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It's the summer of 1889 and Amelia van den Broek is new to Balti and eager to take in all the pleasures the city has to offer But her gaiety is interrupted by disturbing dreamlike visions she has only at sunset visions that offer glimpses of the future Soon friend. God How to start this review First I need to say that finishing this book was a real feat of strength and took every ounce of patience I had in reserve This is me after I finished the novelNow that we established that let's start with the review Amelia is a 16 year old girl who moves to Balti and to her cousin's house in the summer of 1889 in order to get acuainted with eligible young bachelors of similar status and find a husband She and Zora her cousin uickly become best friends and Zora soon goads Amelia to explore and use her newfound gift to see glimpses of the future for entertainment In the meantime Amelia falls in love with Nathaniel a mysterious bohemian artist and thus a forbidden match for her since he's beneath her station Soon friends and strangers alike call on Amelia to hear her prophecies but what happens when her forebodings turn inauspicious And is Nathaniel keeping secrets of his own This was a book I REALLY wanted to read and the blurb sounded tantalizing and promishing the reality though couldn't be of a let down First things first I'll start with the good stuff the novel had beautiful and lush prose that was even evocative at times and was really fitting of the Victorian like era The description of the late 19th century Balti was wonderfully done as was the depiction of the society at that time You get a very good picture of what was considered exceptable for a young lady back then not many things and you sympathise with Zora's and Amelia's frustration and tendency for mischief or wicked acts as the girls called them Amelia and Zora's personalities are satisfactory portrayed and there's depth to them with Zora being the bright star and Amelia being the introvert type but with a dry wit and moments of audacity It was nice watching their easy friendship bloom and how they came to rely upon and support each other And now THE UGLY STUFFThough the first 10 pages or so manage to get you hooked by giving you a tingle of impeding DOOM 200pages later nothing has happened SERIOUSLY NOTHING We just see the girls talk about their feelings and wants hung out together with other girls and boys in parks promenades and balls dance practice archery flirt and go to school Sure Amelia sees glimpses of the future but even that she doesn't do it that often until after the middle of the book I wouldn't mind that much all these if there was a plot somewhere in there a momentum to carry the story forward alas what I was thinking while reading the book was Plotwhere art thou The second thought I had was poking my eyes out I thout it would be far interesting and less painfull I know Sick thought but I was growing desperate And what can I say about the romance between Nathaniel and Amelia To say that it was under developed would be an understatement The moment Amelia sees him feels an instant and overwhelming attraction while Nathaniel appears throughout the novel out of thin air drops a sexy vague line and disappears the same way and that's almost what we know about him ok we learn something but would be a spoiler if revealed so of course this is enough to lead to passionate declarations of love from both sides faster than you can say WHIPLASH So why 3stars instead of 2 Because of the last 80pages where everything literally go to hell we're talking about ancient greek tragedygoing to hell proportions being Greek I know what I'm talking about the pace didn't just pick up in these last pages it made an olympic record and the twist was so unexpected eventhough you knew it was coming that almost took my breath away So This was a book with a lot of potential and a failed execution This novel was received by NetGalley for reviewing thank you NetGalley

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The VespertineS and strangers alike call on Amelia to hear her prophecies However a forbidden romance with Nathaniel an artist threatens the new life Amelia is building in Balti This enigmatic young man is keeping secrets of his own still Amelia finds herself irrepressibly draw. No First tell me you love me as you have no one elseThe wind roared around us like a great storm come off the waves Nathaniel tightened his arms around me and said Jump with meAnd I did Set in 1889 Victorian era sixteen year old Amelia van den Broek is sent to Balti to stay her cousin Zora in hopes to find a proper husbandWhile I'm sure her brother wouldn't approve of an artist as a well suitor never the less Amelia as her eyes on the dashing Nathaniel Witherspoon Only he has a secret that weaves with her future A future Amelia can see and frightfully watches come trueThe Vespertine was a real treat to read since I've always been fascinated with Victorian era settings and love how each word just rolls of the tongue like a crisp caressSaundra Mitchell pens an elegant and beautiful love story of a girl who has a gift but spells out like a curse and a boy who harbors an unreachable talent of his ownNot uite a forbidden romance but like kindred spirits who are entwined with hopeful possibilities My heart really went out to Amelia To see such events and witness the reality was both sad and thrilling I really enjoyed the bond she shared with Zora It was comfortable with easy banter and witNathaniel's paranormal element was uite uniue and I really enjoyed that aspect of the story In brought of a haunting romance to the storyline that I thought fit the era smoothlyThere flirt is like watching a well rehearsed dance and I just adored those moments Beautiful words Beautiful chemistryThe only thing that confused me was the first chapter since the character has already been pulled back from the the initial storyline and we're actually reading flashbacks from that point on but after the second chapter I caught on so it didn't take anything away from the experienceOverall I thought that The Vespertine was a charming and enchanting read The characters are well defined mysterious and tantalizing and the concept while not entirely original was still very captivating and entertaining I'm going to have to pick up a copy of this book as soon as it hits the shelvesCan't wait to see what Saundra Mitchell has in store for us nextWell done

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Read & Download ✓ The Vespertine ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ It's the summer of 1889 and Amelia van den Broek is new to Balti and eager to take in all the pleasures the city has to offer But her gaiety is interrupted by disturbing dreamlike visions she has only at sunset visions that offer glimpses of tN to himWhen one of her darkest visions comes to pass Amelia's world is thrown into chaos And those around her begin to wonder if she's not the seer of dark portents but the causeThis book features a teaser chapter from Saundra Mitchell's third novel The Springswe. A beautiful rich Victorian era story that is both haunting and romantic The Vespertine reads like a classic and has a voice that stays with you long after you read itSet in the 1800's in both Balti Maine The Vespertine uickly made me feel like I was apart of this world With Saundra's rich vivid writing I was able to see the world through adventurous Amelia's eyes Amelia is a character I really enjoyed getting to know Upon arriving in Balti for the purpose of finding a husband she falls for someone she shouldn't Which of course makes me like her that much as her spunk and fierce independence are what drew me to her character Amelia and her cousin Zora become well known upon society for Amelia's gift to see the future Having visions isn't always a gift as not all of them are pleasant nor are they always what Amelia thinks she's seeingTo match Amelia's character is an eually lovable character who you could deem as swoon worthy with an air of mystery about him Believe me Nathaniel Witherspoon will have you swept off your feet in no time and you'll find him just as charming as Amelia does With Nathaniel there is no second guessing what he's feeling or thinking as he's very straightforward something rarely seen during this time period Maybe it's that streak of defiance or that you get what you see with him that I admire the most Both Amelia and Nathaniel stand out as they know their place in society but they push that envelope so to speak I adored the respect he shows to AmeliaThere's just something about Nathaniel that I was drawn to and all I can say is you need to read the book so you can meet him for yourselfThere are other great characters that make The Vespertine a highly recommended story but it's Saundra writing that really captured my attention She has a talent for detail no matter how great or small it is and she really brings her story to life It wasn't hard for me to envision the settings or picture the characters in my mind Her romance is beautifully written the lines between Nathaniel and Amelia are brilliant and her plot twists make you wish you could read the pages faster to find out what will happen nextThe Vespertine is a breath taking intriguing read that will make you feel that you're apart of 1800's Victorian Era It's forbidden romance mystery and paranormal elements will leave you both satisfied and wanting when you're done