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Ts a lover who introduces her to a radical and unexpected pleasure to the holy act that she came to see as her awakeningThe Surrender is a witty intelligent and elouent exploration of one woman's obsession that will be sure to leave readers uestioning their own desires. That this abominable memoir was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year does neither writers of explicit material nor their audience a favor It is difficult to critiue this book without being explicit myself but suffice it to say that this pun filled psychologically shallow factually untrustworthy and insight vacant book does not deserve the acknowledgment it received Not that you were interested in the subject of course Some puns she thought clever went along these lines a look within what she can't live without the inner secrets of her exit chamber an up front scoop on the back end the truths that come out from what goes in Get the picture Now wash your eyes

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The Surrender An Erotic MemoirFew women do it and even fewer will admit to it But in Toni Bentley's daring and intimate memoir The Surrender she pulls the sheets back on an erotic experience that's been forbidden since the Bible and celebrates the joy that lies on the other side of convention where. The Surrender Toni Bentley's fifth book has feminists gnawing off their own limbs and male book reviewers salivating like Cujo and carrying around their blue balls in bowling bags Make you want to read it yetIt's incredibly daring and provocative and while it is definitely graphic this isn't hardcore porn by a long shot It's witty informational and at times moving So what is the damned book about alreadyIt's a memoir about anal sexNot just anal sex but the connection between that particular act of penetration and the opening up to the realm of the divine or spirit or God or whatever term you'd like to use to fill in that blank feel free It explores the idea of submission to something greater than yourself whether that's a ten inch cock or the God of your understanding After reading this memoir I'm pretty sure that Bentley is convinced they're one and the same and after experiencing anal sex myself in much the same way as she often describes I'm not so sure she's wrongI don't necessarily like this woman all of the time but do I understand her She is an intelligent and insightful author and in spite of the rantings of her feminist critics she has a deep understanding of the feminineBentley was a New York City ballet dancer for ten years and in the book she describes how she began a rather adventurous polyamorous lifestyle after her divorce She meets her lover A Man through a threesome that eventually turns twosome He introduces her to the world of anal sex and the rest of the book is her cataloguing of their anal adventures mixed with a humorous look at the history laws and taboos against anal sexMost of those in the mainstream who encountered her book when it was released in 2004 were shocked by its content although I imagine if you're reading this review on Literotica you've already encountered enough information about anal sex on this site alone to fill an encyclopedia Anal sex isn't the last taboo or even the latest taboo but Bentley does do something shocking that we don't read much about here at Literotica or anywhere else She connects sex with God Yes I said the G word She connects to something greater than herself during what she describes as transcendent sexual anal experiences two hundred and ninety eight of them in factNow we're talking tabooBentley writes I am sitting on the threshold Perhaps this is the final paradox of God's paradoxical machinations my ass is my very own back door to heaven The Pearly Gates are closer than you think Sacred and profane united in one holeThis is the crux of her message and she explores this idea in many ways throughout the book Sex is just another way to experience the divine and anal sex in particular because it reuires a great measure of trust on the part of the receiver and a great amount of control on the part of the giver makes the perfect metaphor and learning experience for the art of surrenderingIn this way I believe Bentley truly moves into new territory and through her memoir shows us how it can be done God or spirit can be found anywhere She finds it through her asshole which of course is no accident It is particularly sensitive for her She speaks of her childhood experiences of being spanked and humiliated by her father and how anal sex begins her process of psychologically working through those woundsBentley describes an encounter with A Man His cock is my laser healer Every point in it probes inside and pierces my armor the armor of self protection and the two fears—love and death—momentarily close their grip and I experience a moment of immorality It is without a doubt a transcendent experience for her one that takes her into places that only surrender to something greater than yourself possibly canIf you want a turn on and you already enjoy anal sex this is a beautifully written interesting funny and provocative book If you're looking for a how to you might want to look elsewhere If your proclivities lie in the realm of Tanta transcendent sex and the connection of the profane and the sacred this book is like striking goldBentley gives us a deep and profound look into the tender rosebud that is the asshole It holds our shadow personally and collectively and yet like any shadow it can be our pathway to the light I am particularly moved by her revealing her newly acuired openness and vulnerability by sharing this memoir with the world Her act of surrender points the way for others Every door is a doorway that leads to God even the backdoorToni Bentley is also the author of Winter Season A Dancer's Journal Holding On to the Air The Autobiography of Suzanne Farrell by Suzanne Farrell with Toni Bentley Costumes by Karinska and Sisters of Salome

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The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir review ´ 109 Å Few women do it and even fewer will admit to it But in Toni Bentley's daring and intimate memoir The Surrender she pulls the sheets back on an erotic experience that's been forbidden since the Bible and celebrates the joy that lies on the other side of convention where risk is real and raptRisk is real and rapture resides From Story of O to The Kiss to The Sexual Life of Catherine M readers have been enthralled with sexually subversive memoirs by women But even those erotic classics didn't navigate the psychosexual terrain that Bentley does when she mee. I hope there's a class on 21st century women's memoirs being taught somewhere that pairs this with Eat Pray Love It's essentially the same book just with up the butt action