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The Inn at Lake DevineBle here and return year after year are Gentiles For twelve year old Natalie who has a stubborn sense of justice the words are not a rebuff but an infuriating irresistible challenge In this beguiling novel Elinor Lipman charts her heroine's fixation with a small bastion of genteel anti Semitism. I rate this novel as a 35 I enjoyed it; having never read a fiction novel uite like this in the way this nasty subject was portrayedThe JBC hasn't read many books about anti semitism that weren't related to Germany or the Holocaust The first half of the book was fun with the banter from Natalie's wicked sense of sarcastic humor It was as if there was a grown women in a child's body I must say she was much aware and knew much about antisemitism at her age than I did`It would be only a very short time after that before I would become a young girl slammed by kids and teachers about being jewish I felt the second half of the book did not hold up as well as the first half One reason for that could be the amount of characters increased much in the second half creating too many subplots going on at the same time and thought I started to lose interest That was also short lived because the humor started again at the hotel in The Catskills I knew the humor but had no understanding of what or where the Catskills was until the middle of college And yes I saw Flash Dance I read a few other books long ago from this author and would absolutely read

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characters The Inn at Lake Devine ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ It's 1962 and all across America barriers are collapsing But when Natalie Marx's mother inuires about summer accommodations in Vermont she gets the following reply The Inn at Lake Devine is a family owned resort which has been in continuous operation since 1922 A fixation that will have wildly unexpected conseuences on her romantic life As Natalie tries to enter the world that has excluded her and succeeds through the sheerest of accidents The Inn at Lake Devine becomes a delightful and provocative romantic comedy full of sparkling social mischief ?. A couple of years ago I happened to notice one of those banner ads in Goodreads one of those that seemed to show up every time you noticed for weeks prior to the summer reading season It was for “The Inn at Lake Devine” I feel I need to tell the marketers that their ad worked in that I remembered the book but unfortunately for them it was when I found the book in a used book store shout out to Book Hunters in Naperville It was a hard cover first edition and autographed and I discovered later it was also signed by the author I was confused as to why it was marked down to 1 but bought it Only when I went to read the book a few years later did I notice that it actually was published than ten years earlier Interesting target for a marketing campaign Maybe those hundreds of “impressions” on me didn’t get you a direct sale but it did generate at least this review“The Inn at Lake Devine” started off as a kind of scheming kid book which I often find entertaining This story was no exception at least at the beginning as young teen Natalie deals with a hotel’s “Gentiles only” policy as she best sees fit But she obsesses about the hotel and by the end of the book we see Natalie coming back to the hotel and engaging in what seems to me pretty typical chic lit romantic fare I liked the earlier section a bit better but the food angle kept the story interesting The ending felt a bit contrived but not horribly The antagonist didn't seem to be very antagonistic she was just annoying and had what felt like a minor comeuppance at the end so that wasn't as satisfying Fine for a light and entertaining read

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It's 1962 and all across America barriers are collapsing But when Natalie Marx's mother inuires about summer accommodations in Vermont she gets the following reply The Inn at Lake Devine is a family owned resort which has been in continuous operation since 1922 Our guests who feel most comforta. This book was a very satisfying read This is a wonderful almost a comedy of manners coming of age story The author shows remarkable perspicacity regarding intergenerational conflict bigotry cultural differences and the eras of the 1960s and 1970s And I must say I’m always a sucker for any good bad mushroom storyThe first and shorter Part 1 was my favorite portion During that section I was often laughing out loud; it was hilarious The section would have sufficed as a stand alone novella I probably also really enjoyed it because I do so appreciate stories about young peopleI’m so glad that Lipman continued with the story Part 2 actually felt as though it might have been written at a separate time; the style was somewhat different I was merely smiling grinning at times but did not actually laugh as I did during the first chapters of the book; that didn’t diminish my reading enjoyment however The personalities of the very compelling characters did remain true to themselves even through the changes they all experienced I was afraid for a time that the ending would be too abrupt but the novel came to a very satisfying conclusion and also left me wanting which makes it my favorite kind of novelI admire anyone who can create such a delightful comedy out of a serious premise the exclusion of Jews from a restricted vacation property And I found it fascinating that the author’s mother revealed in the acknowledgments had received a similar letter as the Jewish family in this story receives