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Read & download ✓ Dark Prince ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ An incomparable gift for Christine Feehan fansDark Prince returns in a new author’s cut special edition #1 New York Times bestseller Feehan revisits her classic tale of paranormal romance—the breathtaking story of a beautiful hunter with extraordinaOpportunity to experience the first book in Christine Feehan’s remarkable Dark saga as you never have before whether it’s a glorious re entrance into this writer’s mystical unforgettable worldor your very first vis. The guys in this book can give Kristen Ashley's alpha assholes a run for their money Just turn one of KA's alphas into a shapeshiftingvampire hybrid give him immense power and you've got itSo we have a race of brooding shapeshiftervampires who need females or they will turn into the bad vampires who are consumed with bloodlust and death Like lawyers shiver cookies I'm inMikhail is the prince of the hybrids He is in so much darkness that he is thinking of killing himself Broody male Just because the world has lost all color and emotion for him and he lives in anguish trying to fight off the monster within him he gets all whiny Such an emo baby ahhh let's give him somethingRaven is a girl with strong psychic talents She hears Mikhail's pain and reaches out to him to help She is sweet innocent sad from hearing everyone's thoughts and totally alone Let's take advantage of her Mikhail is all over her like a cheap suit Within a couple of days he has her held prisoner living at his house and has established a blood bond with her He even decides that she needs to start dressing in skirts because jeans are men's clothing She keeps trying to get him to stop forcing her into things and being so pushy but she's just a silly woman and he needs to smother protect her from the evil Levi corporationThere are vampire hunters though and they are creating a problem for Mikhail's people You know with staking them and chopping their heads off and all annoying I'm truly sorry for the dad jokeThere are a lot of sex scenes in this book maybe too many It got a little boring and redundant Certain words were used waaaaay too often to describe sex parts Such as the word velvet I mean I like as velvet as much as the next person It's pretty soft But this was like the George Costanza of sexual descriptions too much velvet to stay in good taste apparently Mikhail agreesLooking good George Mikhail Looking good

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Autiful hunter with extraordinary telepathic abilities captivated by the powerful allure of a tormented prince of the mysterious Carpathians expanding the beloved story by 100 never before seen pages Here is your golden. Several years back I was working for one of the largest banks in the country My office was about a block away from the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago right in the middle of the financial district One morning I arrived at work to find two preventative maintenance men in the elevator bank One of them was a Blue Collar God Not even kidding He stood out beautifully amidst all the other pasty cube dwellers with their spare tires and beady little banker eyes He was rough around the edges in the good way Tattooed Muscular Alpha sexy And you knew just knew from looking at him that he was the kind of guy who would do you from behind with no foreplay Aaaand you’d like it And that’s basically how I felt about this book I’d have appreciated a bit of background story in the first chapter Or even an introduction to who the characters were as individual people BEFORE they “met” I use that term loosely in this case and began engaging each other in typical Carpathian life mate bonding activities which includes sex arguing drinking each other’s blood over the top posturing sex arguing etc etc However the book begins with the characters randomly communicating their loneliness to each other telepathically and Mikhail appearing outside Raven’s hotel room to spy on her see what she looks like Even though it’s only the first chapter and they haven’t even actually met Mikhail immediately recognizes Raven as his life mate and proceeds to “touch her erotically with his mind” while she’s sleeping Sorta creepy However because Mikhail is a Carpathian who’s just come off a stint of several centuries without the ability to feel emotions I decided to let it slide because if I’ve learned one thing about Carpathians it’s that they really don’t know any better and that that sort of thing is modus operandi for a Carpathian male Plus they’re wicked hot so they can get away with doing creepy shit every once in awhilePutting aside the fact that the beginning started too fast I also feel like the author over described some things making the prose unnecessarily dense and repetitious and disappointingly under described in others For example one thing that bothered me the most was the absence of what I thought was one of the interesting obstacles mentioned at the beginning of the book which was that up to this point no human woman has ever been successfully converted without going insane This is a big problem in and of itself But when you add to the fact that the Carpathians are a dying race that they barely have any females left and that their children keep dying in the first year of lifeUm hello Talk about a potentially huge gut wrenching ordealmild spoilers past this pointHypothetically speaking let’s say you have a Carpathian Prince who’s fallen in love with a human female Let’s say she does something wherein she exhibits the fact that she is too stupid to live brave and daring and is fatally injured as a result of this Choose your own adventure A Do Carpathians and Co convert her to save her life thereby allowing the Carpathian Prince and his Human Female to live happily ever after B Or do Carpathians and Co convert her to save her life only to watch her go insane and dieC Or lastly does the author permit Carpathians and Co to convert her and barely even mention the possibility that rabid insanity is a legitimate concern If you guessed C you’ve either read the book or are smarter than the average bear because you’re right The correct answer is CThe heroine also annoyed the crap out of me Mikhail kept saying how strong and smart she was But in all honesty I’m pretty sure he was just blowing smoke up somebody’s butt because she was absolutely undeniably irrevocably none of those things Frankly she was just plain obnoxious From the very beginning she seemed to be a great candidate to be introduced into the mystical lifestyle that comes with living with Carpathians who are basically non evil blood drinking vampire hunters by the way because she’s been psychic since birth and has spent the past several years working with the police to track down serial killers And for the most part you’d think this might help ease her shock of admitting that Mikhail isn’t human and that spooks do exist in the world She’s psychic so you’d think she’d be open to the possibility that there’s to life than meets the eye but no what really happens is that she repeatedly freaks out and expends energy than I thought was necessary in attempting to convince herself and others around her that it wasn’t even a possibility Uh nnoying if you ask me Anyway regardless of some of the weirdness and the fact that I’ve just mercilessly ripped on the things that bothered me this was actually a very fun story to read and I think the series has a chance at being entertaining and enjoyable sort of like how I'd imagine being done from behind with no foreplay by a delicious stranger would be like I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next

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Dark PrinceAn incomparable gift for Christine Feehan fansDark Prince returns in a new author’s cut special edition #1 New York Times bestseller Feehan revisits her classic tale of paranormal romance the breathtaking story of a be. Narrator Juanita ParkerLength 125 hours Published by Books In Motion December 2005How to Woo Your Life Mate by Mikhail Dubrinsky Leader of the Carpathians1 Never call her by her given name Always call her “Little One” It makes her feel special2 Lurk outside her window in your animal form and admire her bum with your dark burning eyes You have super powers for a reason Use them3 Infect her dreams and mind molest her If she says “no” do what you want anyway Women love it when you take control Any weeping that ensues is from pure bliss When you are done blame her for “releasing the beast” 4 She is yours because you have said so If any man dares put a hand upon her attempt to end his life You own her5 Swoop in and carry her back to your lair where you take control of her entire life Ignore any token struggle she puts up She will submit6 Rip her jeans and make her wear clothing that meets your approval Real women do not wear men’s clothing7 Brand her with your sharp toothies at the first opportunity 8 Repeat yourself freuently Women are forgetful creatures9 Never gently take her by the hand always “shackle her by the wrist” 10 Remain arrogant overly protective obsessive morose melodramatic and controlling at all times She will think you sexy and oh so strong And if that doesn’t work just compel her and bend her to your will Again see #2 It is with great sadness that I must admit that I made none of that up This is how Mikhail behaves He is the leader of the Carpathians a dying race of shape shifting blood drinkers whose women folk are unable to produce healthy female off spring When he meets the naïve pliable human with telepathic powers named Raven he realizes she belongs to him He also expects her to “save” his race He believes she is strong enough I suppose though this is never proven and he plans to impregnate her with female babies who will grow up and become the life mates of his long lived men His men are on the verge of giving in to their “dark sides” and turning into true vampires Life without a mate really sucks I guess I’m finished with the book now and I still haven’t a clue why he feels she is “the one” to save them and why she'll be able to endlessly birth these amazing girl babies What if she dares push out a boy I wonder I shudder to think of the berating she’ll take for that one Because you know it will be entirely her faultAnyway while the two are working out the kinks in their relationship basically he tells her what to do she whines a little and then does it there are villains attempting to put the Carpathian’s out of their misery permanently “My women Assassins are after them We must protect the women” Action ensues People are slain and seuels that I will never read are set up And then there’s the narration Juanita Parker made an unfortunate choice reading this overblown book in a deadly serious monotone for all of the characters I tuned out than I tuned in and did a lot of rewinding The men all sound the same mostly angry always bossy and not a one of the lot has a sexy accent Wouldn’t a man named Mikhail Dubrinsky having lived for hundreds of years in the Carpathian Mountains which I believe is supposed to be located somewhere in Europe have picked up a little accent in all that time And I know this is a nitpick and someone will surely blast me for it but it has to be mentioned because this is supposed to be a professional production right So why on earth didn’t someone whisper to the narrator that “acrost” is not a word There is no T in across You have no idea how many times “across” is used in a novel until it’s pronounced “acrost” It’s the little things in an audio that can drive you mad when the book isn’t uite working for you I know people love this series but I don’t think it was meant for me Mikhail “Do Not Defy Me” is a jerk of the worst kind Raven is weak and easily convinced to do whatever he wants the dialogue is stilted and repetitive and the writing is overly dramatic I much preferred The Awakening by this author Tell me the rest get better