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The streets of 1893 New York are full of life crowded filthy dangerous If you are a newsboy like thirteen year old Maks Geless you need to watch out for Bruno leader of the Plug Ugly Gang whose shadowy sinister boss is plotting to take control of all the newsies on the lower East Side With Bruno’s boys in fierce pursuit Maks discovers Willa a strang. the thing i hated about this was the narrator shit one we never find out who the narrator really is two i hated how avi would keep dropping words like about into 'bout because the narrator is talking to you yet it isn't maks since it would say 'maks dies' he doesn't 'maks is w0rried' 'well here's willa' who is this it can't be a regular person since they can't be at two places at once so it's pretty meh and all over the place

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City of OrphansIs Bartleby Donck the eccentric lawyer among other employments to guide Maks and Willa in the art of detection Against a backdrop alive with the sights and sounds of tenement New York Maks as boy detective must confront a teeming world of wealth and crime while struggling against powerful forces threatening new immigrants and the fabric of family love. Avi Newbery award winning author of than 60 novels for children and teens turns once again to historical fiction in his newest novel set in 1893 New York City His hero thirteen year old Maks makes a bit of money as a newsboy to help his impoverished immigrant family on the lower East Side When his older sister Emma who works as a maid at the swank Waldorf Astoria hotel is falsely accused of theft and imprisoned in the city prison ominously called the Tombs Maks teams up with a homeless girl Willa to try to clear his sister's name and free her from jail At the same time he has to avoid landing in the clutches of the Plug Ugly gang whose boss is trying to take control of all the newsies Confronted with a mystery whodunit Maks enlists the help of a dying lawyer to find the true culprit of the theft at the hotelAvi knows how to spin a convincing tale and this book is no exception In his afterword he notes that the book is his attempt to catch a small bit of how New York City kids lived at the end of the nineteenth century He's particularly adept at evoking the sounds smells and look of tenement life in New York with its mix of poor immigrants from many nations This poverty contrasts with the swank brand new Waldorf Astoria where Maks winds up working under cover to try to clear his sister's name Avi uses a very collouial voice to tell the story with the narrator speaking directly to the reader While I understand the use of a strong point of view I was irritated by the way he tries to evoke the dialect of the time with plenty of dropped letters ie 'cause' instead of because 'bout' instead of about 'em' instead of them etc Avi includes an Author's Note with historical details about the period as well as suggestions for further reading and viewing City of Orphans is definitely worth reading and will be enjoyed by young people who like a historical mystery but it would not be one of my favorites among Avi's works

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City of Orphans Read ï 104 ´ The streets of 1893 New York are full of life crowded filthy dangerous If you are a newsboy like thirteen year old Maks Geless you need to watch out for Bruno leader of the Plug Ugly Gang whose shadowy sinister boss is plotting to take control of all the newsies on the lower East Side With Bruno’s boys in fierce pursuit MakE girl who lives alone in an alley It is she stick in hand who fights off the Plug Uglies but further dangers await Maks must find a way to free his sister Emma from The Tombs the city jail where she has been imprisoned for stealing a watch at the glamorous new Waldorf Hotel Maks believing her innocent has only four days to prove it Fortunately there. I'm always excited to begin reading a new historical fiction novel from the prolific pen of the inimitable Avi Few authors among his contemporaries are able to capture a particular time in history so well complete with authentic characterizations that ring true down to the smallest detail and accurately nuanced language that fits in perfectly with the time period being represented City of Orphans as with most of the author's other historical stories effectively evokes a time and place now lost to the shadows of history but which comes alive all over again as we become engrossed in the plot In City of Orphans it's not only the characters that speak in broken under formed English The third person narrator gets in on the act too lacing the spinning of this tale with aint's and 'tween's and plenty of other examples of nonstandard language While this is a notably unorthodox hook Avi uses it well and in my opinion it only adds to the story Thirteen year old Maks Geless one of six children in a Danish immigrant family barely managing to survive on the dirty streets of 1893 New York City hawks newspapers on the street corner every day while trying to avoid being beaten up by a nasty gang of teenagers called the Plug Uglies Circumstances turn much worse for Maks and his family though when his eldest sister Emma is accused of theft while working her regular job at the posh new Waldorf hotel Emma is locked away in a filthy tightly crowded tower along with every other presumed criminal in the city and her poor family hasn't the means to obtain her release In a matter of days she is set to appear in court where nearly all cases result in guilty verdicts and even though she passionately insists that she is not guilty of the crime with which she has been charged there is little hope that her innocence can be proven Meanwhile Maks has joined forces with a girl from the streets who owns a stick though little else and knows how to use it to fend off the Plug Uglies and the two of them have decided that it is up to them to obtain help for Emma The retention of a lawyer would reuire funds that his family doesn't have Maks knows but perhaps the assistance of a detective can be purchased at a reasonable price Maks looks into the possibility with no idea of what he's doing but soon finds himself right smack in the middle of the case himself a boy detective in a huge city with everything in regard to his family's future riding on his shoulders But what can a poor boy with a limited education and absolutely none of the right connections do to solve a criminal case all on his own Avi has written all kinds of books historical fiction like City of Orphans but also comedic stories fantasy holiday tales and basically any other kind of books for young readers that one could mention His versatility is impressive but I think it is in the area of historical fiction that his writing skills shine brightest in books such as Crispin The Cross of Lead and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle the latter of which is my personal favorite among all that he has written City of Orphans is a novel in the tradition of those two award winning tomes if not uite of their lofty caliber a story that strikes a good balance between historical detail content that emotionally involves the reader and well crafted adventure seuences City of Orphans is a book that I'm sure will be entertaining to readers of all ages for a long time to come and I for one would not object to seeing Maks the detective eventually show up again in a seuel to this story I'm confident that Avi would do a good job with it