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FREE READ é The First Ladies of Rome Ì Like their modern counterparts the 'first ladies' of Rome were moulded to meet the political reuirements of their emperors be they fathers husbands brothers or lovers But the women proved to be liabilities as well as assets Augustus' daughter Julia was accused of affairs with at least five men Claudius' wiLike their modern counterparts the 'first ladies' of Rome were moulded to meet the political reuirements of their emperors be they fathers husbands brothers or lovers But the women proved to be liabilities as well as assets Augustus' daughter Julia was accused of affairs with at least five men Claudius' wife Messalina was a murderous tease who cuckolded an. Ancient imperial Rome has always been one of my favorite time periods in history If you have the same fascination I can seriously recommend this book by Annelise Freisenbruch about the women of the successive Caesars starting with the first emperor Augustus and his wife Livia and ending at the fall or rather replacement of the last Roman emperor in 476 by a German named Odoacer son of one of Attilla's followers While the history of the first dynastic Julio Claudian family is pretty well known and especially their wives daughters and mothers I had no knowledge of the emperors or wives of the successive three to four hundred years except for Trajan and Hadrian the latter a benign emperor and of course the builder of the Hadrian Wall Knowing not even the names of the further emperors of the following centuries it was a joy to be now told about them by Freisenbruch in a scholarly yet spirited fashion Written from the viewpoint of the royal wives daughters and other female family members you get a pretty concise history of the Roman emperors and their reigns recording their victories or losses as well as their good or bad behaviour the latter being naturally prevalentThe wives tended to have great influence especially those of the first Julio Claudian dynasty Livia is the acknowledged main woman throughout the entire imperial time and a role model throughout the centuries of Roman rule To be named 'Augusta' the honorary title granted to Livia by Augustus is an ambition that every imperial wife strives for Nevertheless it was dangerous to be an empress or even daughter or sister of one A few wrong moves and you could be expelled to the island of Pandateria as befell Julia Augustus' daughter She survived but other expelled wives or daughters in successive periods were sometimes starved to death on the island or even strangled upon arrival Alternatively the wives and daughters could be very scary creatures themselves as well Messalina wife of Claudius is ranking high up on the scary ladder Pretty violent behaviour was not uncommon in all the successive imperial families through the following centuries Of all the maniacs Caligula and Nero were exceptionally dangerous though Obviously true psychopaths and life threathening to have as a family memberPeople who get annoyed by too many footnotes beware It did not bother me but there is an abundance of footnotes in this studyI liked this book It was very interesting to learn about the Roman imperial period in the centuries following the well known reign of the first dynasty

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Ator to the flighty bluestocking the religious icon and the romantic heroine Using a rich spectrum of literary artistic archaeological and epigraphic evidence this book uncovers for the first time the kaleidoscopic story of some of the most intriguing women in history and the vivid and complex role of the empresses as political players on Rome's great stag. Freisenbruch manages to present what we know about the lives of imperial women in a concise manner that I found easy enough to read my copy having a strange repeating problem with the some letters being suished together about 13 the way across the page notwithstanding For me it was a joy that Freisenbruch chose to focus so much on the Julio Claudians since I find that period the most interesting by far but I have a feeling that was also informed by the amount of sources available on the topic This was despite the blurb on the cover of my edition mainly a scholarly work aimed at a scholarly audience and Freisenbruch seems to have written it with that audience firmly in mind The sentences are long and dense containing many clauses rather than the simpler sentence forms that seem to be preferred in popular histories such as Holland's some of Cartledge's work or Beard's latest It was interesting to see the return of some of the same tired old excuses for vilification of women over the course of roughly 500 years as well Clearly incest never gets less titillating The thing that struck me about this throughout the course of Freisenbruch's chronology is just how much strong women seem to scare men You need only look to the receptions of Agrippinna the Younger Pulcheria or even Livia herself to see this happen again and again I'm sure that wasn't Freisenbruch's intended message it seems likely that she simply intended to trace the evolution of the Roman matron into the Christian ascetic but it struck me as important the sheer number of times it was repeated over the course of the narrative I didn't particularly enjoy the last couple of chapters mostly because the Christian ascetic is not a theme with which I find particular resonance and stories about Helena's piety or her travels in the Holy Land bore me as much as stories about her son and the Nicene Creed do Also while the digression into the roots of Arianism and how it might have affected various empresses relations with each other was probably necessary it really went on too long The founding beliefs of the church likewise do not interest me at all despite their far reaching implicationsOverall however I found Freisenbruch's narrative informative without being heavy handed or droning and I appreciated the fact that she didn't buy into the obvious hatreds of some of her ancient sources Freisenbruch manages to pull of writing a serious scholarly work about a subject for which there are fewer sources than one might like admirably I thoroughly enjoyed this

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The First Ladies of RomeD humiliated her elderly husband while Fausta tried to seduce her own stepson and engineered his execution before boiled to death as a punishment In The First Ladies of Rome Annelise Freisenbruch unveils the characters whose identities were to reverberate through the ages from the virtuous consort the sexually voracious schemer and the savvy political oper. As I was walking my dog this morning ain't she cute I saw a Republicans for Voldemort bumper sticker Nah Livia for president is my bumper sticker Have you seen I Claudius Then you know what I am talking about Honestly Sian Phillips and Glenda Jackson should rule the worldIt was somewhat disappointing therefore to find that the mistress of manupultions the plottress of plots might not have poisioned anyone But she sure was a hell of a womanFreisnbruch does deal with the problem of a lack of good sources but pointing out that many of the stories about Rome's first ladies were remarkably similar see Hilary it isn't just you Her writing style is very engaging and she does a wonderful jonb of bringing the reader into RomeI didn't know for instance that a Roman first couple might have been inter racial And man did Gladiator get it wrongEnjoyable and worth while read