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Free read The Tragedy of Arthur 107 ¸ Duckworth are proud to present this first modern edition of The Tragedy of Arthur by William Shakespeare The long lost play surfaces in Phillips's new novel a sublime faux memoir framed as the introduction to the play's first printing Arthur and his twin sister Dana maintained an unusual relationship with their gregarEr's greatest scamAlong the way Arthur revisits his career and excruciatingly unpacks his relationship with Dana and his own romantic failings Then there is the play itself which reads very like something written by the man from Stratford upon Avon a feat of real life forgery brilliantly carried off Hilarious and haunting this virtuosic novel which includes Shakespeare's lost King Arthur play in its five act entirety captures the very essence of romantic and familial love and betrayal. When I’ve described this novel to friends it’s always sounded interesting That’s strange because I actually struggled to finish it and only did so out of a sense of duty and respect to the person who enthusiastically bestowed it on me It’s another in that line of novels that masuerades as a memoir of the protagonist who shares the same name as the author Arthur Phillips The memoirist Arthur Philips has a twin sister Dana whom he claims to love above all others despite the fact that he can easily justify his profound betrayals of her Their father is a con artistforger who spends most of his life in jail When he’s not in jail he lavishes his affection Dana and instills in her his own adoration of William Shakespeare Arthur is left out of this shared interest as well his father’s love he thinks and in turn develops a profound disdain for the Bard That’s all I’m going to tell you because you might actually want to read this New York Times Notable Book and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you But I can’t help mentioning that the long lost now newly discovered play The Tragedy of Arthur by William Shakespeare is published herein and is certifiably crappy

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Hem both Dana becomes a stage actress and amateur Shakespeare expert; Arthur a writer who 'never much liked Shakespeare' Their father spends most of their lives in prison but when he's about to be released as a frail old man he enlists Arthur in securing the publication of The Tragedy of Arthur from an original uarto he claims to have purloined from a an estate decades earlier though as the authentication process wears on successfully Arthur becomes convinced that the play is his fath. Good book well written enjoyable and thought provoking Shakespeare pervades this book so it is probably mostly of interest to those who like Shakespeare or are at least interested in Shakespeare There were some things about this book I did not like 1 I found the first chunk of it very rough going because I hated the narrator and thought he was whiney In fact the narrator uses that word whine than once about himself possibly three times or Telling Around the time the narrator went to college things picked up and I became interested and less annoyed 2 The narrator spent a lot of time showing us instead of tellng us especially showing off his knowledge of Shakespeare In addition to repeatedly presenting situations easily recognizable as Shakespearean the narrator then took the additional step of identifying the specific play that the where a similar situation ensued This had the effect of the narrator and the writer showing off in their letters striving to continually be the smartest guys at the cocktail party I would have enjoyed thinking about this on my own 3 POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT POSSIBLY NOT SO MUCH BUT IN AN EXCESS OF CAUTION SKIP THIS IF YOU REALLY HATE SPOILERSThe convicted forger father insists that the narrator concoct a story about how the manuscript at the center of the tale was found on the grounds that if anyone knew it came from the hands of a convicted forger no one would take the manuscript In this age of instant information about anyone any idiot could have connected the narrator to his forger father pretty fast Anyone wanting to seriously test the manuscript's origins could have figured this out in no time This was a completely implausible plot point that didn't hold up I know I know this book is a story about stories an elaborate ruse about elaborate ruses but since the writer went to great lengths to make other elements of the plot seemingly plausible I was disappointed by this 4 What happened to the narrator at the end of the book seemed way out of proportion to his purported misdeeds The characters who punished him showed their own unspeakable moral shabbiness another disappointment because they were otherwise interesting and funny characters Made me appreciate Shakespeare's skill in this area all the When somebody is punished in Shakespeare there is no uestion about proportion

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The Tragedy of ArthurDuckworth are proud to present this first modern edition of The Tragedy of Arthur by William Shakespeare The long lost play surfaces in Phillips's new novel a sublime faux memoir framed as the introduction to the play's first printing Arthur and his twin sister Dana maintained an unusual relationship with their gregarious father a forger whose passion for the bard and for creating magic in the everyday he takes his children to make crop circles one night leave lasting impressions on t. The very first thing I did after finishing The Tragedy of Author Arthur Phillips's ingenious faux memoir was to Google to see what was true and what wasn'tonly to find that much of Phillips's traceable past has been erasedDid he really have a gay twin sister named Dana a scam artist father who spent his adult life in prison a Czech wife and twin sons of his own Methinks not What I do know is that Arthur Phillips shares his birthday with the Bard himself that he was born in Minnesota and that he is indeed a writer to be watched very carefully Because what he's accomplished in this novel er memoir is sheer geniusArthur Phillips the character is an unreliable narrator if there ever was one and points it out in various excerpts Right from the start when he says I have never much liked Shakespeare we feel a little off center The book is after all about the ultimate Shakespeare scam his neer do well father at the end of his life shares with Arthur a previously unknown play by Shakespeare titled The Tragedy of Arthur and entices him to use his Random House connections to get the play publishedTo say his connection with his father is complicated is an understatement Arthur Phillips memoirist reflects His life was now beyond my comprehension and much of my sympathy even if I had been a devoted visitor a loving son a concerned participant in his life I was none of those Now he wonders did his father perform the ultimate con If so how did he pull it off And how do the two Arthurs Arthur the ancient king portrayed in the lost play and Arthur the memoirist intertwine their fatesIt's a tricky project and Arthur Phillips the novelist is obviously having great fun with it At one point he urges readers to Go Google the van Meergeen VermeersRead James Frey's memoir nowWe blink and look around rubbing the fairy dust from our eyes wonder whether we might have dreamt it all Once you know it isn't Shakespeare none of it sounds like Shakespeare How could it But somehow it doesThe play is reproduced in its entirety in the second part and indeed it reads like Shakespeare I read all of his major plays in grad school and have seen many of them performed It's absolutely brazen that Arthur Phillips could have mimicked Shakespeare so successfully and with seeming authenticitySo in the end the theme comes down to identity As Phillips the memoirist writes So much of Shakespeare is about being at a loss for identity being lost somewhere without the self defining security of home and security lost in a shipwreck confused with a long lost twin stripped of familiar power taken for a thief taken for the opposite gender taken fora pauper believeing oneself an orphanAnd as Phillips the novelist knows it's also a trick for perspective The play the novel the memoir the scam can eually be said to be about a man born in Stratford in 1565 maybe on April 22 or 24 by the way or about an apocryphal boy king in Dark Ages England or about my father or his idea of me or my grandfather or Dana in armor or or or Just as Shakespeare may or may not have written his plays according to some anti Bards so might this new one be a fakery written by Arthur's fictional father There is layer steeped upon layer steeped upon layer in this book It's audacious and it's brilliant Arthur Phillips convincingly shows us just how easy it is to reinvent a play a history or ourselves with just a few sweeps of a pen