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Read & Download Spells And Bananas Midnight Matings #9 Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative FantasyParanormal Romance MM shape shifters witches public exhibition bondage sex toysKirby Saxon a fun loving spider monkey shifter finds himself being rescued by a large muscledAssion that is until he meets Kirby But that same hospital is the cause of his greatest distress in years and he almost crumbles under the pressureWill Kirby and Amery’s attendance at the UPAC Conference be a blessing concealed within a curse or will Amery’s haunted past lead to them losing everything they’ve bui. This one was barely a 3 star read for me I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the others I've read in the series The writing style wasn't nearly as engaging That said it didn't suck Kirby was a cute little spider monkey and his mate Amery was a big ole witch with serious self esteem issues That part did get a little annoying We had us some MPreg which I love and lots of sex and shifters and trouble and typical stuff for this series

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Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative FantasyParanormal Romance MM shape shifters witches public exhibition bondage sex toysKirby Saxon a fun loving spider monkey shifter finds himself being rescued by a large muscled man with kind eyes from an overzealous woman He decides to mate now and learn about each other late. This book gets a lot of points from me just for being very funny I mean a spider monkey shifter and a witch A pairing that just asks for trouble Then add the element of male pregnancy as always a huge surprise to anyone other than the male carrier himself and you're ready for some real adventureWhat bugged me a little was the slightly overdone sentimentality of both main characters but that was a personal issue On the whole the storyline was well paced fun and had a few nice twists that kept my interest up Both characters are very impulsive as well so that made for some fun situations and interesting tension pointsIf you like fun light reads with characters who get into trouble than is good for them you will probably like this book

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Spells And Bananas Midnight Matings #9Rincluding that male witches can get pregnantAmery Goddard is an ancient Witch who carries the weight from his lengthy past on his shoulders He works at a hospital in Colorado Springs while Kirby can live anywhere with his job for Sups Weekly so it seems they are the perfect fit Amery’s job as CNO has been his main p. 15 starsFrom the blurb I had no idea if I'd read this or not It sounded familiar as I skimmed it but then something didn't uite fit But I can imagine myself abandoning it at this lineFuck off cunt” I snarled turning only my head to face her And then she bitch slapped me I shook it off and narrowed my eyes “I don’t have a problem hitting womenMore on the misogyny in spoiler tags since it's kind of a rant okay no kinda about itview spoilerI'm so sick of misogyny in MM romance and it's always by women It's disgusting and pisses me off Saying“No but I am a guy after all and I think there’s some genetic predisposition that just makes us have our heads up our asses sometimes”doesn't make it okay One is an attack the other is a self deprecating joke There was one positive things regarding women that was unusual Although female nannies were mentioned where their personalities were reflected in their beauty it was saidThey were two nineteen year old vampires who were thrown out of their closeminded coven because they wanted to go to college They had Is off the charts and might be the most tender hearted girls I’d ever metBut seriously tender hearted Would this and beauty be the primary adjectives for a male No he'd be resilient strong focused dedicated driven succeeding etc But later the narrative saidThey both wanted to be doctors one day in different fields They even volunteered at the clinic on days when Amery and I took the kids out for a family day or on weekends when we were there to watch themBut then the story went on to talk about fashion and shopping in relation to them and how they were adjusting from their long sleeves and floor length skirts but no skirts shorter than mid thigh Criminy there's a happy mediumAnd there's We could have a little girl with curly black hair and caramel eyes Or a baby boy who would grow up big and strong like AmeryOf course the girl will be pretty and the boy strong Why isn't it important that the girl be strong Why isn't a desire ever expressed to have a good looking boy I recently saw a display with this special little gift package of clothing bib and shoes for a baby The boy's had something like Hero in big lettering The girls' said something along the lines of Pretty as a posy or something else eually vapid Why can't a girl be a heroine It drives me crazy The only females were a bitchy evilwife a doting mother a black magic wielding woman in the past no jobs assigned the mother able to leave her life for an unspecified period of time to help with the babies Bitchy wife did work at the hospital but nothing was said about her occupation Her husband was a doctor though Even the gynecologist was male I know there are male obgyn's but none that worked in either of the large clinics my daughter went to I'd normally love the gender change but seriously the author couldn't have made one professional a woman Oh and did I mention that bitchy wife was evil because she was allegedly infertile There was one other semi positive thing wasn't amazing but it was better than bad view spoilerthe evil wife apologized for her behavior and had good reasons for why she was so upset hide spoiler