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The Spoiler Read & Download ´ 109 ¿ There are two sides to every storyTwo women journalists one old one young one a veteran war correspondent the other a writer of celebrity gossip meet for the first time It is January 1997 the dying days of John Major's government and newspapers fighting for a dwindling readership are plunging downmarket amid wilT novel is part satire part portrait of an era poised unknowingly on the brink of a technological revolution New Labour is about to take over newspapers are increasingly obsessed by the private lives of popstars models and footballers and Honor Tait and her kind are an endangered species But is Tait really such a beacon of truth and integrity And as this darkly witty novel asks is compassion the first casualty in the search for a good sto. Honor Tait is a elderly renowned war correspondent; Tamara Sim is a freelance tabloid journalist who is used to doing stories on “The Worst Bad Hair Days” They meet for an interview when some of Ms Tait’s journalism is to be re issued and they don’t get along Ms Tait feels that Ms Sim doesn’t know anything She’s right of course When Tait mentions the 38th parallel Sim can only wonder “Parallel to what” But Sim feels Tait is just as ignorant She’s right as well Tait is ignorant of what is currently fancied by the newspaper reading public They want juicy details of private life What could a readership raised on a steady diet of people who are famous for being famous care about real achievement and reporting on events they don’t remember Anxious to make a mark at a glossy prestigious magazine supplement Tamara is determined to dig up some dirt There is dirt of a sort to be dug However the story she breaks is not true and is not significant to Honor Tait Honor’s shame is attached to something did or failed to do as a journalist This is a funny serious book The interplay between journalists if you can call them that in the newsroom and the relationship between Honor and Tamara are fascinatingAnd Tait’s observation that the people currently covering what they see as news combine great ignorance with great confidence seems to me right on the mark

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Ra is haunted by her past; Tamara Sim b 1970 who compiles lists of what's in and what's out for Psst the weekend entertainment supplement of The Monitor is struggling to secure her future at any cost in an increasingly precarious industry When Sim is sent to interview Tait their mutual incomprehension generates a rich seam of dark comedy But when their different worlds finally collide the conseuences are devastatingMcAfee's trenchant firs. It's the late 90's in London Two women one the grande dame of journalism She has witnessed and reported on every war dictator international crisis since WWII with a Pulitzer prize The other an up and coming journalist who creates celebrity lists each week Best soap cat fights worst dental makeovers etc They cross paths and great writing ensues McAfee pokes fun at tabloid journalism in those days just before the internet takes over Actually than pokes fun serves as a warning sendup and cautionary tale of what passes for reporting today Yes the CruiseHolmes divorce was in the hard news first half hour of Today and GMA this morning The writing is fantastic the vocabulary incredible and very funny especially when mining the depths of current celebrity journalism And what is a spoiler When a competing news organization spoils another's exclusive story by beating them to it or discrediting it before it hits the press Spoiling is what has happened to news so that it stinks than the fish it wraps

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The SpoilerThere are two sides to every storyTwo women journalists one old one young one a veteran war correspondent the other a writer of celebrity gossip meet for the first time It is January 1997 the dying days of John Major's government and newspapers fighting for a dwindling readership are plunging downmarket amid wild rumours that the internet is about to change the world for ever Honor Tait b 1917 one of the most renowned journalists of her e. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestTHE SPOILER is the second low rated book I've read this week that I've actually enjoyed which just goes to show that you can't always trust popular opinion The other book WE KNOW IT WAS YOU shares some notable ualities in common with THE SPOILER and several other unpopular books I've likedHere's the thing about THE SPOILER it's not a book to read if you want all your characters to be likable and you want to be made to feel as though all is happy about the world THE SPOILER is a very dark book and takes a very unflattering look at the journalism world of the 1990s The humor is mean spirited and even though the writing is beautiful in parts it's also joyless and bleak This is not a happy story and it does not end happilyThat said it's one of the interesting adult fiction books I've read in a while which says something The plot is actually a little similar to THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO Tamara is a nobody freelancer working at a number of small tabloids She's shocked and delighted when the editor emails her an assignment even though it sounds boring an interview with Honor Tait one of the most famous and noteworthy journalists of the twentieth century once famous and now a grouchy recluseHonor was once a beautiful and brilliant young woman and now she is an old woman at the end of her career; her life has become a grim retrospective of promise and talent that has all but petered out and with the burgeoning internet and the desperate race to get the scoop at the cost of journalistic integrity there really isn't a place for Honor's old school style of academic journalism any Nothing makes this painfully clear than when she and Tamara meet face to face in an interview that crashes and burns leaving both of them frustrated and angryTamara is determined to get her stories but the shifting focus of the paper is affecting her career too As she gets screwed over repeatedly by multiple people she becomes focused and desperate which leads to a dark and twisted story that spirals out of control THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO was a bit like this in that it had a naive journalist participating in a biographical interview with a titan but differs in that Tamara really doesn't respect Honor all that much and only sees her as a means to her end the end being the story Honor is also a reluctant participant in all of this because she has plenty of secrets about her past that she wants to hideI was a bit disappointed by the secrets I was expecting a grand and sweeping reveal about Honor In this I was disappointed Her backstory felt anticlimactic Maybe this is something that other people who rated this book low took issue with although the primary complaint I saw was about the unlikability of the main characters It's true; they're both awful but they're also scarily relatable I think for a lot of people that's the hardest part about reading stories reading a book about completely wretched characters and realizing that you're a bit closer to the villain than the hero3 to 35 stars