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SUMMARY ´ A Cure to Die For ´ A genetically engineered cure for the common cold a simple inexpensively grown plant turns out to be a cure for cancer and threatens to make most other drugs obsolete The discovery triggers a crisis of medical and corporate greed that sweeps the country as the government and the media conspire with Big Pharma to keep the miYd Seeley a research assistant with a deadly secret are inadvertently thrown together to protect a medical breakthrough that could change the face of healthcare forever Amid the suspense of harrowing kidnappings manhunts political and corporate intrigue Wall Street corruption suicides arrests and terrifying escapes in the Montana wilderness in the high tech world of Houston Texas in the political cesspool of W. This is one that I got for free through goodreads giveaways Originally I was interested in the book because the premise seemed realistic Someone finds a miracle cure and the results of the discovery are complicated it is a tremendous ethical dilemma A cure like that has the potential to make health care almost completely obsolete I felt like the ethical issues were really played down While initially interested in the story I didn't find the writing enjoyable There was an unnaturally abruptness in the way the story was pieced together The flow was off and the characters were stale And the name CannastarI know it is just one word but i thought it was silly I know there are a lot of silly names for just about anything out there but it seemed like a cheesy choice And every time I read the word I thought of the word canisterI found that the description for the book was exciting than the actual book I have never read anything labeled as a medical thriller but I would have thought that there would have been a stronger medical background for the story Everything just seemed so generalized I appreciated the chance to read this book but with all the issues I had with it I couldn't really enjoy the book It had an interesting plot but the execution was off


A genetically engineered cure for the common cold a simple inexpensively grown plant turns out to be a cure for cancer and threatens to make most other drugs obsolete The discovery triggers a crisis of medical and corporate greed that sweeps the country as the government and the media conspire with Big Pharma to keep the miracle drug off the market Alex Farmer a drug addicted doctor with a shattered life and C. A crime novel but not a thrillerAlex Farmer is a physician who was on the skids A childhood friend has been murdered and Alex finds himself uncovering what amounts to medical espionage; a miracle cure is eventually unleashed Cannastar a hybrid of cannabis and a plant called Death Star and society is in an upheavalThe premise is good but it's of a comfy chatty western to city and back again romp instead of a thriller There is none of the tensionintensitythreatening sinister something lurking beneath the surface that a thriller should have It does have its humorous spots and is a fast read However it's also uneven with back story tossed in wheneverMore importantly and the bigger problem for me is that the characters much of the surrounding description are over the top Their actionsreactions are so over described that they end up sounding petulant and immature they scream wail moan someone goes off in a huff; someone looks like heshe wants to punch someone; they argue about silly things; a number of times people melodramatically burst into tears For example Cyd the main female character has a habit of flying off the handle without warning and is in Alex's face like a doubly overwrought Karen Allen in the first Indiana Jones Betty the other female character alternates from being a tough riding roping type gal to emotionally weepy These mood swingsvariations come off as weirdly out of character as opposed to being multi dimensional as the story bounces gingerly along the surface In the end it feels closer to Reefer Madness than The Stand and with a dose of Blazing Saddles thrown in Overall while I felt the story had much potential the parts that could have been described the characters that could have been sinister the society that could have been on the verge of anarchy never emerged and left at least this reader somewhat puzzled reviewed goodreads 1st reads

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A Cure to Die ForAshington DC and on a vast Indian reservation Alex and Cyd fight to survive a perilous journey where the fate of a healthy planet hinges on the survival of a tiny seed A critically acclaimed work of literature reviewed as one of the best new books of the year A Cure To Die For is a timely thriller that is part adventure part mystery and part love story; a novel about two people who stand against a broken world. I received this book free in return for a reviewThis medical thriller I've never heard that phrase before is enjoyable captivating exciting entertaining and funny The author has a knack for describing his characters succinctly by means of memorable and often amusing turns of phrase so the reader easily remembers who's whoThe story begins with the murder of one of Alex's old friends Maury It turns out Maury has secretly been working for years on a potentially controversial cure all product a hybrid between the cannabis plant and a poisonous plant called the Death Star It can cure both Aids and cancer as well as everything else apparently An unscrupulous evil pharmaceutical company or rather its boss turns out to have been responsible for the murder since the new product Cannastar would eradicate the need for all medicine Alec a likeable doctor with health problems of his own gets together with Maury's friend Cyd and the mortician Otis and together they fight to save the live saving Cannastar seeds that Maury had sacrificed his life in developingThe action is extremely fast paced the heroes continually getting themselves into arduous apparently inextricable situations only to escape at the last momentThe book is an amusing though on one level serious parody of modern American society the book's theme being based on the actual sorry state of affairs in present day USA in that it addresses the ruthlessness of the medicinal companies who have no interest in curing anybody but are focused only on earning billions of dollars at the expense of public health Perhaps the author is at the same time making a statement about the actual curative properties of the illegal cannabis plant He also gets a few digs in at the legal profession and the mediaIt is the story of a battle between good and evil The baddies are portrayed in such a way that you're left in no doubt as to how diabolical they are so you're not offended if they come to a bad end Alex Co are aided in their uest to save Cannastar by a wealthy Native American and a notorious drug baron with a soft heart also plays a leading role In fact drug dealers all over the country do their bitThe story has also a romantic side and we follow the love lives of the main characters all of whom find loving partners eventuallyThe book is extremely well written except for a very few grammatical mistakes including the use of semi colons where it would have been correct to use colons There are also many places where the author suddenly changes from describing things from the perspective of one character to that of another or to the omniscient author's viewpoint in a somewhat disconcerting or jarring mannerBut all in all I found this to be a delightful highly amusing page turner of a book I got the feeling the author really enjoyed writing it I would recommend that you read the book it's one of the most entertaining books I've read for a long while