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Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist Free read ☆ 2 Ö Ammon Hennacy was born July 24 1893 in Negley Ohio His formal education consisted of one year each at three institutions Hiram College in Ohio 1913 University of Wisconsin 1914 and Ohio State University 1915 With the outbreak of World War I he refused to register for militar2 and 1953 he worked as a migrant laborer in the Southwest He became baptized into the Roman Catholic Church in 1952 by an anarchist priest Between 1953 and 1961 he was an associate editor of the Catholic Worker located in the Bowery area of New York City His picketing activities included annual air raid drill protests in New York City between 1955 and 1961 He also expressed protest against war preparation by picketing the Atomic Energy Commission at Las Vegas 1957 Cape Kennedy 1958 Washington DC 1958 and Mead Field in Omaha 1959 In 1961 he organized and directed the Joe Hill House of Hospitality in remembrance of the martyrdom of Joe Hill While in Utah he was involved in picketing and fasting protests against scheduled executions. One of my personalspiritual heroes Look him up on Wiki Ammon was a contemporary of Dorothy Day a Christian Anarchist and a man who practiced what he preached as closely as any mere mortal you might read about He was a war resister during WWI and was a day laborer his whole life But he is a man so there's just a little bit about the wife and kids that he left behind to practice what he preached He didn't abandon them but I'm always miffed when I read about someone who I admire and there are wives and kids left behind See also Woody Guthrie Oh and Ammon is from Ohio so booyah

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Of condemned prisoners at the State Prison fasting on various occasions for periods ranging from 12 to 45 consecutive days In 1965 he married Joan Thomas and formally left the Catholic Church From that time on he wished to be known as a non church Christian In 1968 he was forced to close his fourth Joe Hill House and from then on he devoted himself to his writing At the same time he continued to picket and fast against scheduled executions and payment of taxes for war Shortly after the publication of his book The One Man Revolution in America he suffered a heart attack while picketing for Lance and Kelback two convicted murderers scheduled to be executed He died six days later on January 14 1970— Joan Thomas widow of Ammon Hennacy. At times this is a didactic volume giving instruction on anarchism pacifism and non church Christianity At times it is a travel diary It is largely valuable for being a case study in how to live to paraphrase Hennacy himself in the assurance that while you won't change the world it damned sure won't change youChapter 18 offers the most concise answers for what Hennacy thinks on a variety of topics and is arranged as a uestion and answer session No doubt these were uestions lobbed his way after any of his many speaking engagements Much of his best thinking on any given social problem is spread out among the 480 pages of his writing here

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Autobiography of a Catholic AnarchistAmmon Hennacy was born July 24 1893 in Negley Ohio His formal education consisted of one year each at three institutions Hiram College in Ohio 1913 University of Wisconsin 1914 and Ohio State University 1915 With the outbreak of World War I he refused to register for military service and conseuently served two years in the US Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta Georgia In 1919 he married common law In 1921 he and his wife hiked throughout the forty eight contiguous states Between 1925 1929 he purchased a farm and became the father of two children In 1931 he engaged in social work in Milwaukee There he organized one of the first social workers' unions With the coming of World War II he again refused to register for the draft Between 194. There were some gems here and there but overall I found the book to mostly be a collection of long rants and ramblings of Ammon Hennacy many of which I had a hard time agreeing with or even making sense of Hennacy did some great things in his life and helped many people but in the end I found it depressing that he seemed to have gone from a revolutionary worker struggling for substantive change to an individualist that could help people here and there but had no realistic solutions to the worlds problems For me the book simply highlighted the problems of the American left idealistic to the point of alienating the very people whose lives they wish to improve and focusing on things like awareness and self improvement rather than concrete solutions and change If I were sitting in the woods of Northern California or Oregon sitting on the porch under some Buddhist prayer flags wearing my Birkenstock's with wool socks eating organic spinach and listening to Ravi Shankar this book would probably have appealed to me a bit but as I am not that person this book failed to keep my interestI give it three stars for the simple fact that Hennacy lived through some of the most important points in American history and associated with some of the biggest names in the history of the American left which means he has some good stories but I can't bring myself to give it than three stars due to the shortcomings I listed above