of them and yet I can't bring myself to These two were the best friends and confidants Seraphina could ask for Glisselda was bright and sparkling but never annoying or ditsy Lucian was witty and charming but never controlling or mean Don't get me wrong the whole book isn't super happy fun times for everyone but the characters are incredibly multi dimensional They laugh they cry they throw temper tantrums they uestion and judge and it's all wholeheartedly believableThe side characters and villains are eually as fantastic as their main counterpart Fruit Bat Imlann Orma The Earl of Apsig even Basind they all carried their own weight and breathed life into the story It's been a long time since I've read a tale with such a fleshed out castI could easily go on and on here but I think you can find what you're looking for in other reviews if you haven't already figured out that I loved this book It's an excellent entry into the epic fantasy genre and the young adult category should feel gracious that Seraphina appears upon its shelves and if you're a fan of either you owe it to yourself to check this book out An ARC was provided by NetGalley thank you

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SeraphinaLyrical imaginative and wholly original this New York Times bestseller with 8 starred reviews is not to be missed Rachel Hartman’s award winning debut will have you looking at dragons as you've never imagined them before In the kingdom of Goredd dragons and humans live and work side by What does it take to inspire someone to read a bookIs it enough to give a heartfelt plea to the book's worthinessMaybe a meme Or jazzhands Will jazzhands convince you I know a meme about jazzhands Admit it This is pretty damn irresistibleOkay well if you're one of those strange people who would choose a convincing well informed review over a meme of a tiny turtle doing jazzhands then Are you sure I can't convince you with jazzhands Maybe throw in a shuffle for youSeraphina is half dragon and not because her father struggles with the basic nuances of the English language Well maybe a little bitIn this epic fantasy by debut author Rachel Hartman Seraphina is an abomination who must hide her true self from everyone lest she and her father are killed for heresy Dragons have the ability to fold themselves into human bodies and have maintained a strenuous peace with the human kingdoms Seraphina's life is put into jeopardy when court intrigue and mystery implicates that the treaty between dragons and humans is in dangerHartman's novel is almost flawlessly executed The novel whilst long is easily readable Hartman doesn't rush her narrative but neither does it seem to drag or falter Aside from a few brief flashback sessions the story is carried entirely by Seraphina who may be half human and half dragon but she is all brilliant She is the euivalent of some kind of beardragon hybrid Like a beardragon hybrid that can breath fire Yeah that level of coolness Well what do you know They have a meme for thatOften in novels the female MC will profess to be extremely smart but much to my chagrin behave agonizingly stupidly and prove to have the mental faculties of a gnat Seraphina is the total opposite of TSTL She is brilliant charming ballsy and brave All the while she is also tactile honest and fully developed Actually I can not think of a single character in this book that I could argue as being two dimensional or aggravatingIn fact I absolutely loved the portrayal of strong female characters in this book It was done with such grace and humanity that I found myself respecting most of the women in this book Glisselda and the ueen were fantastic characters whom I absolutely adoredKiggs as the love interest was believable endearing and wonderful His character so eccentric so insightful and honourable completely won me over His relationship with Seraphina was genuine subtle and romantic The best thing He wasn't any over developed Romanticized Alpha Male Thank goodness He rocked it without needing to bully oppress or corner Seraphina in any wayThe pacing is excellent for a lengthy novel I gobbled it up and only at the very end did I feel any desire to speed things up It is also beautifully well written The imagery alone was breath takingly beautiful The prose were polished and elegant It was a pleasure to read This novel was so full of emotion beauty and poetry that I was honestly startled because I expected none of itI must confess that I am an acuaintance of Hartman here on GoodReads I had grown a healthy respect for her opinions and expression so I entered into reading Seraphina with a certain amount of skepticism and trepidation I wonder if Hartman felt a similar trepidation when she saw that I had applied for her ARC and decided to read it Because let's face it I'm not exactly known to be the most generous of reviewers That's probably actually an understatementIf you think that my opinion of this book has been swayed by my association with the author then feel free to make your own mind up about it I'm sure reviews will be popping up soonBut to be honest I didn't know what to expect when starting this novel I've read work by friends before and had to put them aside with embarrassment This time is different When Seraphina is released I will buy this novel and treasure it I will probably read it again and again when I need a laugh or a romantic story or something to relax to In fact I loved this novel so much that I want to recommend it to everyone I want to go get everyone I know and make them read it This is the kind of novel that deserves to be published that deserves to be successful We need of this out there Not another trashy teen YA This is the good shit Right here So my uestion is what will it take to inspire you to read this book This ARC was provided to me by Random House publishers No money or favours were exchanged