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Read & Download The Price of Innocence ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Á The Price of Innocence was recently re released through Holland Legacy Publishing updating the cover and interior The book is historical fiction with romantic elements set in 1878 Paris and London The book is the first in a series of thrOr To her surprise one of her customers is the Chabanais the most famous brothel in France that only caters to aristocrats Like a fly drawn to a spider's web the mistress of the brothel entices Suzette into a world of opulence comfort and beauty but there is a price to pay her innocence Succumbing to a life of prostitution she meets a handsome English Lord who saves her from the unthinkabl. Although this book has some plot to itit was mainly based around the steamier side of life and emphasized the particularly two facedness of the practitioners of the Victorian ideals of life and sex the societical worthlessness of those who just didn't for one reason or another and the unfairness of life At least that seemed the sum up of the too strong emphasis It's not badly written but for me there was really nothing much to write about Disappointing

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The Price of Innocence was recently re released through Holland Legacy Publishing updating the cover and interior The book is historical fiction with romantic elements set in 1878 Paris and London The book is the first in a series of three entitled the Legacy SeriesIt is the tender story of Suzette Camille Rousseau a young woman in late 19th century Paris who makes a difficult journey from. It took me awhile to get to this book the author did a self promo wich I hate on a thread that I started over at asking for themes where the h is so down on her luck she has nothing left to sell but herself Yes this book fits what I was asking for and that's the only reason I was temptedthen when it was a freebie I went ahead and clicked the buttonand let it sit on my tbr lol I finally decided that it was time to give it a shotSPOILERSSuzette h at 18 has just lost her father he died in his sleep on night Now left alone her mother died when she was very young with no one but her neighbors to help her she doesn't know what to do next With the help of her nieghbors she goes through her father's papers one thing leads to another and she finds out that her father was in major debt Everything had to be sold including the apartment that she lived in her neighbors were able to take her in but only for a week or so because they were moving out of townWhen her week is up she sets off walking with only enough of her belongings in a small suitcase and she heads for The Daughters of Charity a church that would provide temporary housing for homeless women When her time there was almost up she was able to find work at a washhouse part of that job was washing and delivering clean sheets to The Chabanais a brothel After a series of events she ends up blackmailed into working there She spends a few days being pampered she was a mess after being homeless and 18 hours a day of heavy work and readied for her first evening of workRobert Lord Holland H was in Paris for his usual play time He lived in England and was always the proper and dutifull son when he was home but in Paris he would let loose and just do what he could never do at home One of those things was to visit his favorite brothel The Chanbanais When the Mistress of The Chanbanais asked a special reuest for him to break in the new girl he jumped at the chance He paid for 3 nights that's all the time he had left before he had to return hometo spend with the little virgin and he planned to make the most of it However upon meeting Suzette he new she was freightend and he somehow got the feeling that she wasn't really there on her own accord When he fails to take her virginity the Mistress finds out and hatches a horrible plan to teach Suzette a lesson On the 3 night of their time together the Mistress had hired an overwieght letchers man to take her virginity just before her time to meet Lord Holland As this man is attempting to rape her she fights back and holds the man off just until Lord Holland arrives He saves her beats the guy to a pulp and wiskes her out of the brothel Now he has no other choice but to offer to take her to England with him and to provid for herSuzette accepts his help and offers her body as payment to him he paid for it anyway and he did save her and she feels it's the only way she can pay him back Not really wanting her to pay him back this way he tried to refuse but he couldn't resist for long and they ended up making love for the first time that night When they arrive in England he sets her up in a nice cottage on the outskirts of town He visits her when he can and as time goes by she falls in love with him She's just waiting for Robert to ask her to marry her Upon arriving home Robert finds out that his father is dieing and he doesn't have much time left His father tells him that it's time that he marry and that they've his mother and father have found the perfect woman for him and have already started the arraingment witht the girls parents Being the dutifull son he never uestions what his father has told him and he agrees right away to marry this girl He knows that Suzette could never be than his mistress and he plans to keep her as his misstress forever Without ever telling Suzette he marries this girl At the same time a long lost fiance of Suzettes comes into the picture Phillipe He still loves her no matter what she has done to survive and plans to win her back When he shows her the announcement of Lord Hollands wedding his plan works and she leaves Robert and marries Phillipewithout ever telling Robert that she's pregnant with his child Phillipe knows and plans to raise the child as his own When the child is born they name him Robert and that's where the story ends There is no HEA at least not in this book There is a blurb at the end that book 2 is coming soon and it picks up 5 years later when Robert Lord Holland runs into Phillipe and young Robert When this book started off I thought it might have been a 5 but some where along the way I think about the time she left the brothel the dialoge between the Hh became stilted and sub par so I deducted a Then when I started to wonder who was really the H in the story Robert or Phillipe and there was no HEA at the end of the book I deducted another I'm also not sure that I want to read another book to find out the answer to both of those uestions

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The Price of InnocenceInnocence to maturity After losing a sheltered life with her father Suzette is thrown into the harsh reality of poverty struggling as a homeless woman on the streets of Paris In order to survive she faces difficult choices that offer little hope of redemption Her journey takes her from the charities of St Vincent de Paul to a local laundry house where she toils endlessly in filth and sual. The writer had me hooked I didnt want to stop reading Now that said I do not like the way it ended though I've learned there is to be a 2nd and 3rd too I believe I dont know that I will read the seuels