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So Far from the Bamboo GrovePreuel to My Brother My Sister and I Though Japanese eleven year old Yoko has lived with her family in northern Korea near the border with China all her life But when the Second World War comes to. This is the first time ever that I don't want to rate a book I have read and this has nothing to do with the author's writing which I thought was very compelling When I picked it up I had no idea how controversial the novel had become over the years For me it was just another book that caught my interest as I browsed our shelves While reading it didn't take long before I was in tears the first time and decided then and there that the brutalities referred to in the book made it unsuitable for primary school students The reader feels for young Yoko who has to flee and take on a horrifying journey with her family from Northern Korea to their home country Japan Her courage and determination the family's love for one another are admirable And yet when I came to the end of the book I felt somehow hanging as if something had remained unresolved not sure why Maybe because there was little said about the father a high ranking Japanese government official or about Korea's history I am not sure maybe it was because I had recently read a book that spoke about the Japanese presence in Korea at the end of World War II When My Name was Keoko Anyway I began to read some reviews and realized how extreme the views about this book were I haven't really figured out what to think about the novel and hope I will get a chance to discuss it with some of my friends Therefore at this point I can only suggest you read the book read some of the reviews and then decide for yourself what to think about the book

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Any years Yoko her mother and sister are forced to flee from their beautiful house with its peaceful bamboo grove Their journey is terrifying and remarkable It's a true story of courage and surviv. My teacher in middle school made this a reuired reading Ever since reading the first page it is one of my all time favorite books It changed my life Right before reading it my mother died of cancer when I was 12 I didn't know what cremation meant until I read this book Although that isn't what this story is about it meant a great deal to me I love this book one I will read over again in a heartbeat

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So Far from the Bamboo Grove Free download ï 0 Æ Preuel to My Brother My Sister and I Though Japanese eleven year old Yoko has lived with her family in northern Korea near the border with China all her life But when the Second World War comes to an end Japanese on the Korean peninsula are suddenly in terrible danger; the Korean peopleAn end Japanese on the Korean peninsula are suddenly in terrible danger; the Korean people want control of their homeland and they want to punish the Japanese who have occupied their nation for m. So Far from the Bamboo Grove was spectacular This memoir reminds me much of the story of Anne Frank because of both of their inner self If I were to be in Anne Frank's or Yoko Kawashimathe main character in So Far From The Bamboo Grove and I was in the middle of World War II going on and I have to travel from one place to another I would be with my family but I wouldn't be in the same home I have lived grew up and created memories in; I would be in a place that was half comfortable to me For instance if I were to be sleeping in a bed or no bed at all it wouldn't feel like home to me because I've adjusted myself to be sleeping in a caved in bed with white sheets and a crazy pattern like bedding but to be taking that away from me is a struggle to get use to and if I was known to have my mom make food for me and take care of me and love me it changes when you are in a struggle to survive if you were just a 12 year old girl who only knew little about surviving as an escapeerefugee I could tell throughout the memoir that the Yoko the main character developed herself as a character by her needs and just her dialogue in general From time in the book Yoko was happy but for silly things a rich person would think was completely nothing; silly objects like food money and a home Yoko had transparent emotions even though it was secretly hiding through a blanket of words What really took me was when Yoko started going to school in Japan right after they Ko Mother and Yokocame back from Korea; the city they were in was Fukuoka Japan She turned to me 'For your cleaning assignment today you will be part of the group that does this room' Then she placed me in a back seat I felt desperately unhappy and out of place with these girls in their fine clothes All had long hair some in braids Then a man teacher came in a history teacher it turned out I had no books no pencil or paper but I listened Loneliness attacked me again and I sniffed back tears I could not wait for school to be over so that I could get back to the station where I belonged with Mother and Ko After class I had to linger for my cleaning assignment Some of the girls as they went out tossed papers into a wastepaper basket This gave me an idea and I examined the basket The papers were crumpled but many had little writing and all were blank on one side I picked them up and smoothed the wrinkled sheets I looked for a pencil too but there was none 'You want paper' a girl asked She made an airplane with a piece of notebook paper and aimed at me The others laughed I bit my lip but I did not shed tears when it flew for collecting papers was a lot easier than looking for food in trash cans Trying to ignore the girls I unfolded the airplane and smoothed the wrinkles There were six of us left to do the cleaning assignment I had no dustcloth so I asked a girl with a broom if I could sweep and she shoved the broom at me and walked off As I swept and came near the girls who were dusting they scattered as if I were carrying contagion If they had gone through what we had experienced I thought they would be compassionate They just don't know Tears came again as I swept I longed not only for Mother and Ko but for Father and Hideyo paragraph six seven and eight from page 95 and paragraph one two and three from page 96 in So Far From the Bamboo Grove In these paragraphsin uotes I could react to the pain Yoko was going through because with all the travelling and hiding your true identity and other elements that were obvious in the text because if I were to be caught up in the drama with the girls that were bullying me about my appearence it would hurt me because of knowing what such I went through If I were to be one of the girls and I was looking Yoko up and down in her torn like poor clothes I would know to be supportive of her just by her appearence In Yoko's point of view her older sister Ko can be harsh most of the time and bossy but what comes out of th