Free download I Am Not Esther I Am Not Esther #1 ã PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free download I Am Not Esther I Am Not Esther #1

Free download I Am Not Esther I Am Not Esther #1 ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¾ A young girl is left by her mother with relatives she's never met who are members of a strict religious cult Her name is changed to the biblical Esther and she is forced to follow the severe set of social codes of theW the severe set of social codes of the order Soon Esther begins to lose her own identity. I am not Esther is an amazing novel about a girl Kirby whose mother suddenly tells her she is going away to live in Africa and that she is being sent to live with her uncle and his family Her mother hasn't talked about her family in a long time and Kirby is very upset and shocked by her mothers actions Kirby's life changes dramatically when she is sent away and she is forced to change her clothes to long skirts her hair needs to be tied up in one long plait and her life is all about god reading the bible and making prayers She is even forced to change her name to something religious Kirby is named Esther and she is completely against the new name and identity hence the title I am not Esther A key aspect of the novel that angered me was the christian cult The people that live in the area are all religious and their lives revolve around god Kirby hates this new life and because of this she is punished by having to learn the bible and pray for every single mistake she does Any individual who denies the life of god and prayer is sent away and looked down upon This is what happened to Esther's cousin Miriam and it has destroyed the family however she is never spoken of I think it is horrible the way these people are not allowed to paint or be a doctor because it is considered 'ungodly'This novel covers the category book written by a New Zealander I think this a good category to have on the board because it encourages us to read novels by local authors Because the novel is set in NZ i was able to identify a few of the places mentioned and it was easier to relate to the novel because of thisA character i found interesting in this story was Daniel Kirby's cousin This was pretty surprising for me because my favourite character would usually be the main character However i thought Daniel was an ambitious character who was very confident and fought for what he wanted which was to be a doctor Daniel was extremely brave because he knew the conseuences of denying the religious world but he did anyway He didn't want to live a life that was planned out for him He is a great role model for others in encouraging us to strive for what we want My favourite uote in this novel is I am not Esther This was a significant uote in the novel as it is the title but also because it basically summed up Kirby's life She is forced to do many things she would never usually do and she is taken over by a new identity Despite this she knew who she really was and that person was not Esther I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for a good read as it is definitely a deep well thought out novel that hooks you in right from the start

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A young girl is left by her mother with relatives she's never met who are members of a st. What would you do if your mom packed her stuff and went away to Africa leaving you with family you've never once met What if they don't have anything to do with the real world and all they do is worship GodKirby can't watch TV go online read books or have anything to do with modern life Her life must revolve around God and God only It's a horrible lifestyle she lives And her name is now EstherThe plot line was fantastic and I have actually had a chance to meet this author who was lovely The inspiration behind this book is one of Fleur Beale's former students from her teaching days He got kicked out of his house when he was found smuggling a TV in his room desperate for something real in his life My only complaints the whole religion It confused me and it saddened me Uncle Caleb was a real downer on life and couldn't care less that his wife was dying I also hated how she went on in life dealing with it not being able to do anything I would've gone to someone tried to find my mum and get some desperate help

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I Am Not Esther I Am Not Esther #1Rict religious cult Her name is changed to the biblical Esther and she is forced to follo. I am Not Esther by Fleur Beale is a sad yet inspiring book about a 14 year old girl Kirby Greenland whose life changes after her mother gets a job helping refugees in Africa and leaves her with these strange relatives she has never met before Not only do these people have a different lifestyle to her but she is also expected to live by their ways These relatives belong to a religious sect called The Children Of The Faith They have no televisions radios or phones They have virtually no contact with the outside world Kirby is expected to wear long clothes do grueling chores all day and become a faithful member But she can't As she stays there longer and longer she realizes she must get out With some help of a cheery guidance counselor and her cousin she realizes her mother might have a few secrets than she thought I would recommend this book for ages 12 14 and also to people who like a strong sense of mystery and adventure