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Ped in cider and secrets A paradise of cobbled streets and timber framed houses And also as Merrily Watkins and her teenage daughter Jane discover a village where horrific murder is a tradition that spans centuries. I'd give this a higher rating than two stars for Merrily's sections but far too much time was spent on her daughter Jane's perspective Jane had the potential to grow up someday and become an interesting person but was in the most irritating adolescent arrogant state for most of the book It really got up my nose that she has a sort of nature magic awakening as a result of being stupid enough to get dangerously drunk and yeah just stupid The evil old country family plot didn't do much for me either Just not my cuppa altogether

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The Wine of AngelsThe first in the historically rich atmospheric mystery series featuring female exorcist Reverend Merrily WatkinsThe new vicar had never wanted a picture postcard parish or a huge and haunted vicarage Nor had she. Having enjoyed some of Phil Rickman’s stand alone novels I have meant to try his Merrily Watkins series for ever not to mention that my good friend Damaskcat has long sung the praises of these books to me Having recently taken a holiday I decided that I would finally get around to trying this and I am pleased that I didThis first in the series sees Merrily Watkins becoming Priest in Charge of the village of Ledwardine It is supposed to be a uiet and peaceful parish a time and place for her to relax and take stock after working in big cities with all their associated problems Merrily is widowed her unfaithful and crooked husband dying in a car accident and leaving her a single mother to teenage daughter Jane Jane sees her mother being a vicar as something of an embarrassment but seems willing to try to make the best of things This includes the huge cold three storied vicarage – a house which immediately fills Merrily with dreadApart from the discomfort Merrily feels about her new home she also finds herself immediately thrown into a local dispute Newcomers the Cassidy’s want to reinstate an ancient village festival and revive the local cider industry The planned festival includes a proposed play about a Seventeenth Century clergyman who was accused of witchcraft and it has invoked local passions; both for and against This is part a traditional crime story but it also has a supernatural feel It involves local traditions lots of creepy characters and a changing village with deep shadows from the past that cast their influence over the present I liked many of the characters including Merrily and Jane local man Gomer the eccentric Miss Devenish and former famous musician Lol Robinson Although the story is somewhat rambling this suits the setting and I enjoyed being introduced to both the characters and the village of Ledwardine I will certainly be keen to meet Merrily again and wish to continue the series

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The Wine of Angels Free read ½ 109 ´ The first in the historically rich atmospheric mystery series featuring female exorcist Reverend Merrily WatkinsThe new vicar had never wanted a picture postcard parish—or a huge and haunted vicarage Nor had she wanted to walk into a dispute over a controversial play about a 17th century clergyman accusedWanted to walk into a dispute over a controversial play about a 17th century clergyman accused of witchcraft a story that certain long established families would rather remained obscure But this is Ledwardine stee. Several years ago I read three books by Phil Rickman and was then frustrated that I couldn't find any others in local bookstores For some reason the advent of didn't make me realize that I now had a way to find his books Until I got a Kindle for ChristmasIn January I discovered Rickman's Merrily Watkins series and I am hooked Since then I have read all of them except for the latest which I will be reading shortly These books aren't classic horror but instead follow the life and investigations of The Church of England's self doubting first female exorcist excuse me deliverance consultant her teenage daughter Jane eventual significant otherNick Drake devoteeresurgent rock singer and guitarist Lol and other friends family and antagonist The characterization and the Welsh border settings create a rich texture that makes these stories live Merrily's investigations don't always find supernatural explanations and she has yet as of my readings to perform a full on exorcism but instead they explore a world of thin places where the spiritual is always there just beyond your vision Well usually beyond your visionThe Wine of Angels is the first in the series although I started with the next book mistakenly thinking it was the first and introduces many of the characters who will become important throughout the series as well as the black and white town of Ledwardine which is itself a character in the stories This tale begins with a suicide in an orchard and then follows a trail that exposes deep family secrets and the dark side of this peaceful little town's historyI would highly recommend this series to anyone who likes mysteries and thinks that a touch of the supernatural enhances the tale Rickman should be better known in America; there are few who rival his skill at telling compelling stories that draw the reader in with realistic characters and a sense of place