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The Hero Always Wins (The Hero Always Wins, #1) Download ↠ 104 ☆ The knight's oath is barely off Darcy's tongue and already the world is collapsing around him As the demon hordes of Angra Jyn slaughter their way toward the city betrayal amongst the knights' own ranks threatens to destroy them before they can even maThe knight's oath is barely off Darcy's tongue and already the world is collapsing around him As the demon hordes of Angra Jyn slaughter their way toward the city betrayal amongst the knights' own ranks threate. Review from the wifeThere's some fun bait and switch storytelling that the wife enjoyed but she found herself annoyed with editing errors and modern collouial slang The modern elementsdress sizes high heeled shoes in fashion in an otherwise warrior oriented society didn't seem to mesh well for herShe enjoyed the humorous tone of the beginning and was tickled when it morphed into something darker but she didn't find any of the characters to be especially compelling and elements of the culture did not seem fully realized She felt that the author didn't actually consider WHY those people would develop the society they had and it just made it feel less real She thought it had potential but mentioned that it could have used another draft or two to smooth transitions weed out editing errors and connect the dots between events a little thoroughly She never felt that the threads of the cultures and characters really came together in an organic way Something happened Then something else happened Then something happened after that No real links or causes or connections to the characters Her word for the overall story and worldbuilding was unfinished She thought the deviance from expectation in the plotting was well done and it had an engaging concept though and is looking forward to seeing of the author's work though she hopes he polishes it up

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Continues to strike in the night He will not give up even as friends start to doubt him and sanity begins to slip beyond his grasp Why Because victory is his destinyBecause he is the hero and the hero always wi. I am a huge fan of stories that take me along for the ride I like larger than life characters feats of derring do magic passion They make for a great time When I started reading The Hero Always Wins I half expected a tongue in cheek take on the Fantasy Genre What I got was something decidedly serious at times dark and sad but an impressive effort nonethelessRobert Eaton a self described rock and wrestling fan opens his novel with a bang taking the reader right into the heart of the action The novel is a sweeping story with a wide variety of characters some of them prototypical fantasy characters like Lord Niall Lionne and his son Darcy and others like Brianna the woman in red the female Knight Carys and Arabella Dorian that are cut from a slightly different clothUsing a basic good versus evil motif the Knights of the Citadel pitted against the Heathens and deadly Warlocks Eaton takes the reader on a wild ride with rampaging warlocks hordes of heathens and a cast of seeming thousands The combat scenes stood out in particular for me because they reminded me of RA Salvatore Detailed and visceral would be the best way to describe it The Hero Always Wins is a fun first effort into what promises to be a wide wild world Being that this is an independently produced novel there are a few grammatical issues at the beginning and the first act has a lot of characters and unfamiliar customs to get used to But I found that as the story progressed I was drawn into and even found a few interesting twists that kept me guessing All in all I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the story and you definitely get your money's worth I am eagerly anticipating the next story in the series and I think Robert Eaton is an author I will look forward to reading for some time to come

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The Hero Always Wins The Hero Always Wins #1Ns to destroy them before they can even make their standBut the blood of a hero flows in Darcy's veins He will not be discouraged by the war he is losing He will not be dissuaded by the traitorous assassin who. Robert Eaton’s first dip into the writing world has come up aces The Hero Always Wins is a wonderful fantasy tale that brings to mind many of the epic tales that we have seen on the shelves with a major difference Eaton’s story deftly weaves magic horror and fantasy into a outstanding story that immediately pulls the reader in and holds you until the very last word There are so many twists and turns that help to keep the story engaging and keeps the reader on their mental toesOur hero Darcy is a new knight and longs to save his lands and people The frustration he feels at being able to help everyone is palpitate and his struggles as he adjusts to his role as The Hero The mystery intertwined within the story only serves to make the reading enjoyable I was completely hooked and I eagerly await the next installment in the series This novel is a great first book from an up and coming author I highly recommend it for anyone who is a fan of great fantasy