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The Robber BrideMargaret Atwood's The Robber Bride is inspired by The Robber Bridegroom a wonderfully grisly tale from the Brothers Grimm in which an evil groom lures three maidens into his lair and devours them one by one But in her version Atwood brilliantly recasts the monster as Zenia a villainess of demonic proportions and sets her loose in the lives of three frie. I like a number of Margaret Atwood's works but not this one It was like a Lifetime movie without the benefit of Tori Spelling and a fun melodramatic plotline Oh the plotline was melodramatic all right but it was far from fun or even insightful Three friends all of them stereotypes of the post feminist era have dramatic encounters with an almost mythic creaturewoman named Zenia who embodies all of the negative ualities in a woman namely ruthlessness lust and wandering passion This three woman try to combat Zenia's efforts to interrupt their lives but most of their focus is on the men that they have loved and lost to her men in my opinion they were better off without It's not so much the existence of Zenia or the other protagonists that I find unbelievable but that three women would all behave in such a simpering way towards men who apparently don't need much than mystery and a nice rack to destroy a stable relationshp to go jetting off with some woman they hardly know I'm not sure which is insulting her depiction of women as simpletons or as men as witless fools

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Nds Tony Charis and Roz All three have lost men spirit money and time to their old college acuaintance Zenia At various times and in various emotional disguises Zenia has insinuated her way into their lives and practically demolished them To Tony who almost lost her husband and jeopardized her academic career Zenia is 'a lurking enemy commando' To Roz w. 455 stars This novel is amongst my favourites by Margaret Atwood so far because it deals with something that is relevant to everyone It deals with Zenia a woman who has poisoned several lives and basically destroyed Tony Charis and Roz the three main characters We all have this kind of person in our lives; however the thing is that Zenia is extreme and it's very interesting to go back in time and learn about what she has done to these three women When we meet Tony Charis and Roz Zenia has just died which is a huge relief to everyone Nevertheless Zenia fatally returns from the dead and start haunting these women all over again and this is where we get to hear about their backgrounds This might sound kind of humorous but actually The Robber Bride is written in a very sinister and mysterious tone of voice which only adds to its brilliancy I for one was a fan and this book has gotten me interested in reading much by Margaret Atwood

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Read & download ó The Robber Bride ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride is inspired by The Robber Bridegroom a wonderfully grisly tale from the Brothers Grimm in which an evil groom lures three maidens into his lair and devours them one by one But in her version Atwood brilliantly recaHo did lose her husband and almost her magazine Zenia is 'a cold and treacherous bitch' To Charis who lost a boyfriend uarts of vegetable juice and some pet chickens Zenia is a kind of zombie maybe 'soulless' Lorrie Moore New York Times Book Review In love and war illusion and deceit Zenia's subterranean malevolence takes us deep into her enemies' pasts. Atwood at her finest and in some ways meanest I mean that in a good way I ended up loving it although found it started slowly lacking her usual sly and almost remote perspective sharp insights biting black humour It was almost too sincere and gasp clichéd Then by about p 100 it kicked in Cunning use of language and symbolism the eggs and most of all a study in a particularly disturbing kind of psychopathology to which so many of us have been prey Slices to the bone and hits close to home for me I have known too many Zenias in my life women and men I like to think I've learned to spot and avoid them but this book reminds me of how they do what they do the predatory and unscrupulous behaviour of the pathological liar I love that Atwood focuses her laser beam eye here on the three 'victims' She forces you right into their heads you get to see each one’s inner workings at a microscopic level the way those CSI shows take you right into the orifices and organs to show you the source of the disease up close magnified 1000x You see the arterial placue of their psyches each vein of vulnerability Not that the ‘victims’ here are diseased – but like their particular psychologies pasts experiences have left them exposed and lacking any immunity to the disease that Zeniathe liar carriesThat core vulnerability – the commonality between Tony Roz and Charis – is their essential ‘goodness’ their natural untainted proclivity to trust Even as we watch them fall repeatedly into Zenia’s clutches because of it motivated not just by their own willingness to trust but also by the eually natural and forgivable flaws and egocentricities and points of pride or pain or shame or lack of self awareness that Zenia exploits we root for them and we recognize ourselves in them I appreciated so much that Atwood chose to view spoilerstrengthen not destroy their bonds of friendship hide spoiler