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Training Amy (Gilded Lily, #1) free read À PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ When Amy starts her new job at a book shop she has no idea what kind of merchandise her two bosses have stored in a private back room for select customers She's never been allowed back there One night when she's closing shop alone she decides Has a dark side of his own Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable BDSM theme and content includes dubious consent bondage spanking toys anal play and menage mfm and m. I love this book I don't know how many times I've read it but I can't get enough I really want my own play room and I blame this book for making me want that Amy is a cute slightly bratty sub that doesn't know she is a sub or really anything about bdsm until she starts working at a bookstore She then starts picking up on different things to do with her bosses and certain aspects of their business One night she gets caught snooping and has to deal with the punishment fans self Eric is a dom that has been hurt in the past but tries to take a chance on something with Amy The rest you will have to read for yourself This book has a uick paced story line and really you don't want to put it down If you are easily offended or don't like reading about spankings with objects other than a hand cages butt plugs or the like then you may not want to read this book I will say this though it is a super hot book and you end wanting those things just as much as Amy

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When Amy starts her new job at a book shop she has no idea what kind of merchandise her two bosses have stored in a private back room for select customers She's never been allowed back there One night when she's closing shop alone she decides to take a look Bi. Training Amy by Anne O’ConnellIt started off promising with a funny and the words a woman NEVER wants to hear when it comes to sex Babe don't leave me like this It will only take five minutes I promise Unfortunately because of the DAMN uestion marks all over my copy it went down hill from there If that were the only problem I had with this story I might have overcome it however I felt that the writing was choppy and didn’t move from scene to scene seamlessly There was some MFM and FF in this story but it was primarily MFAmy is a 21 year old college student looking for a job to pay off her loans and hopefully move out of her parent’s basement She applies at a book store and is interviewed by the two owners Eric 38 yrs old and Brad 42 yrs old I mention the ages because they are important to me as the story progressesShe is hired and starts settling in at the store and liking it everyday especially because she is attracted to Eric Amy finds it easy to talk to him and he finds her fresh and interesting if a bit naïve especially about some of their specialty shelves on Erotica Amy’s never read any until Eric loans her a couple of books including ‘Story of O’ which she devours in one long night of self pleasureThere are a couple of rooms in the back of the book store that she is NOT allowed to enter These rooms are for their specialty clients Dominate looking clients who look and interesting to Amy as they filter in through the weeks You know what they say about curiositywell nothing drives you to look than someone telling you not to view spoilerThen bam Eric finds out and tells Amy she needs to be punished and tells her to get naked and asks her to enter a metal cage which she immediately does No talk of ‘do you want to play’ or ‘here are the parameters’ or even ‘if you don’t this it will not effect your job’ just BAM hide spoiler

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Training Amy Gilded Lily #1G mistake Brad and Eric her bosses catch her snooping around They don't tolerate rule breakers and Amy must be punished Will her secret desires plunge her deeper into their world Or will she run back to the safety of her normal life and the dull boyfriend who. Perhaps as an author myself as well I saw what the author of Training Amy was trying to allow her readers to understand However also as a former Master Dominatrix I could see that this book was solely based on imagination and perhaps a little bit of internet research The characters were a bit on the stereotypical side with almost all four main characters being hollow empty dominating entities that were there for one purpose only to punish Although the main character gave me a bit of a feel as to who she was and what she felt at the moments of her 'punishment' I still only was able to connect with the author's characters on a very general level the steamy scenes not capturing that little area in the dopamine section of the brain that makes you feel those tingles below the waist The painful subject was made to do things a real domme would know better than to do especially the scenes where 'butt play' came into the main screen Again this is probably due to me knowing 8 years worth of session does and donts A bit depth and detail could have brought one of the Domme's in this book to life but the other was not going to happen at least for me As for the naive Amy she could have been a bit passionate about her encounter perhaps showing the reader that the weaker side of her was also somewhat that of a real person not just your stereotypical submissiveOverall good read Dez Marie