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Th the sudden reversal of fortune Kate returns to Pretenses the exuisite boutiue run by her friend Margo and sister LauraBut when persiste Orphan at a young age Kate Powell was raised by her aunt and uncle Susan and Thomas Templeton the heads behind the Templeton hotel chain They treated her like their own daughter and she never lacked for anything but it left her with the feelings that she owe them everything and must always be the best When the hardworking and pragmatic accountant suddenly find herself accused of commiting fraud by her employers she find solace at Templeton House and Pretense the retail store she co own with her two best friends And no one is surprise than Kate herself to also find comfort in Byron De Witt's arms; Templeton latest manager Byron see Kate as an enigma One he intend to resolve and he doesn't hesitate to tell her But he still can't understand why his attraction to her is so strong when she's the total opposite of his type As for Kate she sworn off men after an ex played her for a fool The first time Kate met him she found him annoying but it's only because she wasn't ready to deal with the awareness he make her feel a strong feeling she never felt for any man before But Byron will push down those walls with his understanding about Kate's prickly personality her smart mind but her fear to show vulnerability But the blunt woman who like to stay in control might be not as predictable as we thought and could still surprise everyone with her spontaneity While I liked this book I totally get why it was my least favorite of the series Could be because at first Kate and Byron was both brainy characters nothing wrong with that but I prefer when the MC have opposite personality traits but it's also for the fact they didn't have Josh and Margo's history nor did I felt the same potent sexual tension between them as between Laura and Michael Like Margo Kate was not your typical perfect heroine I understand why some people might think Kate's attitude was annoying but maybe it's easier for me to forgive her flaws because I saw myself in her outlook on life and love; like how she doesn't deal well with strong emotions and prefer to walk away than put up with the confrontation To me Byron was like an old fashioned hero you know like the ones in those classical romance from the 1800 you know the ones I'm talking about ;p but he was not as stiff or too proper So saying it was my least favorite does not mean I didn't have a great time with this book

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Holding the DreamNt persuasive Byron de Witt enters her life the flames of passion he ignites begin to burn as brightly as her all consuming career ambitio “I'm in love with you Deal with it – Byron De WittNow THIS is so much better Unlike Margo's story Kate's was such a fresh breath of airIn the second book of the Dream Trilogy Kate Powell Laura's cousin and the practical one of the trio is having some health issues Issues that she repeatedly ignores and makes worse But her health isn't the only thing going downhill in her life currently After finding out that her father stole from his company when he was alive she takes an even bigger hit when she's reported for practically the same thing As she's trying to bring her life back to its former balance Kate is about to find out that not everything has to be part of a plan and trusting her body in the very capable hands of Byron De Witt seems like the most logical first stepI have to say I immensely enjoyed this one Unlike Margo Kate was spanky and feisty with a good head on her shoulders and tons of dry wit in her arsenal She didn't dream of fame and all that crap the blonde bimbo wanted instead she wished for stability and intended to work hard to get it Now that's the kind of female lead I can totally relate to in a bookNext to her Byron was the perfect man to stand and thrive seriously Because the guy was no Josh yes I hate Margo's man too He was sweet and gentlemanly and used his heart in wonderful euality with his mind Not only that but he was also man enough to let Kate take the reins when he saw it worked out better and yet go all caveman on her when she crossed the line He was perfection and then some And when he seriously started courting her honestly there's no other way to put it judging from what he did to and for her I nearly melted on my seatTogether they were a badass duo He took care of her health and her relaxation she made sure he wouldn't slack off not that he often did And they had so much in common although it was subtle I'm telling you the perfect relationship One that was meant to happen and spelled forever bright and clear if you're hesitant to believe me just read this line of Byron's “You're not beautiful he said in a uiet statement that made her brow knit Why do you look beautiful when you're not?” the man clearly loved her for what he saw inside not because she was a fuckable piece of meatI'm so glad this wasn't like the first book I wouldn't have been able to take it had it been the same disappointment the previous one proved to be Now to review the third one “I'm a mess I'm insane I'm in love with you – Kate PowellRead this and other reviews at

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Holding the Dream Ebook á 358 pages ´ Moneyexpresscard ☆ On the fast track to a partnership with her accountancy firm Kate is stunned when she is fired for suspected embezzlementForced to cope with the sudden reversal of fortune Kate returns to Pretenses the exuisite boutiue run by her friend Margo and sister LaurOn the fast track to a partnership with her accountancy firm Kate is stunned when she is fired for suspected embezzlementForced to cope wi I somehow have misplaced this one I know that I own books one and three of this trilogy but couldn't find this one So I was super excited to get a copy of this from Flannery when I was visiting this week thanks Flan Like most Nora books this one has a great family these people are all so real and so likeable Kate is a super ambitious accountant with all the stress and anxiety of a person who keeps all her emotions locked up Byron despite his unfortunate name is a perfect foil for all of Kate's personality issues just as she is perfect for him of course He is funny and adorable in his pursuit of Kate even though Kate tries to seem too busy to be interested she is totally into his Southern charm Kate goes through a personal and professional crisis in this book and her relationship with Byron is shaped by their responses to these tumultuous events with the help of her supportive and hilarious extended family Flannery this main character is 27 if you are looking for an older main character